Broken Pack
Chapter Five
Lingering Feelings

Ayame watched as Kouga entered the cave. She knew what was up. She was healed, she wasn't as upset as before about loosing the pack, they had a wonderful new home, and she was ready. But there was something in his expression that confused her.

Kouga stopped in front of her. "Are you sure?" His voice was full of doubt. She didn't see how he could make love feeling depressed. She looked up at him cupping his face forcing eye contact. Yes, he was doubtful. Nervous. Hesitant. Usually it was the females who worried, but Kouga was worried. Ayame slowly pulled her hand from his face, gently stroking the skin with her nails.

"Yes," she whispered back with a smile. She leaned forward as Kouga did as their lips locked. It was soft, gentle, wasn't that pleasurable. She didn't know why, he just didn't seem to have any effort.

'You love her,' Kouga told himself, 'You've always loved her.'

Ayame felt the passion rise slowly from him. He reached a hand up grabbing the back of her head deepening the kiss. She let out a moan hoping to help him get into the mood. It seemed to work a little as he began to fumble with her armor. He pulled the latches back and tugged on the armor as it easily slipped off. She became slightly self concious as she blushed. She felt Kouga's hands rest on her arms slowly sliding to her waist.

'Now is no time to back out.' He thought.

Ayame raised her hands quickly removing his armor off. She let her hands wonder over his chest memorizing every muscle. She pulled the sword from his sash letting it drop with a loud clank. She tugged on the sash making it instantly drop along with his kilt. She sensed his arousal sky rocket as she took his member into her soft hand.

Kouga pulled Ayame's skirt loose as it slid down her legs to the floor. He set a hand on her back as he leaned forward directing her to the ground. He moved over her kissing her cheek as he started to enter her. He stopped at the barrier as Ayame wrapped her arms around his neck. With one quick push he broke through her innocense. Her hands slipped down his neck as a few tears rolled down her face. Kouga grabbed her back gently pulling her down as he kissed the tears away.

"Relax, the pain is over, I'll never hurt you like that again."

Ayame weakly opened her eyes as the pain slowly ceased. She let out a moan as Kouga started a slow rhythme. Kouga grabbed her hands entertwining his fingers with hers. He leaned forward sealing off her lips as he picked up his pace.

Kouga felt himself drawing close. After every movement, every push, every stroke, Ayame's moans got louder.

'You love her.'

You don't love her, you want Kagome.

'Who the hell are you?'

I'm you.

'How can I be talking to myself?'

What are you doing right now?

'Shut up, I'm trying to make love and you're distracting me.'

Kouga opened his eyes as he sped up. He released the lock on Ayame's lips as she gasped for air. Kouga shut his eyes tight as they rolled back slightly as he knew he was close.

You love Kagome.

'Will you shut up?! I love Ayame!'

No, you're not mating, you're breeding. You were forced together. You don't love her, admit it.


Kouga felt Ayame's walls clamp on him as she reached her climax.

You don't love her.

Kouga cursed mentally as he pulled out of Ayame spilling his seed onto her stomach. He gasped for air as he caught himself from falling.

"I-I'm sorry..." he mumbled as he sat back up. Ayame trembled under him as she tried to recover from her release.

"Wh-why?" she asked as she sat up. Kouga turned his head in shame.

"My instincts...they where screaming at me. I didn't know what to do. I just-I just couldn't do it, not yet."

"About what? What were they talking about?"

Kouga looked at the floor, "Kagome."

Ayame lowered her head, "It's okay. I can wait a little longer."

Kouga sighed and looked over to Ayame ending up in a blush. "Um...sorry...for the mess."

"What?" Ayame asked. She noticed Kouga's stare and looked down bursted out in a giggle. Kouga handed her a rag. Ayame stuck on a thought and began laughing. Kouga felt himself start to shake.

"I-I think you're contagious..."

Ayame laughed even harder as Kouga began laughing.

MWUAHAHAHA!!! EVIL ME!!! I actually feel sorry for them... Kouga's chance and the only thing on his mind: Kagome. LOL! I'M EVIL! Don't worry, they get their chance *wink*.