Author's note: These poems were written a few years ago and were inspired by the Kopit/Yeston version of the Phantom of the Opera, both musical and movie. I have written many more poems for this version, but I'm only posting the two dealing with Belladova's death now. If I get good reviews, I'll post the others. Please review, I'm an addict, and I would like to know if they're any good.



The Angel of Death came,

And took her away;

And now he cries,

Tears such as angels weep.

She was beauty to him,

And he to her;

And now he cries,

Tears such as angels weep.

I loved her too,

And now I cry,

As also he cries,

Tears such as angels weep.

She made me swear,

As she lay on her deathbed,

"Take care of him now as he cries,

Tears such as angels weep."

And so I must watch my son,

That with demon's face

And angel's voice, cries

The tears such as angels weep.


It's been so long

Since I have cried

For that angel who smiled

And kissed my face.

But today I remember

That saintly angel, that

With voice beautiful and light,

Sang to this face.

And she would hold me

And tell me,

"You are beauty itself,"

To my face.

And I remember the day

That God decided to take

The angel away

From my demon face.

Back top heaven her home,

Where no demon dares tread;

And away from this,

Her only son's face.

And God made her death

Merciful and sweet;

And as she died,

She smiled at my face.

I know she was an angel,

And I know that she now

Sings in that heavenly choir,

Perhaps think of this face.

I know that I was blessed

With that short time;

With the angel that sang and smiled

To my face.

But I still wish

God had allowed more time

Before the angel's death,

Time for my to see her angelic face.