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Chapter Seventeen, Twenty-Seventh Duel: Impressed

Six foot leaning on a lizard chest

Two red dragons ironed on his vest

All that money, you deserve the best

I'm impressed

I'm impressed

I'm impressed

I don't like you, but I'm impressed


(Natalie Imbruglia)

"The difference between science and magic is that magicians usually know what they're doing." (Ashleigh Brilliant)


Seto Kaiba was lying in bed on sheets of Egyptian cotton, staring at the ceiling.

Yami Motou. He hated her so much. She was such a nuisance! She was always getting in his way, always arrogant and righteous, her eyes flashing like rubies in her bronze face, keeping him awake at night like—

Without warning, he was asleep and dreaming. Yami was in his arms, crying out softly beneath him as he made love to her. "Seto!" she cried, arching into him and gasping for breath. "Seto, yes!"

"Yami," he murmured, kissing her closed eyes. "I'll hold you..."

Yami squirmed in his embrace, feverish with passion. "Seto, I love you!"

Waking from the dream, Seto Kaiba gasped, sitting bolt upright in bed. That nightmare again!

It took him a while to catch his breath. He was afraid to close his eyes again, unable to stop flashing back on his dreams—not only of Yami, but of the spell she had cast on him all those nights ago. The realm of the Duel Monsters, how he had been cornered and attacked over and over again...he shuddered.

Seto, I love you...

No. He shook his head to clear these thoughts. It was just a dream, a nightmare...

He slid out of bed and walked to the window, pushing the heavy drapes aside and throwing it open. The early morning sunlight dazzled his blue eyes, but the breeze was nice, and it was much better than the darkness of his bedroom.

A knock at the door caused him to jump, his heart rate picking up.

"...Who's...there?" he asked cautiously, half expecting it to be Yami, come to his room simply on the power of her intuition.

But thankfully, it wasn't Yami. His butler opened the door and bowed respectfully from the waist. "Good morning, Master Seto!"

"I hope so," Kaiba agreed, although his butler had no idea what he meant by that. The CEO stalked to his desk and began to sort through his briefcase of cards. He would need his best today...

"As you requested, Ms. Yami and her friend spent the night at the mansion," the butler reported. Kaiba nodded, not really listening. The butler had no way of knowing Kaiba had visited Yami's room while she had slept the night before.

She'd never even stirred, not even when he'd been close enough to touch her. She'd seemed to draw him to her...

I have to end this, Kaiba thought. I can't sleep, I can't concentrate. I need to finally get Yami Motou out of my head once and for all.

Aloud he said, "I had planned to give them a special welcome, but I couldn't stay awake..." This was true. Kaiba had been working himself nearly to death putting the finishing touches on his grandiose scheme.

He headed for the door, almost smiling in anticipation. Finally, we shall see who is stronger...


"Why are you staring at me?" Joey inquired, sitting at a long dining table with Yami. Her stare was reflected in the dark polished wood.

"Selfless concern?" Yami asked in reply, arching a chocolate brow at him. "You did almost die last night, you know!"

Joey grinned. "But I didn't die, thanks to you and your ability to eat your way through anything," he joked.

Yami frowned, huffing. "How dare you imply that I overeat!" She looked around frantically, patting her hands on the table as if searching for a bell or call button. "What the hell kind of hospitality do they practice here, who do we call for hors d'ouerves?!"

Joey, meanwhile, really wanted to put his feet up on the beautiful table. "Maaaann...I hate staying at this place. Makes me feel like I owe Kaiba a favor or something!"

"I should call my grandpa," Yami thought aloud, as if she were struck by the idea for the first time. "I was out all night without telling him..." She rose from her chair and walked to the large double doors. Wrapping a bronze hand around the fancy brass doorknob, she jiggled it. Locked.

"I don't like that they've locked us in, either," Yami murmured, crossing the room to head for the large staircase that descended to the middle of the room.

"Who's your mate?" a voice called jovially from the top of the staircase. Yami jumped in surprise.

"Kaiba!" she cried, tilting her face up towards him.

Kaiba looked well-rested. He seemed lazy and dangerous in dark jeans and a long-sleeved black button-down that would have been businesslike if the collar hadn't been unbuttoned and open in a way that made him look ready for fun and games.

