Title: Fires of Purgatory Part One: Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1/4) WIP
Author: QteCuttlfish
Author email: mizbara@yahoo.com
Rating : R/NC-17
Type: Angst/Slash/Rape
Summary: What if Captain Jack Sparrow were forced to commit the worst violation on his best friend, Will Turner? (m/m RAPE/non-con sex)
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean, its characters, and plots belongs to Disney. I do not own any part of them, even though I wish I did…*starts dreaming of owning Jack and Will*
WARNING: Violence/Rape. That would be why this fic is rated R. If you don't like it, don't read it, as simple as that. Flames will be laughed at, scorned, and otherwise saved to be made fun of at a later time whenever Jack the Monkey decides to play with the evil rainbow-colored plot bunnies again. Seriously though, PLEASE don't read this if you don't like reading about m/m slash or rape!

Pairing: Jack/Will, mentioned Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth, will be Jack/Will/Elizabeth

Authors Notes:

QteCuttlfish: (moans with head on desk) I can't believe I let you guys talk me into this fic!

Izhlenhari: Hey! Don't you dare blame me for this one! It's all their fault! (points at the other two)

Jack the Monkey: (screeches horribly, causing all three humans to put their hands over their ears)

QteCuttlfish: Oh yeah, that's right. Lately you've been too busy with your boyfriend to be my Muse. (glares)

Izhlenhari: (wilts)

QteCuttlfish: (sighs) It's all right though. I'm just glad you're happy, though I need your help with With a Blood-Stained Halo!

Iawen: That's what you've got me for. I can make up for the other two.

QteCuttlfish: (glares) Except you encourage Jack to throw evil rainbow-colored plot bunnies at me!

Iawen: (shrugs) What can I say?

QteCuttlfish: (sticks her tongue out at Iawen)

Iawen: (grins in return)

QteCuttlfish: I give up! (sighs) For everyone who actually reads this, I swear this fic is not my fault. I blame two of my muses, Jack the Monkey for the idea in the first place, and Iawen for continuing with the insanity. Please direct all flames to them, seeing as it is their fault both Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner suffer in this fic.

Fires of Purgatory

Part One:

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

The cold damp was slowly starting to get to him. Usually it wouldn't bother him, being Captain Jack Sparrow and all, but damn it, the man had pulled some mighty underhanded stunts to get him and his cell companion. Jack's sharp-eyed stare captured his companion, whose eyes were still closed, even after hours of standing in that position. Finally, the younger man moaned.

"Jack?" the boy squinted, his voice slurred slightly. "Is that you?"

"Aye, young Will. How ye feelin'?" Jack asked.

"Like something hit me," Will winced.

"That would be our hosts, the late Captain Barbossa's former crew," Jack intoned in his eloquent way.

Will's innocent eyes widened at this news. He was silent for a moment, and Jack studied the whelp carefully. His lovely face was more serious than usual. Jack noted that his clothes were rather dirty, so he figured they must have taken Will directly from the blacksmith forge he now owned. Mr. Brown had died not long after the return to Port Royal. The lad's hair had somehow loosened, and now framed his face, making Will Turner appear much more vulnerable than he really was…Not to mention more beautiful—Jack instantly hushed his inner voice. Aye, he found himself attracted to young Will Turner, but he also desired the precocious Miss Swann, now Mrs. Turner, as well. But one and a half years ago, when Fate threw the three together to stop Barbossa, Jack had chosen not to actively pursue either of them. Not that he hadn't been tempted. He was, after all, a pirate.

When he and Elizabeth had been marooned together, before he'd passed out from the rum, he had attempted a dalliance with her. He'd figured he could always blame the rum later. But then the clever minx had given them a means to escape, so it wasn't all bad. Though she'd burned the rum. Which reminded him…she never had properly answered his question. "Why is the rum gone?" He filed that thought away to ask the lady later on.

Directly after the two had rescued him from the hangman's noose in Port Royal, Captain Jack Sparrow had felt a longing only surpassed by his ten year longing for the Black Pearl. He'd wanted the pair of them in his bed. But he had known it wasn't meant to be. Not with how respectable they both were…especially the whelp, his inner voice helpfully supplied. Ignoring his inner voice, Jack remembered how he had resigned himself to only holding a small piece of each of their hearts, a piece given to good friends, but not lovers.

Jack had returned to Port Royal in disguise for their wedding. He remembered the looks of pure adoration on both the lad and the lass's faces. He'd grinned, congratulating the pair, somehow managing to resist the terrible urge to kidnap them, drag them to the Black Pearl, and keep them as his own. He'd been tempted to, almost overly tempted to; his pirate instincts screaming at him to do it. But for once in his life, he loved Will and Elizabeth more than he loved his selfish desires. Besides, a part of him was still skittish about being in love with any human being after being in love with a ship for so long. And he loved that ship, no doubt about it. Jack had built her with his own two hands, which was how he became a captain at so young an age. The Black Pearl had served as his long-lost love for quite a long time…until he'd become mixed up with the whelp and the lass.

