She lifted her hands to the air and cried out words that had not been used in over a thousand years. How she knew them was a mystery to all watching. Later she would say that someone had been with her, whispering the words to her, helping her. The space between her hands began to waver with heat as power began to build up. Her dark blue-black hair whipped back from her face as the wind began to pick up. Her eyes turned an icy shade of blue and silver as purple fire brighter than the three moons exploded between her hands. With one last cry she sent the ball of flames hurtling towards the Wizard across from her where it struck with a—


Amy nearly fell out of her seat as the clap of thunder boomed so close to her house. Her book had fallen from her lap and she bent down form her perch in the window seat to retrieve it. She marked her page, closed the book and set it next to her on the cushions. As she stared out at the pouring rain, her thoughts drifted back to the book. She'd give anything to be able to have an adventure like that girl.

Her reflection stared back at her, mirroring the depressed look on her face. Brown eyes and chestnut colored hair surrounding a slightly tanned face stared back at her. Completely average. And being completely average meant that the possibility of her finding any sort of romance in life was near zero.

"Amy Lee. It isn't even an exciting name. What were my parents thinking? They could have at least been a bit more creative." A bright flash of lightening followed closely by another loud clap of thunder answered her remark.

She turned away from the window and walked over to where her TV sat. Ignoring her mother's warnings, she turned it on and flipped the channel to TV/video. Grabbing her notebook and pencil she pulled over her red beanbag chair and turned on her Playstation. As she flipped through the entrance screens, she turned the pages in her notebook to where she'd last left off. She was currently writing a walkthrough for Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

"I've played this game so many times I could probably write the walkthrough without even replaying the game."

But despite the number of times she played the game, she could never get enough of it. It was her one escape from reality. Playing the game let her be an entirely new person, an exciting person, who wasn't completely average and for whom anything was possible.

After a brief pause, she closed her eyes and sighed. She opened her eyes slowly, hope shining in them, and she sat up as straight as one could in a beanbag chair. Just as she pressed the X button to continue her game she said, "I wish I could have an adventure like Cornet!"

There was a clap of thunder so loud the entire house shook and at the same time a flash of lightening so bright it made it impossible to see struck the house. The electricity raced through the house, short-circuiting the fuses. A spark flew out of her Playstation and traveled up the controller before she even had time to gasp. And then all was black.