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The Bet I Bet You Wish You Never Have Made


The sun rose and the birds sang. The cherry blossom petals drifted softly and landed on the bright, green grass.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" a feminine voice scolded lightly. The speaker opened the curtains and the rosy sunlight poured into the room. It landed on Sakura's sleeping face.

"Mmm...five more minutes, Touya." Sakura sighed, burying her face into the pillow.

"Sakura! I should be offended! Really, imagine you mistaking me for your brother!" the female voice scolded playfully.

Sakura's emerald green eyes slowly opened and observed her surroundings. She was confused. What happened to the pink walls of her room? Suddenly she remembered.

I came to Hong Kong Boarding University yesterday...of course Touya won't be here to wake me up...he's happily married and all the way in Japan.

Sakura rolled over and stared at the ceiling. She had grown taller since the days of high school. Her features were more matured, but she still have that look of naivety on her face and in her eyes. She thought back to her family in Tomoeda...her dad retired and Touya's wife just gave birth to a pair of healthy twin boys. A smile graced Sakura's face as she thought of her two nephews.

And who can forget about Tomoyo...lucky girl, all the way in England with Eriol studying fashion.

"Sakura! Did you hear what I just said?" her roommate, Ariya said.

"Sorry, I was thinking." Sakura smiled apologetically.

"Ooh, is it about that cute Syaoran Li on the boys' side of the campus?" Ariya questioned. She sat on Sakura's bed.

"No!" Sakura said. She wasn't thinking about Syaoran Li...but now that Ariya had mentioned it, the image of his face floated across her head.

"So he made one single bet in high what? You said he said he fell in love with you along the way. And hello? High school was how many years ago? Five? And how old were you guys back then? Fifteen? And how old are you guys now? Twenty!" Ariya said, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, Ariya, I get the message." Sakura groaned. She got out of bed and ran her hand through her honey-brown hair to straighten it out.

"So, does that mean you will talk to him today?" Ariya asked hopefully.

"Why do you want me to talk to him more than I want to talk to him myself?" Sakura asked.

"Well," Ariya blushed, "you know his friend, Kenzo..."

"Oh, I get the message." Sakura grinned. Leaping up from the bed, she dashed into the washroom to freshen up.

Sakura strolled around the campus, with hopes of running into Syaoran. Ariya was right. High school has been a long time ago. In fact, she had almost lost touch with Syaoran completely.

Who knows if he's still in love with me now...who knows if he has a girlfriend now? Sakura thought.

"Sakura!" a voice called. Sakura turned around and felt her heart stop beating. It was Syaoran. After all these years, he's still as handsome and adorable as ever. His soft chocolate brown hair moved as he ran and his amber eyes shone.

"Syaoran-kun!" Sakura gave him a friendly smile. "What a coincidence to see you here."

"Not really. You saw me yesterday too. You just never stopped to chat." Syaoran said, a hurt expression on his face.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. It was really busy and"

"That's ok, Sakura." Syaoran laughed. The two stood in silence for awhile. Suddenly, Syaoran embraced her in a hug. "I've missed you so much."

"Me too." Sakura said, returning the hug. "How's life?"

"Still single." was his reply.

"You? The famous Syaoran Li is still single? I remember in high school, girls were always" Sakura paused mid-sentence. The word "high school" brought back memories that weren't that great.

"They still do. But I just turn them down." Syaoran said. "Because I've found the girl I want to be with already."

Sakura felt a slight stab of pain at her heart. Why?

"So...then you're not single?" she asked in confusion.

"Oh, I am...still waiting for her to say yes." Syaoran smiled. "I've known her for a long time."

"That's nice..." Sakura said. She suddenly feel like crying.


"Yes?" Sakura looked up when she saw a shimmer in the air. Focusing, she realized it was a necklace shining in the sun. Her emerald eyes widen.

"Remember this?" Syaoran asked. It was a silver star pendant and each corner of the star was tipped with gold. In the middle of the star was a single small emerald in the centre.

Do I ever...the 300 something necklace he gave me in high school...the one I returned back to him after the bet...he still kept it...

"You...still have that?"

"I've been holding onto it ever since high school graduation. My dream is that one day I can put it on for you again." Syaoran said, staring at her in a steady gaze.

Sakura was silent. It was like she had lost her voice.

"I know I've hurt you back in high school. I still remember every single detail. But I wasn't lying, I am in love with you...I was then, and I am now. Would you accept me and let me put on this necklace for you again, Sakura?" Syaoran asked.

Sakura looked up and met his amber eyes. And instantly, she realized what her answer to his question would be.

"Sakura! Tomoyo is on the phone for you." Ariya called.

"Oh, my gosh! Thanks, Ari-chan!" Sakura beamed. Getting the phone from her roommate, Sakura flopped down on her bed.

"Tomoyo-chan? Oh, my gosh! How's England? How are you? How's Eriol?" Sakura squealed excitedly.

"Sakura! I phoned your Tomoeda number, and Touya said you were in Hong Kong! Can you imagine how shocked I was? How can you not tell me that you went to University there!"

"I'm sorry, but I lost your England number, Tomoyo-chan." Sakura said sheepishly.

"Well, I just want to let you know everything is great! I'm still studying fashion designs and Eriol is studying to be an palaeontologist. He calls your dad every so often to chat about palaeontology stuff." Tomoyo said. "How's life for you in Hong Kong?"

"Great! My studies are getting better!"

"Sakura...have you been in contact with Syaoran? Because I remember he said he was going to China to study after graduation."

"Yes, in fact, we go to the same University. I see him all the time now."

Tomoyo gasped. "Oh really! Are you guys...still friends?"

", Tomoyo, we're not." Sakura said.

"Sakura...I'm...I'm so sorry. I know you and Syaoran have been friends since forever, and..."

"That's okay, Tomoyo-chan. I'm not sorry at all."

"Is it because of that bet in high school? Maybe you should try to be friends with Syaoran again." Tomoyo suggested.

"Tomoyo, I don't want to be friends with Syaoran Li at all."


"In fact...I'm happy about the relationship I have with him now. Tomoyo?"


"You're my best friend I've known you for a long time. So grab a chair and get comfortable because I have a long story to tell..." Sakura smiled. Sensing Tomoyo's confusion on the other line made Sakura smile more.

Gently, Sakura touched the silver star pendant necklace around her neck. Her fingers grazed over the single emerald in the centre of the star.

"So, Sakura, what's the story you want to share?" Tomoyo asked.

"'s about how Syaoran Li and I aren't just friends anymore..." Sakura smiled. She glanced at the clock on the table. 6:30PM. She have to hurry and tell Tomoyo the story. She has a dinner date with a certain little wolf in about an hour.

Sugar Pink: And that's the end of the epilogue folks! And in case some of you readers don't get it, YES, Sakura and Syaoran did end up together after all haha.And at this point, I would like to thank all of you readers who have been following the plot of this fanfic. I truly appreciate and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU!

And that's the end of the epilogue folks! And in case some of you readers don't get it, YES, Sakura and Syaoran did end up together after all haha.

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