"What are they going to do to us?" Will asked Jack, after several moments of silence had passed by.

"I've no idea, lad," Jack shrugged. "They're pirates, mutinous pirates at that. Who knows what they'll think of to do?"

Jack could see the beginnings of panic in the younger man, but watched as he gained a hold of himself. Will was not some cowardly fop. He faced things with courage, often foolhardy, but courage nonetheless.

Jack's thoughts were rudely interrupted as the Bo'sun, a large and very cruel man stormed in, followed by Pintel, Ragetti, and other escaped members of Barbossa's crew of miscreants. Jack idly wondered what they'd do if he invoked the rite of parlay. He shrugged off the thought, seeing as they now had no captain, thanks to him, and weren't inclined to keep to the code anyway. After all, they'd captured a man sleepin' off his rum. But then, had they awakened him, Gibbs would have called it bad luck.

"'Ello Jack," Pintel grinned maliciously. "'Ow ye doin'? Comfy? We got these 'ere chains 'specially for ye and the whelp."

Ragetti chuckled along with him.

Will's face darkened in anger, causing Jack's loins to stir. But he showed no sign of it. Instead he silently prayed the boy wouldn't do anything stupid.

"Why have you brought us here?" Will demanded, jerking against the chains.

The crew guffawed loudly, mocking him.

"Revenge," Pintel shrugged. "Why else?"

"And what are you going to do? Kill us?" Will glared.

Once again, the crew laughed.

"Eventually," the Bo'sun spoke up. "But we have something much more fun in mind than just killing ye."

Jack swallowed hard. That didn't bode well.

"Strip him!" the Bo'sun commanded, pointing at Will.

Four pirates walked over to Will. With two holding him, they unchained the lad. They used a knife to cut off his shirt and boots. Then they forcefully removed everything else. Will fought them as best he could, but unarmed against four vicious pirates, he didn't stand a chance.

Anger began boiling inside of Jack as he watched the pirates strip, and then grope Will. All four of the pirates holding him ran their hands over the magnificent body that was Will Turner. Then they re-chained him. Jack's mind desperately tried to think up some kind of plan, any plan to get them out of that situation, but his mind remained blank.

For a few minutes that seemed like an eternity to Will, the pirates let Will shiver in humiliation and cold, appraising the male beauty in front of them. As for Jack, he tried not to look, really he tried, but the sight in front of him was one he had wanted to see in so long. Will's lean but wiry muscles gave testament to his job as a blacksmith and the time he spent practicing with his swords every day. Jack longed to run his hands possessively over the boy's body, marking him as "his". That he couldn't made him want to cry with frustration, and made his cock ache.

Will somehow managed to keep his composure steady.

"Is that all?" he coldly said.

The Bo'sun chuckled. "Nay, whelp, that's not all. But we're gonna show some mercy. After all, ye did break the curse. So we're gonna give ye a choice."

"What sort of choice, mate?" Jack spoke in a low and calm tone of voice, completely at odds to his turbulent emotions.

"Funny ye should ask," Pintel stepped forward.

"Yeah, funny ye should ask," Ragetti repeated.

Pintel glared at the man, who stepped back.

"Ye see Jack Sparrow, it's like this. Either the whelp 'ere is goin' t' be passed around," he ran his slimy hands down Will's chest amid taunts and catcalls. "Or we watch as ye take him."

Horror washed over Jack so thick he thought he would drown. He felt sick as he found his body responding to that announcement. His body wanted to do as the pirate had said, to take the boy, make him his, but his mind rebelled. He loved, yes loved, the whelp! ('Course he loved the lass too.) How could they force this choice? Because they're mutinous vengeful pirates who hate you, his inner voice said. But he couldn't hurt one of the two people who meant the world to him. But then again, the thought of any of the other pirates taking his (well, his and Elizabeth's) Will was almost more than Jack could bear. He decided Will would have to choose because he could not.

Will looked deep in thought. Jack could tell he was scared, but he hoped Will would manage to survive this ordeal intact.

"Well boy, what's it t' be?" Pintel said, cackling.

Will froze for a minute. Then he muttered something.

"What?" the Bo'sun snapped.

Will slowly lifted his head to look at the Bo'sun, pride and defiance in his features. "I choose Jack," he practically growled out.

Oh lad, Jack's thoughts whirled.

The men grumbled among themselves, but the Bo'sun grinned. He himself unchained Jack, making certain all the other men's pistols were trained on their captives.

"Now Jack, ye are to treat the whelp like ye would any other lover, except ye are to make the best part painful. Shame the boy, Sparrow, or we take 'im anyway," he whispered, for Jack's ears only. He backed away as Jack rubbed feeling back into his wrists. His gaze caught Will's, whose eyes were oddly trusting, but with a strange emotion that seemed a bit like guilt.