"That's right." The CEO chuckled. "It's good to see you, Yami, you're looking lovely as always."

What Yami was looking like was suspicious. She narrowed her bloodred eyes at him and glared through a fringe of dark lashes.

"Why the long faces, you two?" Kaiba said cheerfully, descending the stairs towards them. "I haven't seen you in so long, don't look like that."

"Oh, cut the crap, Kaiba!" Joey hollered, pushing his chair back from the table so hard it fell over as he stood. "You get us practically kidnapped off the street to come here, and then your lunatic brother almost killed us!" Joey spat onto the pretty carpet. "And then you expect us to be happy to see you?!"

To give him credit, Kaiba looked mildly shocked. "Mokuba? He did what?" He glanced at Yami. That little brat, he knew she was mine! I told him...

Forcing those emotions aside, Kaiba sighed calmly. "You'll have to forgive the little scamp. He was probably only playing with you guys."

" 'Playing' is one way to describe what happened," Yami muttered.

Kaiba looked thoughtful. "Let me make it up to you both."

Joey crossed his arms. "How do you expect to do that?"

"Hostess Sno-Balls?" Yami asked hopefully, turning her chocolate-vanilla head, her short attention span coming to her rescue once again.

Kaiba chuckled. "Even better."


Joey was easily placated by another Jolt Cola back in the limo. Meanwhile, Yami was unnerved by how calm Kaiba was. He lounged on the leather seats like a big cat, his blue eyes hooded and his smile lazy. He never took those blues off Yami, who steadily got more and more jumpy.

"Where are you taking us, Kaiba?" Yami finally asked, sitting bolt upright once again on the white leather seats.

Kaiba chuckled, looking even more relaxed, if such a thing were possible. "You're so impatient, Yami," he purred. "You'll see when we get there."

Yami seemed to shrink in her seat, not liking the cagey answer. "Will I like it?" she asked dubiously.

Kaiba laughed again. "Yami, if it doesn't stop your heart, I'll be extremely disappointed."

Joey deigned to join the conversation at this point. "What makes you so sure we'll be impressed? Kaiba, you've got an ego as big as a—"

"Skyscraper," Yami said suddenly, looking out the window as the limo purred to the curb.

A huge skyscraper soared above the street, the early morning sunlight glinting off the glass windows like a reflection of heaven. A crowd of people surged around the base of the structure, a living sea.

Kaiba smiled at Yami's wide eyes. "Do you like it? It's my tower of dreams..."

"Tower of dreams?" Yami asked, turning back to the window. She liked the sound of that. "What kind of dreams?"

Joey arched a golden eyebrow at Yami's girliness.

Kaiba smirked. My dreams of completely dominating you in the dueling arena? "You'll see."

As Yami stepped out of the limo first, exposing a long line of thigh, Kaiba was reminded of a dream in which he'd dominated Yami another way as well, and shook his head to clear the thought.

Yami waited as Joey and Kaiba got out of the limo, her eyes scanning the enormous crowd of children that had amassed in front of the skyscraper. They were milling about, chatting and laughing, beneath a giant sign that read—

"Kaiba Land?" Yami asked aloud. The neon sign was glowing even in the bright light of day—blue letters outlined in white. The symbolism was not lost on Yami. Guess Kaiba hasn't quite given up on that dragon...she thought, suppressing a smile.

Kaiba laughed, walking up beside her. "Do you like my dreams, Yami? It's an indoor amusement park!"

Kaiba felt traitorous to himself thinking about how pretty Yami looked when she was happy. She immediately clasped her hands together and lit up. "An amusement park! I love—"

Kaiba stilled, remembering. Seto, I love you...

"I love amusement parks!" Yami cheered, completing her sentence. Kaiba let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding.

The crowd had caught sight of them by now. Someone pointed and shrieked, "It's him! It's Kaiba, the Game King!"

Kaiba offered Yami his arm, and she accepted it almost timidly, curling her own arm around his. "Come on," he said, smiling at her. "I'll show you the park."

Joey jogged to catch up, sneakers pounding on the concrete. "What about me! Have you guys forgotten all about me, or what!"

