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Black Kat Kisato - Initally I thought Seymour ordered the Guado to destroy Home. But now that I think about it, it could've been an independent action of the Guado that were looking for Yuna.

As White As Snow

by Sakura Blackwolf


Tidus sighed as he walked over to the Moonflow near Guadosalam. It was midnight; the Guado were asleep. Seymour was asleep as well. The blitzer couldn't find his clothes. He didn't want to make a ruckus searching for them, so settled for a mere sheet on the table to wrap around himself and pulled himself away from the half-Guado's grasp. The blond smiled slightly at the feel of dirt underneath his bare feet, and pulled the white blanket closer to him. It was cold out tonight.

But why was he wearing white?

The boy shook his head and dipped his legs into the Moonflow, chuckling at the tickle of Moonlilies around his ankles. He hoped Rikku managed to think of something to stop Yuna. They were so close to Zanarkand after all. Surely, they were not thinking of someone like him, right?

They shouldn't.

Slumping his shoulders, Tidus gathered his knees to his chest and slowly rocked back and forth. Water dripped in tiny rivers off his toes and back to their place of origin. Pyreflies fluttered to glitter around him. Suddenly, he raised his azure gaze.

-These are moonlillies! They say that clouds of pyreflies gather here when night falls.-

Tidus smiled at the memory of Yuna's explanation. And he was so excited to see this event that seemed so spectular. Though Auron had disapproved, which dropped his mood on a brick floor. He really wanted to see it. It sounded wonderful and simply unforgettable. And perhaps he will, tonight. Alone. He would've liked it if Yuna and Auron were by his side, but... If this was before then he would fully accept sitting here, in front of millions of glowing, purple flowers. Things change, and attitudes shift. He no longer felt holy things were to be seen by his eyes.

It was making his heart hurt. He smiled at that.

But he really wanted to see it. The pyreflies were already gathering.

-We're not waiting till nightfall.-

Tidus chuckled at the memory of Auron's answer, even as it pierced his heart. Drew away a few drops from his eyes. And soon he was laughing hysterically, wiping at his face furiously. What was wrong, he wanted to say. Nothing at all. He was fine. Everything was fine now. He was in the hands of a disgusting man, and it was fine. He was disgusting too, after all.

He wanted to pluck his eyes away from his head, let the blood flow. He probably awoke the whole Guado tribe with his distorted laughter. It didn't bother him an inch. But he stood up then, and smiled at the night sky.

"All right." He settled down to a mere chuckle. "You win, Auron. I won't wait."

Shaking his head, the blond turned around quickly and landed straight into Seymour Guado's robe-cladded arms. Tidus scrambled to regain his balance, and childishly held the sheet that protected him close to his chest. The blue-haired man just laughed and dipped down to kiss the other's forehead.

"Won't wait for what? Who are you speaking to?" Tidus just shrugged quickly, and turned his back to the other, stubbornly looking out to the Moonflow. He just prayed it would act as a sign that he wanted Seymour to go away and leave him be. He didn't want to deal with Seymour at the moment. But the man did not leave. Instead, cold hands rested on his waist as he was given kisses along his bare neck.

"Are you still bitter? You won't run away will you?"

"If I did, you'd go after Yuna, wouldn't you?" The blond cursed to himself as the half-Guado sounded a confirmation and shivered the instant the sheet was pulled away from his back. Dead lips pressed against his spine.

"You don't know how lucky you how. Being able to feel warmth. Feeling pain and being able to shiver at the slightest touch. But me, cold is everywhere to me. Even when I touch you, the heat is sapped away in an instant." Tidus winced as Seymour reached up to grip his shoulder none too gently.

"You are still talking of that man." He felt the bone in his shoulder start to crack.


"Why?" Tidus arched his back as the pain started to rise. He bit down upon his lip, drawing away blood as he forced out his next answer into a shout. Anything less would've gone through broken.

"It hasn't been that long, Seymour! It's only been half a day! Of course, I'm still sad! Of course, I still miss him!" The pressure faded away instantly, and the blitzer took a short sigh of relief before having his head pulled back for a kiss. Cold arms curled around his waist and drew him into a tight embrace. Tidus could no longer feel anything in his arms anymore as the pure, white sheet fell to nestle around his feet. Seymour pulled his lips away, letting the blond's head roll back to rest against his shoulder, tucked under his chin.

"Would you miss me if I left too?" Without waiting for an answer, the half-Guado completely pulled away from the other with a slight push, watching as Tidus fell forward on his knees, hands keeping him from fully greeting the dirt. Seymour was silent as he walked away from his prisoner, back to Guadosalam.

