Title: Fires of Purgatory: Deliver Us From Evil (10/10) FINISHED
Author: QteCuttlfish
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Rating: R
Type: Angst/Slash/Rape
Summary: Elizabeth is captured, and only Jack and Will can save her. Will they be able to get past the anguish to find forgiveness within themselves to rescue her?
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean, its characters, and plots belongs to Disney. I do not own any part of them, even though I wish I did…starts dreaming of owning Jack and Will
WARNING: Mentions of m/m RAPE! PLEASE do not read if you no like! YE HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Pairing: Jack/Will, mentioned Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth, will be Jack/Will/Elizabeth

Author's Notes:

QteCuttlfish: (apologizing on her hands and knees) I am SO incredibly sorry this took so long to finish!!! Between time and writer's block, this was the hardest chapter to write. But this fic is now finished. (hands out cookies, ice cream, brownies, cakes, and candy to everyone) Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed this fic. You guys really made my day every time I found a review in my e-mail from you. So thank you! I hope you enjoy the ending!

Fires of Purgatory

Chapter Ten

Deliver Us From Evil

Jack looked through the telescope, and could see the pirates dragging Elizabeth into the cave. He could feel the tension radiating off Will, who stiffened up.

"Easy lad," Jack murmured.

Will looked at him, calming himself slightly. Going in enraged was the best way to get all three of them killed.

"How long?" he asked.

Jack sighed, his mind working furiously. "We'll wait for nightfall," he decided.

Will's eyes narrowed. He was about to protest when Jack turned to him.

"We need surprise on our side, lad," he said calmly. Will nodded, understanding.

"Will she be all right?" he said softly.

"They can't for her not to be," Jack answered.

Suddenly, Will realized how close he was standing to Jack. Fear swept over him, but he stood his ground, not moving. He still wasn't quite sure where the three of them were to from here, once they rescued Elizabeth. He wanted the pain to stop, wanted Jack to stop hurting…but the fear prevented it. Hate raced into his eyes as he looked out to the entrance of the cave. They would pay for this, pay dearly in blood—for what they'd done to him, Jack, and for taking Elizabeth. The pirate blood that ran through his veins showed in his bearing, surprising Jack.

Jack wondered if the boy realized how close he was standing. Jack barely dared to breathe, so's not to frighten him. He wondered what Will would do if he told him how of Bootstrap was in him. And not just looks either. The younger William Turner carried himself more and more like a pirate. The pirates were doomed now. Jack grinned. He knew he and Will would win. Night was only an hour or so away, and then—revenge.

Will caught Jack's grin out of the corner of his eye. He narrowed his eyes, grim determination filling him. He knew the look on Jack's face meant certain victory.

"Ye know, there's one thing I can't figure out," Jack murmured.

Will blinked at him in surprise. "What?"

Jack tilted his head to at Will, in the goofy half-drunk manner he'd once had. "Huh? OH—how in the bloody hell they managed to sail that tub here. It looks worse than the boat I 'borrowed' from Anamaria, and that sank not long before I met you the first time."

Will nodded. "So that's why you never returned it to her," he commented, attempting to continue the conversation to keep his mind off the memories and possible horrors facing Elizabeth inside the cave.

Jack wanted to grin again, but chose not to. The boy had fallen for the change in subject. "Aye lad. Gettin' sunk makes it awful hard to return a boat, no matter how good one's intentions are."

"Imagine that," Will murmured as his eyes drifted back to the entrance of the cave. "Tonight they die, Jack."

Jack inwardly sighed. Oh well. At least he'd tried. "O'course. It's been too long in coming. The time has come for the last of the late Captain Barbossa's crew to join him in death."

Things were silent between them for a moment. A distance still stood between them, no matter how much Will wanted it closed. He was trying, trying his damndest to fight his fear. The anger he had fought since Elizabeth's disappearance abruptly rechanneled itself. The pirates weren't there for Will to take his rage out on, but Jack was. It was unreasonable, but Will started getting angry at Jack for not noticing how things were beginning to normalize between them…for not noticing how hard Will was fighting to get things back to normal, in spite of his fear and his guilt. The more Will thought about it, the angrier he got. Jack was being a bloody idiot, and he was making them both suffer for it. Finally, Will's anger peaked, and he grabbed Jack, shoving him hard onto the deck.

