X-Men and all characters, places and events related to the franchise are the property of Marvel Comics and a whole host of others who are not nor ever will be me, but if ever the owners would like to change that I'll gladly take Logan. :-P This series does contain an original character and completely fictional events inspired by the X-Men Evolution cartoon series.


Author's Notes:

WARNING – This series is a total return to mah smut fictions! It is rated a very strong R for scenes starring Rogue with mah Logan. Yes, those scenes shall be STEAMY as hell once written, so if such writing offends you in any way or your are too young to venture into my very adult fantasies, please run screaming in the other direction now.

You brave souls that are familiar with my writing and wish to venture forward, Excellent! "Stuff of Heroes" and Trace Adkins' "Chrome" inspired the first actual chapter, plus I loooooooooove the whole biker Logan thing and mah girl Rogue totally fits right into that scene. ;-)

In this story, which kind of ties into my "Elizabeth Braddock is Evolutionized" series, Brian and Betsy Braddock are adapted from the comics and featured characters.

PAIRINGS in this series, mostly just implied, will be:






And of course – TONS of Rogue/Logan :-P


Story Intro:

The X-Men start to notice just how perfect Logan and Rogue are for each other, even if the pair still has doubts themselves.

Soon the team begins a little matchmaking to bring the couple together with very satisfying results. ;-)

Along the way … Rogue finds herself able to control her mutation.

Oooooooh, what fun