Useful Words:

Fujinomai:Kagura's attack

ookami youkai:wolf demon


inukoro:dog face




Chapter One


Kagura laughed loudly as she chased the youkai. The girl wolf with red hair, Ayame. She had been ordered to take her out if possible. One of her legs was injured and she had gotten many hits on her, but Ayame was fast enought to out manuever her. Kagura smirked as she aimed down from her feather in the air. "Fujinomai." She sent an attack that hit her dead on. She screamed in agony as a whirlwind started to form and head towards them. Kagura sent another attack knocking Ayame to the ground.

The whirlwind stopped as Kouga stared in shock. He jolted for Ayame and jumped back away from Kagura giving her a death glare before turning around and retreating.

He dashed far into the woods before stopping and setting Ayam down gently. He cradled her head in his arms gently as she winced in pain. "Ayame are you all right?!" He asked frantically wanting an answer. She opened her eyes weakly at him. He sighed in relief as he set her down. She gasped slightly and reached for him. He turned back around seeing tears streaming down her face. "Don't leave me alone...they're all dead now."

Kouga looked outward toward the battle field. There were only a few wolves left. He saw Ginta carrying Hakkaku on his back. They seemed all right. There were two brown wolves and four whites. The rest were dead. Naraku had invaded the mountains again in an attempt to destroy the last of the ookami youkai. Kouga seemed to snap into realization and understood their situation. He looked down at Ayame in panic. "We're the last of them..." Ayame's head shot back and forth as panic rose in her. She shoved herself up and started running to the field. She was limping as she tried to run.

Kouga caught up and picked her up understanding what she wanted to do. They ran throughout the whole field looking for survivors. Others. The only ones were Ginta and Hakkaku. The rest were in wolf form. Two brown wolves and four white wolves, that was all there were. The North, South, East, and West tribes had been destroyed now.

Ayame felt herself go limp from the shock. Kouga caught her. "Ayame what's wrong?!" He shook her violently trying to snap her out of her thoughts. She blinked as he shook her again. Kouga let go as she steadied herself. She grabbed his hand pulling it up. "Look around. How many females are there?" Kouga's eyes widened as his eyes darted around. He noticed one of his wolves was and one of Ayame's. But no human formed ones except for Ayame. His eyes widened in shock as they turned slowly back to Ayame. Her eyes were as wide as his in fear and panic. "You're the last one..." She slowly dropped his hand back down and turned around. She wraped an arm around her waist and covered her face with her other hand. She lowered her head as she began to cry. "Naze...." She asked herself as she walked forward. "Why am I the last one. Why does it have to be me. That means I have to mate quickly to keep our kind going."

Kouga flinched at the words.

And I'll probably have to do it...

He paled at the thought for a moment. He straightened his face as he turned back to help Hakkaku. He sped over easily catching up. He froze when he discovered his injury. It was deep in his leg. In three spots. On his knee and below and above it. He had other minor injuries but his leg was mostly injured. He noticed Ginta speed up slightly. He sped up stopping him by getting in front. Ginta jumped back slightly. Kouga raised a brow when he noticed Ginta had fear on his face. "What are you so scared about?" Ginta swallowed hard. "It's just...whenever one of us becomes useless you usually kill them. Hakkaku can't use his leg well and won't be able to run as fast. He's useless and...." Kouga sighed at him. "I told you the rules are different now. Listen, since we're the last of them and I'm obviously the best one for the leader I'll bend the rules a bit. Besides, he's a friend, why would I kill him?"

Ginta sighed in relief. "Kouga you're too kind..." "Shut up..." Ginta jumped as he dragged Hakkaku off to help him. Kouga sighed and looked around. " bastard. You've only left ten ookami youkai in this shall pay dearly. This is unforgivable. I don't care what inukoro says, I will kill you first."