"It hasn't been long..but, sure feels that way." the blond murmured, the silk of the sheet pooled around his naked form brushing against his calves. It was a blinding white, and so he shoved it away. Too pure to be worn. But Tidus looked up then, and witnessed the one thing he previously wished to see. The thing he thought he wanted to see. Pyreflies sparkling amongst the Moonlilies, like a sea of stars as Lulu described it. Simply beautiful, utterly holy. A natural, alluring thing. The pyreflies laughed amongst themselves, without a care in the world. Lovely and ethereal. Oblivious to the wonderous spectacle they created, the pyreflies bounced from lily to lily like happy children. It was unfit for his eyes.

With a shaking hand, he plucked a Moonlily from its stem. Watching the pyreflies that danced around inside of it like faeries, he held it close to his chest as he closed his eyes. A silent prayer.He soon had it crushed within his trembling fist, crumbled up like it was simply nothing. The glitter faded from between his fingers, and died away. Nothing holy would be held by someone like him.

Unfit for his eyes.

Pity he did not notice a familiar aircraft turn around to fly north.


"We will travel with only two guards. We do not want to grab attention as it is." Those had been Seymour's words before they set off. When they reached the nearest Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains, Tidus automatically was drawn toward it. It had been a guard that blocked his path. His shoulders had slumped and he demanded a why. Seymour simply put that the Al Bhed would not like to see any Guado for a while since the incident at Home. Tidus asked if Seymour had ordered it.

He said, no, and that it was an action decided to be done by a group of Guado he sent in to find Yuna.

Tidus had hoped Rin would walk out for some fresh air at that moment. He wanted to be surrounded by a familar person and place. Not this at all. Rin did not hear his prayers and now they were in Macalania forest were they decided to rest.

Tidus told them he was going to go walk around. No one questioned, knowing he would keep to his word to have Yuna safe from harm.

The blond gently touched the sliced ends of bark that led to a place no one knew about for ten years. He chuckled, remembering Auron hack and hack at the wood so they could see what ended up being a sphere from his old man. He kept that sphere close to him, in his pockets. Not that he would admit it.

Walking inside, he watched as drops of shallow water bounced off on each step. Underneath were vines that were connected to one another underwater, protected by the wet glass he walked upon. He remembered thinking Macalania couldn't get more beautiful, but was proven wrong the minute he entered this hidden place. He loved being here, but would have to move quickly to not taint the place.

After looking around, he slowly approached a single tree, glowing with the large crystal it carried. Similar other crystals jutted out from the ground, surrounding him. He stepped into the water protecting that tree, into the sphere pool. It went up to his knees as he gently placed a hand upon the tree's bark and brought himself close. He could not stay here for much longer. So he did what he had to do.

As he left, a sphere glistened in the Macalanian light.


"Ah! Maester Seymour?!"

Tidus watched as the half-Guado was bombarded with questions about Yevon. He knew everyone was beginning to question the thousand year religion now. Was everything right, they would wonder nowadays. Were they doing the right thing? It was about time they asked themselves that.

"Son of Jecht, your room is back there." The blond nodded as the guard pointed to the one on the right of the Cloister of Trials. Looking back at Seymour to make sure he wouldn't follow, he headed toward that said room. He just needed time alone. A lot of time.

Sighing, Tidus plopped down upon the nearby bed, and looked up at the ice pillar that supported the room from the center. He would've been more disturbed if the pillar was made of lightning, like back in Djose Temple. He smiled.

The blond crawled up on his knees to get a glimpse of the Yevon scroll near the headboard. He could only scoff at that, settling back to lie down upon the mattress. Not nearly as good as Rin's mattresses.

Thinking back to the Thunder Plains, he really wished he could've talked to Rin. He needed to talk to somebody about his situation. Seymour wouldn't understand. But the last time he saw Rin was on the airship, and it was broken and trailing black smoke. Tidus hoped everyone was okay.

The pillow was bad compared to the Travel Agency's too; he laughed.

He fell asleep and woke up when it the sunset was moving.

Tidus even not bother to move or speak as a sudden weight was laid upon him. He only curled around to lay on his back as he was kissed by those familar cold lips.

"So, everyone eventually stopped giving you twenty-twenty questions?" He muttered sarcastically. Seymour smiled against the blond's neck.

"No. I told them I simply was tired and needed to rest." Those dead lips trailed up to peck the other's cheek. Tidus sighed as the clasps to his clothes were undone, and his chest was explored by frigid hands. He was kissed there as well, and his yellow shirt was pulled away from him.

But certainly, he was surprised as nothing further occurred than that. Seymour just lay there, taking in his scent from his neck. He seemed to be asleep as he was deathly still. The blond was curious to know.

"What? Nothing tonight?" Tidus joked bitterly. Seymour just shifted and took his cheek into his left hand, and kissed his lips before falling back to his former place. He simply lay there, drawing the blond's instant attention as he tried to look at the half-Guado's face. He gave up quickly and lay back upon the pillow under his head.

Strange how Seymour was acting today.


Auron watched as a familar airship dipped down to greet him.


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