Yami turned her head. "Hurry up, Joey—" But Kaiba steered her gently towards the building.

The voices rose all around them as they walked towards the double glass doors.

"It's Kaiba! The world's greatest gamer!"

"He's my hero!"

"Who's that girl he's with? She better not be his girlfriend!"

Joey jogged up alongside Yami. "Jeez, the kids sure do like him."

Yami didn't know what to say to that. Perhaps Kaiba had a softer side they didn't know about? He had been acting awfully nice this morning...

"Kaiba Land is scheduled to open in three days, Yami," Kaiba explained, gesturing to the crowd with one arm and keeping the other wound around Yami's. "But as you can see, there's a special event today, so we're opening the doors to certain children by invitation only before the official opening for free."

"That's so cool," Yami said appreciatively. "The kids must be so excited! What fun!"

Kaiba smiled down at her exuberance. "And I wanted you to come play too..."

Yami searched his face, unable to tell what had changed him so drastically. Maybe I'm worrying too much...

Joey, for his part, was blanching as well. Guess this guy isn't as bad as I thought...

By this time they had reached the front doors. Kaiba turned and waved to the crowd, raising a cheer. "Hello everyone!" he called. "Welcome to the ceremony!! Welcome to Kaiba Land!" And the massive doors behind him opened by themselves, like magic.

The crowd went crazy, surging forward. Kaiba's arms became a fence around Yami, shielding her from the human tide. She stepped closer to him instinctively while he chuckled, watching their excitement and listening to their cheers. "Do you see, Yami?" he asked. "My dream is to open Kaiba Lands all over the world for children everywhere to enjoy!"

Yami's eyes lit up. "That's so cool! Kaiba, what a great thing to do!" I've misunderstood you, she added in thought.

"Let's go play, come on, Joey!" she cheered, reaching for her best friend's hand.

A new voice cut through the happy throng like a blade. "I know what you did, Seto!"

Yami, Joey and Kaiba all turned to see a man pointing an accusing finger at them. A crimson tie hung loosely around his neck, his shirt was wrinkled and unbuttoned slightly, and his face was covered in stubble. "You killed the C.E.O.!"

Yami gasped, hands flying to her mouth. Kaiba's eyes darted over to her. This was bad luck.

The man continued his tirade, pulling at his unkempt hair. "You took over Kaiba Corporation and drove the C.E.O., your own father, to commit suicide..."

Kaiba was about to respond, but Yami interrupted him—not with words, but with a gesture so incredibly touching it almost frightened him. She stepped in front of him, between him and his accuser. His blue eyes widened as he stared at the back of her chocolate-vanilla head. She was five foot nothing, but she was prepared to block harm from him.

What did that mean...?

Kaiba's blue eyes slitted as they moved from Yami to his accuser. "Get rid of him," he muttered to his bodyguards, who moved to obey.

The man struggled, and Yami's eyes kept jumping to him as he was dragged away. He kept shouting things like, "Let me go, damn it! He's the deviiillll...!!"

"Who is that man?" Yami whispered to Kaiba. Joey leaned in to hear the response, but Kaiba spoke calmly aloud, feeling no need to hide.

"He used to be my father's right-hand man, but now he's a worthless has-been." His voice was dispassionate, as if he were talking about a movie, instead of something that had really happened. "There have been many rumors about that...tragedy..."

Yami stared at him. Kaiba seems completely different from before! Which is his true face?

Kaiba's face returned to its smile, as if he were wearing a mask. He held out his hands to Yami, as if he were a demon prince waiting to whisk her away to his lair. "Come on, let's go play."

Yami slid her hands into his and nodded slowly, worried again, a little about Kaiba, a little about herself.


"Aiiiiiieeeeeeee!!" Yami screamed in the virtual reality theater, seizing the arms of the boys sitting on either side of her as a giant dragon brought its dripping jaws closer to the seated crowd. Joey was gritting his own teeth, trying not to yell; meanwhile, Kaiba roared with laughter at Yami's fear.

"Looks real, doesn't it?" he called proudly over the soundtrack.