Jack was completely taken by surprise from the boy's actions, or Will would never have gotten away with it. Not that Jack would have hurt him or anything, but…

"What—?" Jack started, but Will immediately interrupted.

"You're a bloody fool, Jack Sparrow!" Will stood over him, sword pointed over Jack's heart.

Jack could have tried to fight Will, but he was still trying to figure out what was going on in the boy's head. In some circles, Jack would, indeed, be a fool, but he didn't understand why Will would be angry at him for that, especially in light of the other thing Will had to be angry at Jack for. He chose his next words carefully, still half-lying on his back, Will's sword dangerously close to cutting skin.

"Some would say so, aye. But why would you?" he said.

Will sighed in exasperation. For someone normally so observant, Jack was being completely obtuse about this. He rolled his eyes. There had to be some way of explaining things to him. Will decided to try something he hadn't before.

"Jack, I will never forgive Barbossa's crew—not for murdering my father, for marooning you, for kidnapping Elizabeth twice now, for any of what they've done to use, especially the last time we were on this island. I won't forgive them, they don't deserve it," he said. "Understand?"

Jack nodded, wondering what that had to do with the boy's previous statement of him being a fool.

"Does the fact that I will not forgive those bloody pirates their evil deeds, yet I have forgiven you your part in it, though there was nothing to forgive, mean anything to you?" Will was almost desperate by this point, hoping his words would get through.

Will's words shot the greatest fear, yet the greatest hope Jack had never felt into his heart. Jack believed he wasn't worth forgiveness, believed what he'd done was unforgivable. And to Jack, it always would be. He could never forgive himself for betraying Will but…he could accept the boy's forgiveness. It was terrifying, but Jack loved Will, and he finally realized the distance between them was only hurting Will more.

Jack slowly nodded. Will searched his face, and found the understanding he's wanted. Will sheathed his sword, and held his hand to help Jack up. The unreasonable panic that still seized Will in Jack's presence cropped up, but Jack noticed how Will fought it. A small smile forced its way out. As soon as Jack was up, he carefully stepped away, to give Will his space, keeping his eyes on Will's face the whole time. Will understood what he was doing, and an answering smile was given to Jack. Without another word spoken, they got ready to go to shore to rescue Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tried to keep as still as possible, praying none of the pirates would notice what was going on. A part of her still hoped there would be a way out of this, to save her and her baby. But the rest of her despaired. Even if Jack and Will somehow miraculously appeared there, it wouldn't matter. Pintel was right. The odds favored the pirates. Death seemed more and more imminent all the time, especially for the baby. Elizabeth's grief for her child was growing, as her hope slowly died. Another pain bit her abdomen, and she tossed her head back, stifling her moan. She did not want her baby to die…but it seemed inevitable. The pirates were wary. They had stationed themselves at the entrances into the main cave, cautiously watching. This was thanks to the Bo'sun, who, though he hated Jack Sparrow, knew how wily the man was. And he was taking no chances. Elizabeth wondered if they would have a chance…because the only way out was if all the pirates were killed here. Could Jack and Will, assuming they arrived, kill all of them? She honestly didn't know. She ground her teeth together as another pain ripped through her body. Only one thought stood above all else: she wasn't going to die or let her child die without a fight.

The sun set soon after Jack and Will's arrival. They anchored the Majestic, before rowing away in one of the lifeboats. Will rowed, while Jack's sharp eyes scanned for any movement. He had a pistol ready, but he didn't want to use it unless he had to. At least until they reached the shore. It made too much noise. Didn't want to alert the pirates of their arrival too soon. Ruined the fun. A grim smile crossed Jack's features. Justice was finally being served, with Barbossa's crew soon dead.

The two men were silent as they entered the mouth of the cave. But Jack knew Will's thoughts were centered on the same thing his thoughts were: rescuing Elizabeth. OF course, Jack's thoughts were also on the boy with him, but he'd never admit that. A short chuckle escaped Jack's lips.

