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The ocean was a harsh mistress. A rolling bitch that was rarely satisfied with the sacrifices it received. Many a men had been lost to the endless blue water, to the fiery light of the setting sun on the horizon, to the freedom. A freedom that came at the price of your soul, because once you set out to live a life on the incessant waves, you would never be able to settle on land. You traded your ability to walk happily on sturdy ground, for the chance to fly without wings, to lift your sails and soar into eternity.

For Captain Jack Sparrow, the cost was becoming more and more difficult to pay day in and day out. It was no longer his own simple happiness at stake, but the well being of another life entrusted to him. Created by him. Watching his daughter grow, had stretched his imagination beyond what he had ever believed possible. He wanted for her more then he had ever had; more then he could give to her aboard an ancient ship. The world she had seen, but a home she had not. A solid home, a place of stability- not just with a foundation, but with a proper family.

When she had come to him, a bundle no bigger then a loaf of bread, lighter then a proper piece of gold, he hadn't had the slightest idea what he should do with her. He had named her as if she were another of his endless trinkets, yet she had become more valuable then life itself. Treasure Jade Sparrow- Jade as she had become known to the crew, the crew that had raised her. They were her family, and the Black Pearl her home. She may never make a proper lady, but a better pirate had never existed. What else could be expected, she was his. She was him in everyway that mattered. When she spoke, she spoke with his words, his tones. When she walked, she walked with his stride, his grace. When she lied, she lied seamlessly, to the point where she could almost get past him. And yet he was afraid, afraid that she would end up paying the same price he had paid. Afraid she would never be able to regret or rejoice with the decision, if only because she had never learned of another life. And so the Pearl was headed South, far from France, where she had berthed for a month. Back to the Caribbean, to Port Royal. Captain Jack was about to pay a visit to an old friend. Someone he had not seen for quite some time. Come to think of it, he needed a new sword.