"What looks real??" Yami shrieked. She was now holding each boy's hand, bringing them up to cover her face.

After that, Kaiba watched Yami and Joey play head-to-head video games, chuckling at their bickering.

"You ess-yuu-see-kay suck!" Joey pounded a fist against the screen of "Marvel vs. Capcom 2". Cyclops was lying defeated in a corner of the screen while Jill Valentine raised her bazooka in triumph, beret tilted jauntily on her head.

Yami calmly pretended to make a note on an imaginary pad. "That's thirty-five straight games you've lost."

"I wouldn't get so annoyed if you didn't keep score!" Joey howled.

Kaiba roared with laughter. "She's definitely got you, Wheeler!"

Joey frowned. "That's it, let's play another one! This time I'll get you!"

...and the beat went on.

"Are you having fun?" Kaiba asked almost gleefully an hour later. Yami sipped a soda, her pink lips closing delicately around the straw.

Yami nodded. "I'm having a great time!"

"Then let's go—the real fun is yet to come!" Kaiba said, leading the way further into the building. "It's the biggest attraction of this opening ceremony, and it's a special show just for you, Yami!"

Yami lit up again, and Kaiba had to steel his heart against her expression. "For me? Kaiba, you didn't have to do that!" She turned excitedly towards the double doors they were walking towards. "I can hear people cheering..."

Kaiba stopped just short of the massive doors and bowed to Yami. "After you," he said, just above a whisper, his blue eyes deep as mountain lakes.

Yami eagerly pushed open the doors. Joey followed.

Yami stopped abruptly, and Joey nearly walked into her. Kaiba swept to the side of her, a shadow in a dark shirt. A cheer rose high around them on all sides, followed by a chanting that ran beneath the cheers like a bass line. Kai-ba, Kai-ba, Kai-ba.

The room was a huge arena. Bleachers ran a circle around a raised platform in the center. Every seat was full, the white noise of cheering a constant waterfall-sound all around them Yami had never seen so many people in one place at one time. What were they all here for?

"An arena..." Yami trailed off, looking around. "Is this the show, Kaiba?" she asked.

"You bet your bustle, kiddo," Kaiba chuckled wildly. Joey began to get nervous.

"Hey, look, there's a cube in the middle," Yami said, trotting out towards the platform in the center of the massive room. A large glass cube took pride of place there, and there seemed to be movement within it. "Is someone inside?"

For some reason, Joey knew enough to head towards Yami, but he wasn't in time to keep her from seeing who was inside the cube. Her bloodcurdling scream was lost in the cheers from the crowd.


Two bodyguards with faces as dark as their Armani suits were guarding the cube. Yami flew towards it, her hands splaying against the glass. "Grandpa! Grandpa!"

The old man, who had been sitting at a gaming table, saw his granddaughter run towards him and rose quickly to face her. "Yami!" he cried, his face lighting with both fear and relief. He placed his hands to the glass on his side, against Yami's but unable to touch them.

Yami had worried while in Kaiba's mansion about not calling her grandfather. In actuality, he hadn't been home to miss her call. Kaiba had sent more men in suits to the Kame Game Shop to "invite" Sugoroku to the opening of KaibaLand. The invitation consisted of a threat to kill Yami if her grandfather hadn't consented.

Kaiba felt a smirk twitch his lips. It had been easy for him to threaten Yami, because he had known beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was never actually in real danger. Sugoroku would never have allowed harm to come to Yami—the love for her was evident in the old man's eyes.

Yami was already running her hands all over the side of the glass cube, searching for a way to open it. Kaiba already knew there was none. The cube would open only by his command. The bodyguards wound their hands around Yami's small arms, pulling her away from the cube. "Let go!" she cried, her feet leaving the floor between the two men as she struggled. "Let me go!"

Kaiba set his jaw. This is it, he thought. You're mine, Yami Motou.

He waved a hand to the cheering crowd. "For your entertainment, you will now witness a match of the world's #1 collectible card game, Duel Monsters!" he announced.

Yami was still struggling against the arms of the suited bodyguards, but she quieted down to listen to Kaiba's speech to the crowd.