"What is it?" Will asked.

"Nothin'," Jack lied, thinking about how Will and Elizabeth were the only people who had managed to get Jack more than once. He usually learned from his mistakes. He shrugged. His affections probably made him blind. Suddenly, he straightened. His eyes focused on the small landing area for boats, and he rolled them.

"That's bloody foolish," he muttered.

"What is?" Will asked.

"Not having anyone guard this area," Jack answered.

Will looked over his shoulder at those words. His eyes looked puzzled. That was a foolish mistake, especially after his first and second trips to the island. But…

"Doesn't that work to our advantage, Jack?" he asked.

"'Course it does. It's the principle of the thing," Jack said in his half-crazy way, then more seriously, "Ya ready?"

Will nodded. The two got out of the boat, and began cautiously walking through the small tunnels that led to the main cave. They took in the positions of the pirates in the cave and their first view of

"Elizabeth," Will said, forgetting himself, but luckily Jack yanked him back and put his hand over the boy's mouth. Will nodded. Then they looked back. No one had noticed. Pintel and Ragetti stood near Elizabeth who was chained to the wall. The Bo'sun stood near the center, warily watching the entrances. The shadows were too dark for him to see either Jack or Will, though. One pirate was not too far to their right, while two others were between him and the Bo'sun. The last sat on the Aztec chest. Jack and Will pulled back to confer.

"If we take out two on the way in, I can take on three while you rescue the lass. Can you handle the two near her?" Jack asked.

Will nodded. "Of course," he lifted his sword out.

Jack grinned, copying the motion, and adding his pistol to the other hand. He cocked it, and turned around, Will beside him. The two men moved to the entrance, and nodded to one another. Jack fired at the man closest to their entrance, hitting him in the chest. They charged in, quickly engaging the other two pirates. Will dispatched one easily with just a few slices of the sword.

Elizabeth's heart had jumped to her throat at the sound of the pistol going off. Then the sight of Jack and Will charging in gave her hope and despair…until she really watched the fight. Jack and Will were fighting with vengeance in their hearts. It wasn't a battle so much as a slaughter. Will took his first opponent out quickly before engaging Pintel and Ragetti. Jack's opponent was not long in following the other two into death. Elizabeth saw the glimpse of the cold pirates she'd seen while marooned with Jack come out in full force. The pirate he fought kept backing away, until Jack shoved his sword through his gut, in an attempt to the Bo'sun, who stood behind his opponent.

Elizabeth's eyes wandered back to Will, who'd caught a lucky break. Ragetti caught sight of the bloodlust and rage in both Will and Jack's eyes, and he, even in his simple-mindedness, ran away, deep into the caves they'd hidden in before, to escape. That was the last anyone ever saw of him.

Ragetti's cowardly escape briefly distracted Pintel, but it wasn't enough of an advantage for Will, as Pintel grew angry as well. Using a sneaky move, he tricked Will, making him fall. However, instead of finishing him off, Pintel ran after Ragetti…until he realized Will was releasing Elizabeth from her chains. He turned back, trying to cut Will to ribbons, since Will had put his sword down to unchain Elizabeth.

Will fell on his back, avoiding Pintel's sword, when he saw a sword sticking out of Pintel's chest. He looked behind the pirate to see an enraged Elizabeth holding the other end.

"You go to hell," Elizabeth said through her teeth.

Will pushed himself to his feet, as Pintel fell to the ground. Elizabeth wavered, and Will helped her to sit down.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

She gave him a reassuring smile, nodding. "Go help Jack," she ordered.

He nodded.

Jack was having a little trouble with the Bo'sun and the last of Barbossa's crew. The two were keeping him on his toes, since they knew what Jack Sparrow was capable of. They kept hacking at him relentlessly, never giving him any quarter. They knew if they did, they would be dead. One would attack Jack's right, while the other went after his left. By that point, Jack had managed to pick up one of the fallen pirate's swords, and was fighting with two swords. But even he knew he wouldn't last long. They finally cornered him, and Jack was busy trying to keep the Bo'sun's sword from slicing him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the other pirate's sword raise, and he knew he couldn't block it. He braced himself for the slice of the blade, when another sword blocked it from the side. Will quickly engaged the other pirate, leaving the Bo'sun for Jack. The battle did not last long. Jack and Will kept both their opponents too busy to say anything. And soon, both men's bodies lay still on the cave. It was over.