He clenched his teeth tight as he slammed his fist into the ground making the ground beneath him start to collapse. He pushed his fist into it deeper. A few seconds later there was a huge crater in the center of the field. He ignored the pain in his now bleeding hand. He stood up slowly jumping out of the crater.

He walked over to Ayame placing a hand on her sholder. He looked at the ground closing his eyes and sighing deeply. "Ayame, what do I do? I said I was going to mate and be with Kagome, but we need the wolves now. There's only ten left and you and me are the only pair able to mate. If I mate with Kagome, we'll have a hanyou on our hands. It will most likely be despised and mating with a human would forever break our code."

Ayame smiled and put her hand on his. "I thought you told me you didn't care about the code of the Yoroujok tribe." Kouga laughed. "And you thought I told you I didn't remember when you were little." Ayame gasped and spun around. "Naze...." She said while scanning his face for any lie. "I didn't want to remember. I lied because at that time I loved Kagome. Now then, can I leave you in charge? I have a small thing I need to take care off." Ayame nodded as he sped off.

Kouga went to find Kagome. As soon as he caught one of the five familiar scents he sped off towards it. As they saw him approaching Inu Yasha groaned as he pushed Kagome behind him. Sango and Miroku rolled their eyes as Shippo sighed and said, "Not again..." Kouga stopped further from them than he usually did. A good ten feet. He held his head low to hide his face. "Oi, Inukoro. Can I have a minute with Kagome?" He kept his head low as he heard Inu Yasha growl. Kagome jabbed him in the ribs. He heard what she whispered and sighed. "Inu Yasha, he sounds upset. Let me talk with him." Inu Yasha looked at Kouga then to Kagome. He growled. "Fine..." Kagome nodded as she walked to Kouga.

She was expecting him to grab her hand but he didn't. He only turned and looked at her to make sure that she followed. Inu Yasha stiffened his face up. "Something isn't right. He hasn't done anything to Kagome yet and doesn't have his cocky tone..." He jumped into the forest out of sight from the others. They all stared at the direction he'd gone off to and sighed.

Kagome followed Kouga into the woods. He evntually stopped and sat on a large log. Kagome sat down next to him. "Kouga-kun...what's wrong?" There was silence for a few minutes as Kagome waited for an answer. Inu Yasha had caught up. He watched carefully from a tree.

Kouga took a quick glance at Kagome letting her see his face. He set his hand on hers and gripped it slightly. "Kagome..." He thought of how to say it. "It's alright." He heard Kagome say. He turned his head to look her in the eye. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came. Kagome bent slightly to make eye contact again. "What happened?"

As her words entered his mind he became enraged. He let go off her hand and smashed it clear through a tree. He closed his eyes tight as the memory of the battle came back. He sighed and set his elbows on his knees and put his face into his hands. Kagome put a hand on his shoulder as he tried to calm down. She stopped to listen as he finally spoke. "All the wolves...of the north, south, east, and west. They're all gone...only ten remain. My few comrades, Ayame, and two of her wolves. Kagome, I don't want you or Inu Yasha going after Naraku. There are only ten ookami youkai left on this entire planet thanks to him and I swear if any of you, including you, get in my way, I will kill you. Naraku is my sole enemy now and will always be until he is dead. I know you will probably be happy about this, but I can no longer take you as my mate. I know how you love Inu Yasha so I won't enterfere any more. I have to keep the code of the Yoroujok tribe and keep us together."

Kagome blushed at his words, "I know how you love Inu Yasha." She watched him stand up as he kept his face away. "That's all I came for. Ja." He started to walk but Kagome's voice stopped him. "Matté!" He stopped and turned to her. She walked stopping right in front of him. She set her hands on his shoulders pulling herself up. She felt him tense. "As a friend." When she felt him relax back she leaned up placing a short kiss on his cheek. She pulled back smiling. "Cheer up. It's not the end of the world or anything."

Kagome's playful voice immediantly cheered him up. He smiled and waved. "Ja." He turned around running back.

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