AUTHOR'S NOTE Welcome to my first Pirates of the Caribbean fic! I loved this movie so much and just had to write about it. There will be 10 vignettes, following 10 different characters. This one is actually about two characters, since Murtogg and Mullroy are pretty much the same character anyway, hehe. So there's no confusion, Mullroy was the bigger one and Murtogg was the one who argued for the existence of the Black Pearl.

DISCLAIMER Disney owns these characters, not me.

Misters Murtogg and Mullroy waited nervously outside Captain Norrington's office. Unfortunately, they'd rather made a mess of things as the fort assembled that morning by tripping over a cart and thus releasing two very frightened donkeys.

"In for it, we are," Mr. Murtogg muttered.

"I bet we're off to prison duty," Mr. Mullroy commented. His depressed look indicated that prison duty was far from enviable.

They waited a few more tense moments before the door opened. Norrington's second-in-command, Gillette, stepped into the narrow stone hallway. "Murtogg and Mullroy."

The two men stood up. "Yes, sir?"

"The Captain will see you now." Gillette looked disdainfully at the two, then led them before Norrington.

The Captain stood behind his desk, facing the window that overlooked Port Royal. His formal uniform was immaculate, from the white gloves clasped behind his back to the crisp powdered wig that curled gracefully around his head. The stoic man turned to face the two men fidgeting before him.

"Misters Murtogg and Mullroy," Captain Norrington said with a sigh.

"Yes sir."

"Good day sir."

Norrington paused for a moment before continuing. "As you both know, my promotion ceremony begins in precisely one hour. Now. Most of Port Royal shall be in attendance, save the more…unsavory types." He made a face quite unbecoming to a Captain of the British Navy.

Murtogg and Mullroy looked at each other in confusion. One shrugged to the other. "Yes, Cap'n Norrington," Mullroy eventually said.

"I have a simple, yet vitally important task that I shall appoint to the two of you."

The two men stood up straighter. A task of vital importance appointed to them? The scratches on the face of the British navy? "Aye aye, sir!" said Murtogg zealously.

"Begging your pardon sir," Mullroy ventured. "But what is this task?"

Norrington smiled slightly and turned back to the window. "Have you gentlemen heard of the HMS Interceptor?"

"Heard of it?" Mullroy's jaw dropped. "She's the fastest ship in the Caribbean, she is!"

"Almost the fastest, actually," Murtogg muttered.

"Shut up!" Mullroy said, hitting his companion. Norrington faced them once more and glared at the two. "The Interceptor is the fastest ship in the Caribbean. I require that she be under guard at all times, which includes during my promotion ceremony." He smiled slightly sardonically. "Are you two up to the task?"

Murtogg and Mullroy could hardly stand their good fortune. Guard the Interceptor? "Yes sir!"

Norrington nodded, apparently satisfied. "Very good. No civilian is to go near the vessel. At all. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir!"

"Very clear sir!"

"Good." Norrington tilted his head high. "We are through here. Good day, gentlemen."

"Good day sir!"

The two men walked through the fort filled with pride. Once they were out in the open, they let excitement take over. "Guarding the Interceptor!" Murtogg couldn't believe it. "Blimey!"

"Whole let better than prison duty, it is!" Mullroy said happily.

Murtogg stopped his friend. "We can't screw this up."

"We won't." Mullroy shook his head firmly. "The Cap'n's trusting us. We won't let anyone near that ship."

Murtogg giggled. "Everyone'll be at the promotion anyway. So all we have to worry about is pirates."

Mullroy rolled his eyes. "There haven't been pirates in Port Royal for years. There aren't anymore pirates left in the Caribbean!"

"Yes there are! There's the – "

"Don't start!" Mullroy glared at Murtogg. "The Black Pearl isn't real!"

Murtogg sulked. "Come on then, let's go." The two soldiers of Her Majesty headed down for the docks.