The battle was over. Jack and Will looked at one another. They'd fought together, to save her, and to gain revenge on the men who'd nearly destroyed them. Will smiled. Elizabeth was right. They made a good team. He offered his hand to Jack. Jack eyed it in askance before taking it. Will took a deep breath before pulling the surprised pirate into his arms.

To say Jack was shocked would be an understatement. What was going through the boy's head? He felt the boy's strong blacksmith arms hold him tightly. Jack tentatively circled his arms around Will, pulling him closer. The two stood like that for several moments, Will surprisingly able to enjoy the feel of the older man's body so close to his, while Jack was grateful for this chance to hold one of the people he loved as much as he loved the Black Pearl.

As much as Elizabeth enjoyed the sight of the two men she loved reconciling, she could not keep silent about the baby coming any longer. She cried out. Instantly, both men were at her side.

"What is it Elizabeth?" Will grabbed her hand.

"The baby is coming," Elizabeth choked out between gasps of pain.

Will's eyes widened. "Now?!"

Jack chuckled. "Lass, ye sure don' do things in the normal sense, do ye?"

She glared at him. "Do not mock me, Captain Sparrow, unless you have something useful to add."

"What are we going to do?" Will said, panic beginning to take hold of the soon-to-be father.

Jack grinned. "Well, luckily for the three of us, I 'ave some experience in the delicate art of midwifery."

Both Will and Elizabeth froze, staring at him in surprise, before another contraction gripped Elizabeth. Jack gave instructions to Will, and somehow, between the three of them, the little baby was born safe and sound.

"My, she's a bonny lass, like her mother," Jack said, holding her.

"As lass? We have a girl?" Will said in wonder.

Elizabeth smiled. Her heart overflowed with love for the three people in the room. Jack quickly cut the umbilical cord, and cleaned the little one, softly speaking to her, while Will stroked Elizabeth's hair, murmuring endearments. Elizabeth knew that at this moment in time, she was sweaty and exhausted and did not look her best at all, but she knew then that she was the happiest woman in the world, as Jack placed her baby in her arms.

"So what are we going to call the little missy?" Jack said, kneeling on one side of Elizabeth, with Will on the other.

"Wilhemina Jaclyn," she answered promptly.

Both men looked puzzled.

"But why Wilhemina, love? Why not name her after your mother?" Will asked. Jack nodded, agreeing.

Elizabeth stilled, before smiling deliberately.

"I believe I am the one who carried this child for nine months. I am the one who had to give birth in a bloody pirate's cave because you two took so long to rescue me, so I am the one who gets to name her!" Without raising her voice once, Elizabeth managed to terrify the two men. She softened in the next part. "We'll call her Mina for short, savvy?" She winked.

The men grinned at her words.

"So Mina," Jack said, looking at the little girl. "My, you'll be a beauty.

Will nodded, too overwhelmed to speak.

"I suppose ye'll also be handful, like yer mother, won' ye?" Jack said, still speaking to the infant, one of his fingers held in one of her hands. The little one yawned, while Elizabeth gasped.

"A handful am I?" she said, raising her eyebrows. "I'm not the one who's passing pirate blood down to her." She sighed.

"What is it?" Will asked, coming out of his reverie.

"Between you and Jack, she'll probably end up being a pirate when she grows up," Elizabeth said smiling.

Jack and Will chuckled, as the baby fell asleep. When she awakened, she would on the Majestic, on the way to Port Royale, her home.

Elizabeth's eyes perused the two men in front of her. The tension that had been between the two of them for so long had finally dissolved. They'd fought together to rescue her, and Mina's birth had cemented the three in a bond that would never be broken again. Of course, things weren't perfect yet, but with any luck, they soon would be.