"Do I have to take him against the bars?" he somehow calmly asked.

They unchained Will, who was immediately pulled into Jack's arms.

"Are ye sure about this boy? They want ye humiliated," Jack whispered next to Will's ear, all the while licking it.

Will shuddered, in disgust or desire Jack didn't know, but then Will murmured, "Better you than them, Jack. You may be a pirate, but you're a good man."

"Enough of this! Get to the good stuff!" several of the pirates shouted.

Jack swallowed hard. His hands began caressing every inch of the boy's body. He nibbled one of

his ears, slowly creating a path down Will's neck. His mouth pressed kisses along the other side, up to his ear. Jack's hands wandered across Will's back, pulling the boy close to him. Under his ministrations, Will's head fell back, to allow Jack greater access to his neck. Jack began to realize Will too seemed to feel desire, as another hardness began to press against his own. He sharply grabbed Will's head, to meet his eyes. Ye need to learn to hide yer feelin's, whelp. The thought was coated with anguish as he saw the torn look in Will's eyes. Jack knew why. Will's body was betraying him, making him want what he shouldn't. Will fought the pleasure. A part of Jack wished he could stop and comfort the boy. But he knew if he stopped, the others would take Will, betraying the boy more than he already was.

"Rougher!" the Bo'sun growled, growing bored with their performance.

In response, Jack's hands began kneading, pinching, grabbing everywhere he could. He bit the boy, marking him.

The only thing Jack refused to do was kiss the boy's lips. Jack wanted to, wished he could, but refused. That was one pleasure he would deny himself unless ordered to. Will deserved that much dignity at least.

The Bo'sun rolled his eyes at Jack's delay. "Take him now Sparrow! Or else! And make it a hard ride!" The other pirates snickered at his words.

Jack's heart twisted in his chest, but he steeled himself to obey the pirates. He pushed Will to the cold stone floor, stomach down. Will's body trembled at the contact with the floor, but he bravely kept silent.

"Relax, and it will hurt less," Jack gave Will one last warning before opening his own breeches. Kneeling over Will, he used his hands to spread Will's cheeks. With a deep breath, he entered the boy.

Will's body stiffened at his entrance, but Jack's body betrayed them both in that moment. He lost control, and pounded the boy's body into the floor. Somehow Jack's mind registered the scrapes and scratches Will was getting between Jack's rough clothing against the boy's skin and the gravely ground. But he couldn't stop. Jack had secretly longed for this moment for too long by a pirate's standards. He was far too used to taking what he wanted when he wanted it. And now Will was paying the consequences for it.

In a moment that would haunt Jack until his dying day, he forgot about Will's pain. His body enjoyed the sensation of sliding in and out of Will's body too much. Through his passion, Jack lost his conscious mind and felt only the pleasure Will's body was giving him. Jack's body finally reached his breaking point, and he spilled his seed into Will's unresisting body.

After he climaxed, Jack collapsed on top of Will. When his mind returned from his passion-filled haze, he gently pulled himself out of Will's abused body. His eyes noted several pairs of boots lined p in front of him, and the snickers reached his ears. Jack eased his weight off Will, but still blocked the younger man from the lascivious stares of the other pirates. One of Jack's hands refastened his breeches, while he used his other hand to balance himself. Guilt almost drowned him as he noticed how much Will's body was trembling. Without realizing it, he gently caressed Will's shoulder, trying to comfort the boy and to atone for his crime.

Finally Jack glared up at the pirates, his face more dangerous than it had ever been. He felt strange trying to intimidate the pirates from the floor, but he would be damned if they'd see any more of Will's body than they already had.

"Where be Will's breeches?" he demanded in a low growl that promised vengeance if they didn't comply.

"Right 'ere," Ragetti held up the stained and dirty breeches.

Pintel hit him, rolling his eyes.

Jack reached for them, the look in his eyes terrifying Ragetti, who threw the breeches at him before cowering behind Pintel.

Jack gently murmured in Will's ear. He somehow managed to help Will put on his breeches while shielding his nude form from the men. The Bo'sun finally recovered from the shock of seeing the pure rage in Jack's eyes.

"Separate them!" he ordered.

The same four helpful pirates from earlier grabbed Jack and shoved him back against the wall, chaining him, before turning to Will, who lay still on the ground. They mercilessly dragged him to his feet, shoving him against the iron bars of the cell. His forehead hit them so hard he thankfully passed out. The pirates rechained him without further incident.

After they'd finished taking care of Will, the Bo'sun spoke again to Jack.

"Ye know Jack, ye once said the deepest circle of hell was reserved for betrayers and mutineers—" Jack's head jerked as the guilt overwhelmed him. The Bo'sun cackled again. "Welcome to our ranks, Captain Jack Sparrow," he mocked the man as the other pirates filed out. The Bo'sun slammed the door shut, and to Jack it sounded like a death toll as something shattered inside him.