The man in question waved a long arm to indicate Sugoroku. "My challenger is this gentleman, Sugoroku Motou! He is said to be a game master who's never lost a duel! We'll see what happens, won't we?"

Yami was confused. "Grandpa and Kaiba? Duel Monsters?" She had settled down entirely now, watching.

Joey's yell of "I knew Kaiba was a jerk!" was lost among the howls and calls of the crowd.

"Why's that old guy challenging Kaiba?"

"There's no way he can win!"

Amidst the cheering, Kaiba entered the cube, taking a seat across from Sugoroku Motou at the table set up within the glass walls. "Don't hold back, old man," he warned with a sinister smile. "Hit me with your best shot!"

But the old man's violet eyes weren't focused on the CEO; they stared to the side, through the glass. Kaiba frowned, turning his own head to follow Sugoroku's gaze, and saw Yami. She looked alert but calm, watching this new turn of events with a blank face. There might have been nothing beyond those ruby eyes. Her hands were open and empty at her sides. Waiting. Waiting.

Sugoroku saw where Kaiba was looking. "I will win," he told the CEO, a gleam in his violet eyes. For her, was the unspoken addition to the statement. My deck has the strongest card on Earth—the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Once I draw that card, I win!

"He can do it," Yami whispered. "He can!"

Kaiba leaned back in his chair, looking completely assured of his victory. Yami recognized that look. She had seen it once herself—right before she had defeated Kaiba in their duel.

Come on, Jii-san, she thought. If I can knock Kaiba on his ass, surely you can.

Kaiba placed a card faceup on the table and sneered at Sugoroku. "Incidentally, old man, the very cube we sit in is actually a high-tech project made especially for this game! I hope it won't be too hard on someone of your advanced age..."

Both Sugoroku and Yami wore identical frowns when they heard that, but the looks didn't last long—Kaiba's card was coming to life within the cube, a monstrous cyclops slashing the air between it and Sugoroku with ragged claws.

Yami's eyes shot wide when she saw the monster appear in the cube. How? she thought, her mind flashing back to her own duel with Kaiba. How could he harness such power? Kaiba has no—

"See? The four walls of this cube project the card as a three-dimensional image!" Kaiba cackled as Sugoroku cowered beneath the virtual monster.

Oh, Yami thought, pouting. It figures. Kaiba has no magic in him...

"It's like a real cyclops attacking me!" Sugoroku said aloud.

Kaiba's smile was gleefully psychotic. He answered Sugoroku, but his eyes were on Yami, beyond the walls of the cube. "Isn't that just like magic?"

"Oh, I am going to kill him so dead," Yami muttered, so low that only Joey could hear.

"You'll give me a heart attack with these graphics," Sugoroku muttered back inside the cube, mopping sweat from his brow but focused on his cards.

The duel went on. Both players were at such a high level that the crowd was definitely getting its money's worth. The three-dimensional projections were amazing in their authenticity—ferocious monsters, dazzling spells. It all served as a wonderful distraction from Yami, who was slowly but surely inching her way closer and closer to the cube that contained the two duelists. Finally she was pressed against the cube once again, hands spread on the glass. Kaiba saw her moving around outside, a brightly-colored blur in the corner of his eye, like watching an angelfish swim through very clear water.

Meanwhile, Sugoroku chuckled at his young opponent. This young man is pretty good...even if he doesn't know how to use magic cards properly! His gaze became steely as he drew his next card. "It's game over for you!" he announced, displaying the card to Kaiba. "I've drawn the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

Yami smiled through the glass walls of the cube, Sugoroku's dragon a mirror of her happiness as it fluffed the air with its holographic wings.


"He's done it!" Yami cried happily, spinning in a graceful dance move, her plaid skirt flaring around her. "He's got the Blue-Eyes! Jii-san's won!"

Coming out of her spin, she turned towards Kaiba...

...who looked absolutely calm.

Yami stumbled at the end of the spin upon seeing Kaiba's expression. The CEO's eyes were calm as the sea, his lips curved into the slightest of smiles. He wasn't looking at Sugoroku or the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, no, not at all. Those ice-cold blue eyes were focused on Yami the entire time, and suddenly she understood the meaning of his words before. It's a special show, just for you, Yami.

