Author's note: Well, I got two lovely reviews, so I've decided to upload a couple more poems. Hope you guys like them, again inspired by the Y/K version, musical and movie. Both are from Erik's perspective. Please review!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: POTO is public domain, Yeston and Kopit own this particular version. I own only the poems. Savvy?



She says she can look at my face;

Oh, I want to believe her.

She says she can love my face,

And for a moment, I believe her.

I start to untie the mask,

A thousand emotions running through me.

She watches my trembling hands;

For I am terrified at this moment.

But her eyes reassure me,

And I start to hope.

Hope she will see beyond my face,

For much longer than a moment.

But as I take the mask away

From my cursed face,

She stares in horror and trembles,

And faints within a moment.

My world shatters,

My heart breaks;

And I start to cry,

All within a moment.

Why on this cruel earth

Did I listen?

And let my guard down

For that brief, sweet moment?


I was a handsome king

Or a brave knight;

The kind that wins the fair maiden's hand,

Here in my world.

I could slay dragons

And defeat evil wizards

And save the fair maiden

Here in my world.

But one day my illusions were shattered,

My fantasies destroyed,

By the fair maiden I loved,

Here, in my world.