Chapter 3: The Rebellion's Awakening

On the planet Rith Essa, an adult tribal stood next to the door of the deserted tribal mines. His name was Ish, a devoted member of the abandoned Rebellion.

"Um.Ish." a robotic voice sounded behind him.

"Yeah, Jeff?" Ishboo turned to see his AI companion, Jeff, flying towards him.

"There's a big problem. I don't know exactly where to begin, but there's an emergency."

"What is it?"

"The SS Anubis."

"What do mean.?"

"Well, I just gained news by someone I know, that it's been rein habited."

"You mean drones? And." Ish paused, as his expression turned sullen with realization.

".Mizar?" Jeff finished his sentence. "Yes, 'fraid so, Mizar seems to have returned." Jeff said.

"" Ish looked at the ground, feeling painful memories of his family's fate by Mizar.

"There's no time for memories, Ish, we have to hurry. We need to warn others before it's too late." Jeff said in a hasty voice.

"Yeah, I'll start at Goldwood, and get the rebellion started again. You check the Ichor rebellion base and use the patrol cameras to see the status on Ichor. We'll meet in Ichor, hopefully with the rebellion started again." Ish ordered.

"Right." Jeff confirmed.

Ish went to his ship and set out Goldwood, while Jeff flew into his small, AI space vehicle and blasted off. As Jeff was going to Ichor, he tried contacting Flame's ship. As Jeff expected, there was no answer.

Jeff's ship landed on an empty surface of Ichor, where Ichor's drone military base wasn't even in sight of far distance. Jeff flew out of his vehicle and hovered over land, then shot at the ground several times. In moments, a door in the ground opened, allowing Jeff to go in. Jeff went through the door, entering the long abandoned rebellion base.

Jeff passed monitors and chairs through a tunnel, small and narrow, yet big enough to drive a car through. The tunnel was made of walls of metal, and if someone hit the walls or ceiling, the echo would carry out through the whole place. He finally found what he was looking for; some monitors with a sign next to them saying: PATROL CAMERAS. Jeff quickly turned the monitors on and studied them.

"Hmmm.nothing on Camera 1, 2, or 5." Jeff murmured to himself. "Wait.what's that?" Jeff went closer to the monitors, trying to make out what he was seeing. "Drones! Patrol drones! These are only cameras on the perimeter of the base, but I still see them! Flame was right!" Jeff's eyes quickly shifted to different monitors. "Wait.Camera 1 is getting" he stared at the screen almost mesmerized. "I can't believe it. I don't believe it." Jeff blinked several times, then backed away from the monitor in terror, for Camera 1 was showing a group of drones leading enslaved tribals into the base.

"Hey, Jeff, great news!" Ish's voice went through Jeff's built in phone.

"I could use some." Jeff replied.

"I got some old rebellion members!" he excitedly shouted.

"Great! How many?"

"Not as many as I hoped, but still some." Ish said.

"Great. Try calling the Jet Force Gemini team, too. This would definitely require them."

"Got it."

"Oh, yeah, Ish." Jeff looked back at Monitor 1.

"Yeah?" Ish inquired

"Um.never mind." Jeff hesitated to tell him the brutal truth.

"Okay then. I'll see you back at Ichor."

Jeff ended the conversation there. Ish had already suffered enough by slave labor of tribals. Although Jeff knew that avoiding telling Ish would only delay the inevitable, he still couldn't bare to say it.

Jeff figured while he had time to spare, he would try to contact Flame once again. He tapped into his built in phone, but not to his surprise, there was no answer. Jeff flew threw the tunnel, to a monitor showing a general map of the explored territory in the solar system. Jeff looked at SS Anubis, and tried to figure the possibilities of where Flame may be. However, in a short amount of time, Jeff realized he had way too little information of Flame's circumstances, and quickly gave up.