Something's wrong, Yami realized—just as Kaiba's calm expression broke into a full-fledged smirk. He displayed his next three cards, one at a time. "Then I'll play this card next turn...and then, this card...and after that, this card."

Yami watched in horror as the monsters materialized around Kaiba, curling around him almost protectively, their jaws yawning at Sugoroku.

"Three Blue-Eyes White Dragons!" Yami's shriek echoed Sugoroku's thoughts.

Kaiba's smirk was wicked, evil. The dragons screamed, and so did Yami, her hands spread against the glass. Like a true megalomaniac, the CEO began to explain his plans to the defeated Sugoroku.

"Only four copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon are known to exist in the entire world," he announced. "Of course, they were in the hands of fanatic collectors around the world. One in America, one in Germany, one in Hong Kong...and you, old man!"

Sugoroku's eyes widened in horror.

Kaiba leaned back in his chair, eyes hooding as if he were bored. He shrugged, a well-oiled movement of his shoulders. "Of course, none of them agreed when I told them to hand it over, so I used a bit of...force..."

The word was left dangling in mid-air, leaving a horrific idea of what kind of force.

Kaiba finally rose from his chair, as proud and terrible as a king. "This is punishment for losing to me, and to your card for betraying me last time!"

The card in question was in Kaiba's hands now, and Yami's heart grew cold as she remembered the rules of the game—each player stakes their rarest card on the match.

Somehow, even through the walls of the soundproof cube, Yami imagined she could heard the sound of Kaiba tearing her grandfather's Blue-Eyes White Dragon in half.

"My Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" Sugoroku cried.

Kaiba stood, tall and terrible and shining with absolute evil as he laughed. "Now I'm the only one with this card in the entire world!"

Yami cried out in outrage. "You wicked thing!" she exclaimed, even though Kaiba couldn't hear her. "How could you be so spiteful!"

But Kaiba wasn't finished. He extended an arm towards Sugoroku like a proclamation of death. "And now, old man—are you ready for a penalty game?"

Yami's hands flew to her mouth. Oh, no...

Sugoroku's violet eyes widened in fear as a holographic imitation of that deadly mist began to fill the cube. His gaze darted around as the mist began to take shape, dripping jaws, razor claws...

The duel monsters blinked into holographic life around Sugoroku. There was no heart of the cards in the soulless science of the attack; they obeyed only the programs of their diabolical master, who was exiting the cube without even looking back.

"Jii-san!" Yami called, but he couldn't hear her. She could barely hear herself over the cheering of the crowd.

"Kaiba's awesome!"

"Yeaaaaah Kaiba!"

Unable to help herself, she turned to them. "Stop it!" she screamed desperately. "Stop cheering! Stop it, you monsters!"

They didn't understand. They didn't care. They just wanted a show.

A voice purred in her ear. "Are you enjoying the show, Yami?"

She whirled to face the demon prince, hands rising to grip the collar of his black shirt. "Kaiba," she breathed. "Let my grandfather out of that box. Now." She punctuated the last with a shake. It made Kaiba laugh.

His arms came up around her, lifting her in his embrace as if for a kiss, locking her against him. His cheek slid against hers. He was fever-warm. "We've done human experiments in that simulator," he whispered. Yami's chin was hooked over his shoulder, her wide, fearful eyes locked on the figure of Sugoroku, who was now cowering in a corner of the glsas cube.

Kaiba continued. "We've discovered that the average person goes insane in about ten minutes." His hand stroked down her hair almost lovingly, his whisper dropping almost to inaudibility. "How long do you think your jii-san will last?"

Yami's nails pressed hard into his shoulder. "What?" she almost sobbed. "What do you want?"

You, dear heart...

But what he said aloud was, "I'll stop the simulator. I'll let him go...if you swear to face the hidden attraction of Kaiba Land—Death-T!!"

Yami's mind was once again catapulted back to her duel with Mokuba. "Death-T is coming, and you won't escape..."

She squeezed her eyes shut in defeat. "...Yes...Yes..."

Kaiba chuckled warmly, his cheek pressed against her hair, as if they were lovers instead of enemies. "Yes," he murmured in victory. "Yes!"


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