Here are some additional information regarding Xavier which other reviewers have queried:

Why Indonesia and South East Asia?

I chose to set Xavier's hiding place in Asia, because this was as far removed from UK as culturally and geographically possible. It was either Asia, Africa or South America. However, I chose Asia partly mainly because it is one of the most populous, culturally diverse place on Earth, and there are enough Westerners here both as short and long term tourists and expats for the Malfoys to blend in, but fluid enough for them not to be recognised.

I'm thinking the Malfoys put Xavier into Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand's international and local schools for his muggle primary school education. In Singapore's local schools, English is taught as a first language, and expatriates do send their children to attend local system schools. However, to maintain fluidity, Hermione moves Xavier around a lot, so ironically, he has an anti-bias, prejudice-free education which his father did not have. Makes for great Head Boy material, doesn't it? BTW, Xavier got sorted into Slytherin - and it ended on the cutting room floor because Hermione's speech got a bit too detailed of their time in Asia, and how revealing their marriage in Xavier's third year might cause trouble for him in Slytherin.

"Sekolar Sihir di Indonesia" was a bit of a online Bahasa Indonesia translation of Magic School. Fortunately, I know some smattering of the grammar, but sometimes the vocab eludes me.

I did have a minor question about Xavier: Under whose
name did he attend Hogwarts? Draco's? I suppose that
would be the assumption, but I wasn't sure, since it
seemed as if no one at the party knew him as Pansy and
Draco's son.

Xavier was sent an owl under the name Xavier Malfoy, but Draco and Hermione approach Headmaster Snape to enrol their son as Xavier Corsandos (although Xavier was Xavier Malfoy in primary school. Death Eaters do not make a habit of checking out for illegitimate wizarding children throughout Asia. heh.) The choice of the surname was twofold. First it gave some explanation for Xavier's obvious South East Asian background. Corsandos sounds relatively Filipino to pass for his living in various countries in the region. Xavier entered Slytherin, but because he did not reveal his background much, many assumed that he was a half-blood, with a witch mother and a muggle father (like Voldemort). Obviously Corsandos is not a common wizarding name. In addition, with his false name, many assumed that he grew up with his Filipino father, travelling in the SEAsian countries. The other reason for Corsandos is the Slytherin-hidden meaning to the name. Corsandos is an anagram for "Draco's son". I suspect that Slytherins enjoy these types of word games. Voldemort uses an anagram to hide his "true" name in Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Xavier reclaimed his status as the new Malfoy heir after the announcement.

It wasn't until reading the final story that I wished I saw
Xavier - how he looks like, who's personality he takes after and
all that. The story could be flushed out in detail rather than a
telling of what happened, but it's fine the way it is!

I purposely left Xavier's detail ambiguous because I felt that I wanted to focus on Draco and Hermione. Xavier will steal the limelight because he's a new character, and I did not want too many speculations about him to drag the story. I wanted to keep the story being a short story, and not multi-chaptered.

However, that is not to say I've not develop the character in my mind. It was most fortunate that Xavier Malfoy did not have his father's trademark blonde-hair-grey-eyes features. He takes after his father's handsome features, but with his mother's colouring. Therefore, he could easily pass off as an Eurasian with his straight dark brown hair and chocolately warm eyes.

My Xavier Malfoy looks like Mr. Tobey McGuire. (Yes of the Spiderman fame; but I'm thinking more of the Tobey McGuire in Cider House Rules)  Yummy, no? *wink* (I know Mr. Mcguire has blue eyes, but that's Mr. Mcguire. Xavier, on the other hand, has dark brown eyes, and more of a tan, having spent his childhood in Asia.)

another question: when Draco & Hermione say living in UK in
polyjuice, who are they referring to - the Malfoys, the Potters
and/or Xavier?

Xavier did not take polyjuice. He didn't have to. But Hermione and Pansy had to take a great deal of polyjuice each time they were in UK in public. Naturally in the comfort of their bedrooms, they switched back - their husbands would not want it in any other way. heh.

It was later that the husbands realised that they could relieve their wives by taking the Polyjuice, but Draco's trademark smirk and Harry's natural (happy) charisma made taking the polyjuice less effective than their wives who were better actors, and were less focussed on in public.