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Chapter One - An Awkward Moment

Scott and Jean were sitting on the sofa at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngster's, talking in low voices. Despite the fact that the institute was a mansion with many rooms, huge gardens, tennis courts and a swimming pool, it was surprisingly hard to have a serious talk without someone bursting in on you, which explained the quiet tone of the conversation. It was also the one thing that Kitty Pryde hated about living at the institute with other mutants of her age. Fortunately, Kitty was not too bothered about it at the moment. Her and Kurt, another mutant, were mocking Scott and Jean behind the sofa by pretending to kiss and declare their undying love for each other to an audience of younger students that also lived in the mansion. They were so busy doing this that it wasn't until the young mutants fell silent and started sneaking away that Kitty realised they had some unwanted spectators. Jean was tapping her foot impatiently on the floor and Scott was standing next to her, hands on hips. He cleared his throat and looked at Jean. "Get them!" He said, glaring at the two troublemakers. Kitty gulped. Jean smiled and shut her eyes to concentrate. Suddenly, Kitty felt someone grab her and the next thing she knew, she was in her wardrobe upstairs.

"Kurt, I do wish you'd tell me before you decide to teleport me into a small, dark space!" She scolded, turning on the light.

"Well, I didn't think you wanted Jean to bounce you around the house till you threw up." He retorted, changing into his true form.

She glared at his furry blue face for a minute but then a grin cracked her face. "Did you see the looks on their faces?" She asked.

"I know, Scott was practically purple!" He gasped, rolling around on the floor.

Suddenly he fell silent, grabbing her and covering his mouth with his three- fingered hand. Kitty was confused for a second, but then a look of scared realisation crossed her face as she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Her hand automatically jumped to the light switch, throwing the two of them into darkness. She felt Kurt's hand tense up even more on her shoulder and grabbed his waist so he could port them both away to safety if need be. Just as the footsteps reached Kitty's bedroom door, they heard a man's voice humming and whistling to himself. Both of them relaxed.

"It's only Logan. . . " Kitty breathed, waiting until the footsteps were at the far end of the corridor before turning the light back on.

"Close call," Kurt whispered, relief etched all over his face.

"Yeah," Kitty agreed, relaxing her head onto his shoulder. They stayed like that, crouched in the wardrobe, both searching for something to say. Kitty, feeling extremely awkward, pulled her head off his shoulder and looked at him. "Uh. . . bye," she said and walked backwards, phasing through his arm and the wardrobe door before turning and power walking out of the room.