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Summary: Syaoran Li is the top student at school, always on the honour rolls and very popular among MOST of the girls. Sakura, his best friend since practically forever is always there for him, but only liking him as a friend. Friendship is also the only feelings Syaoran has for her. One day, Syaoran's friends made a bet that he can't make four certain girls in school fall for him within two months. The four girls are Ivy, the ice queen of the school, Cathy, the girl who pays no attention to nothing else besides her books, April, the girl who switches boyfriends every week, and last of all...Sakura, his childhood best friend...

The Bet I Bet You Wish You Never Have Made

Chapter 1

It was another one of those days at lunch hour, when all you do is hang out with your friends and catching up on the latest gossip. Teens around the school were eating, talking, and just basically doing what everyone would do after a long half day of school. But for Syaoran Li, it was a different story. Right now, he, the captain of the school's soccer team is missing practice. Why? Because he's in lunch detention! Yes, him, the brightest student in the entire (well almost) 10th grade was in lunch detention! Why? He was stuck in detention because of his best friend, Sakura Kinomoto.


"Sakura, come on, we're going to be late for class, and you know what Ms. Andrews said the last time! We're going to get lunch detention!" Syaoran hollered to his friend. He saw her came running down the stairs, her schoolbag slung over her shoulders. He shook his head, making his chestnut coloured hair more ruffles than it already is.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!" Sakura called back, grabbing two doughnuts off the table. Syaoran rolled his amber eyes, taking in the morning scene in the Kinomoto home. It was like this everyday. Sakura's dad, Fujitaka, was cooking, Touya (Sakura's older brother) was glaring at him, and Sakura...well...

"Want one?" She smiled happily handing him a chocolate frosting doughnut. Syaoran accepted it, and the two of them quickly ran to school.

"I don't see why you are so scared. Lunch detention isn't THAT long." Sakura groaned, trying her best to keep up with her friend. Her auburn hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her emerald eyes seem to twinkle.

"But it'll look bad on my school record! I'm a top student I can't have detentions!" Syaoran shouted.

"It's not like you didn't get one! You always get detentions." Sakura reminded him, skipping over a rock.

"Yeah, because I wait for YOU everyday!" Syaoran smirked.

"You're so mean!" Sakura pouted.

"Mr. Li, Ms. Kinomoto, you two are late! This is the 3rd time this week! You two will stay in at lunch!" The sensei said. Her cold brown eyes glared at the two of them.

"Yes, Ms. Andrews..."

"Now, take your seats!"

The two wandered to their seats.

"I'm sorry I got you in detention, Syaoran." Sakura whispered with a frown.

"It's okay, Sakura...I'm quite use to it by now," the brown haired boy sighed.

End of flashback

"Syaoran, come on! We can go now!" Sakura said cheerfully, hopping over to his desk. Syaoran nodded and looked at the clock. There's only 15 minutes of practice left. No need to go now. Oh well.

"Hey, Syaoran, where were you today at practice?" Rei, one of Syaoran's friends from soccer, asked.

"I got stuck in lunch detention..."

" it Sakura again?" Rei grinned.

"Yeah, but it's quite all right. How was practice?" Syaoran asked.

"It was okay; you're lucky nothing major happened today. Hey, is that Chloe?" Rei pointed to a girl with dark midnight blue hair and violet eyes.

"Yeah, Chloe Stevenson. I went out with her last night...I think..." Syaoran frowned, trying to remember.

"You think? Why don't you just settle down with one girl, Li? That way, you don't have to 'think' so much, since we all know thinking is not your strong point." Rei said, with a playful smirk, while Syaoran glared a playful glare at his friend.

"What are you two still doing here, chatting? Class is about to start! Get back to your seat, Rei!" A voice said behind the two friends. They turned around to see another one of their classmates, Eriol Hiiragazawa, mimicking their teacher. Syaoran and Rei burst out laughing.

"So, my fellow classmates, what's new?" Eriol said casually, as he sat down beside Syaoran.

"I was just telling Syaoran here to settle down with one girl." Rei said. Syaoran groaned.

"Oh really, that sound very interesting. That'll happen when pigs can fly." Eriol chuckled. "But I bet not even our famous little--"

Syaoran gave him a glare for saying the word 'little.' Eriol noticed this and smirked.

"As I was saying, I bet that not even our little Syaoran here can go out with all the girls in the entire grade. There's always a girl who won't be interested in him, no matter what he does." Eriol said.

"Oh yeah? Like whom?" Syaoran asked, getting curious. He dated about 3.5/4 of the girls in the 10th grade. He started to list all the girls that he had previously dated in his head. He found out that he had dated all the girls in their math class, and PE class, and Japanese class, and-- maybe Rei was right about the fact that he should settle down with just one girl after all...

"Like, Ivy Parks, the 10th grade ice queen." Rei pointed out.

"And Cathy Johnson, the bookworm," Eriol added.

"Don't forget April Orimoto, the girl who changes boyfriends every week."

"And our girlfriends, Tomoyo, and Meiling, who is also your cousin,"

"Okay, okay, okay! So maybe it'll be hard to date Ivy, but I'm sure I can handle Cathy and April. And no way am I going to date Tomoyo, and of course not Meiling! She's my cousin!" Syaoran said, a disgusted look fixed on his face.

"And don't forget Sakura." Rei reminded. Syaoran look up sharply.


"Yeah...Sakura Kinomoto, the girl who's been your friend since practically all your life. I doubt she'll fall for you like all those other girls." Rei said. Syaoran thought about it and realized that Rei and Eriol was right. Sakura will never like him in that way. If she did, she would have said something, or drop off hints for the last...15 years.

"I bet Syaoran can't get Ivy, Cathy, April to all fall for him at the same time." Eriol mused.

"I bet I can!" Syaoran protested.

"I'm sure he could too, Eriol." Rei said, "It'll be not fun to lose a bet that easy!"

Syaoran smirked, "See?"

"But...if I think it'll be a lot harder to bet that Syaoran can't make Ivy, Cathy, April and Sakura fall for him at the same time..." Rei let out another one of those cocky smirks of his. Syaoran looked at him in shock.

"What, are you crazy? No way!"

"It'll be just a harmless little bet! She'll understand...after all, you did say that she understands and you guys have been friends for 15 years." Rei said. Syaoran thought about it. Yes, it was quite true. Sakura will understand, she always has. Syaoran remembered that once back in second grade, Eriol dared him to dip Sakura's pigtails in his ink jar. Sakura was upset about it, but she got over it...after popping a water balloon over his head. But in the end, they had their laughs, and the whole thing was forgotten like it never happened. He was sure that Sakura would probably just prank him a little bit after this bet too. After all, it's not like Sakura will actually fall for his sweet, romantic acts.

"Okay, I accept. I bet that I can make Ivy, Cathy, April, and Sakura fall for the same time."

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