Caught In the Middle

Haku x Chihiro (Oh God. Like you didn't see that coming...)

Summery: When Chihiro's Mom decides to remarry, will Chihiro mind? At first she is enthusiastic by the idea, but when she meets her soon to be Step-Dad's son Haku, she has other ideas. But when feelings emerge, will Chihiro have more then just sisterly feelings for Haku?

Oh... Guess what? Euqinom came back with another Spirited Away story just like I promised! By the time this releases, the second chapter should be done. But anyway, Caught In The Middle is A AU story (this genre of Anime needs some AU), and it will not be exactly child friendly. (Like any of my stories are...) Lots of drug use, death to make me a happy camper, a plenty of drama that would make preteens explode. Anyway, no Lemon, but if the drug use does get overactive, the rating will raise. Also, all disclamiers apply, and I only own rights over the content, not the idea. Many people have the same basic idea for this story like I, but I thought it cute to watch you suffer and beg for them to come together. I am Mo-chan, the dark lord. Alright, On with story!

Chapter One

A young girl paced back and forth inside her bedroom, trying to sort out her thoughts that kept clogging up her head, but it really was no use, since she had no choice in the matter at all. She should be happy for her mother... right? But how could stand living with a man she didn't know... and call him father? Isn't that a little too much?

"Kya!!!!!" The girl grabbed her head as if she was in pain, and collapsed to the ground breaking into sobs. Her head hurt so much she couldn't even think. Not that she wanted to think about her troubles at the moment, who would?

"Chihiro? Is there anything wrong?" In came the young girl's mother, Sukeru Yuuko, age 36. She was alerted when she heard her daughter's scream emit from her room, and rushed up to see what was wrong. Chihiro was clutching her knees sobbing when she came up here.

"Chihiro?" She asked again. At first there was no answer, but then Chihiro rubbed her eyes and glared at her mother. Angry, and sad at the same time. She still couldn't believe her mother. How could she? How could she dare!

"I don't get it! Father died only two years ago, and you're already forgetting about him! Didn't he mean anything to you? Now your going to make us move to some stranger's house with that man and his son and forget everything we had here!" She stood up, tears still welling from her eyes.

"Don't I mean anything to you at all?" With that Chihiro ran out of the room, running down the stairs, and was out of the house before Yuuko could say a thing. All she could do was watch her only daughter run away from her. She would be back... Yuuko knew. But even so... Chihiro would still never be happy with this arrangement.

Chihiro ran as fast as she could. She just needed to be away from her, from everything she was going to miss. At first she regretted running out that door, but even Chihiro knew she would go running back like a coward. She never was all that good for caring for herself, even though she had just gotten into high school.

"But now... I won't see my friends anymore... Never again will I see my wonderful house, and my neighborhood. No more ice creams with Kyomi on Sunday, or going to the park with Kuro. How she was going to miss the city.

She remembered every ice cream she shared with her friend Kyomi, one of her dearest friends. Kyomi was so beautiful, more so then Chihiro. Kyomi was full formed, whereas Chihiro was just hitting that point. Kyomi also didn't have such big eyes and red cheeks. How she envied her red headed friend. She was perfect, her grades, her popularity, everything! And she never let it get to her, she was selfish at times, but a fairly good person.

Kuro... he was so nice. So dark too. He never dyed his hair like so many teenagers Chihiro had met. He had long black hair that he always kept in a ponytail, and his skin was tan. So sweet... but it broke her heart when she found out she could never have him. Not that she minded him being homosexual, not a bother at all. She felt hurt he didn't love her, but didn't leave a grudge on him or Lei. All three of them became friends.

But still. Now... soon... Tomorrow she would be moving to the suburbs and end up living with people she never knew. Not to mention she would have an older brother to pick on her too. Not at all something she was looking forward too. She could see it now, him bringing over his friends while she has hers over, or while she is studying. He'd do whatever he could to annoy her! Ugh!

No matter how much her mother wanted her to like them, she wouldn't ever! Never would she call that man her father or the boy her brother. No way in hell! She wasn't going down without a fight. That was for sure!

"If you think I'm going to just give up your-KYA!!!!!" Chihiro was startled when someone spun her around to face them. It was Lei! His signature Genki grin and blonde hair that went just to his chin, and by God... Could he get taller? Chihiro noted a concerned look in his eyes and remembered. Her face had been red and puffy, not to mention she was talking to herself.

"Um... are you all right Sen?" He asked. That's another thing. Everyone around here seemed to call her Sen. It all started when they wrote her name out wrong in Kanji. At first, all the teachers were calling her Sen, and soon the students followed. She let it slide, and although after a month they realized the mistake, they still all called her Sen...Everyone but her mother.

"Lei! I'm so happy to see you!" Chihiro was Hanya, as Sakura from Cardcaptors would put it. She always had this special smile and act for her friends. Just their face would turn her into a 180 spin if she was sad, angry, or whatever.

"Yeah... Ermm... Aren't you always happy to see me... look I'm sorry but Kuro already explained the situ-" Chihiro stopped him mid sentence, giving him a glare, before continuing.

"I'm sorry Lei... I never told you, Kuro, or Kyomi this... but... Tomorrow... I'm...M-Mo...Moving!" Chihiro broke out into tears. At first Lei felt sorry for her, but the last time she moved across the city, she was happy to get out of that roach infested Apartment where she met Kuro... but still...

"Iie... Sen... There must be more to it then that. I thought you loved moving into a new house, meet new people, and go to new schools?" Chihiro nodded. She explained everything to him, her mother's engagement, getting the news she was going to move tomorrow, all that. It was just too much.

"Aw... Poor Sen is tired. Maybe you should go home and sleep. It will all turn out for the better... just wait and see!" Lei soothed her, stroking her hair like a little kid. Chihiro was not at all too happy about this, but set that aside.

"You'll come visit me right? You, Kuro, and Kyomi? At least one of you will visit me every weekend right? Can you tell Kuro and Kyomi for me. Kuro wont cry... he never has... but Kyomi will be heartbroken and cry for days... she is so emotional!" Chihiro and Lei laughed a bit, and he agreed, waving good-bye to his friend as they parted.

"Kohaku... come here for a minute." A husky man called as a man around eighteen entered the house along with a few other men, but they both were at least five or so years older then himself.

The boy walked into a kitchen, where Ogino Akio sat at the table, filling out some forms, which were most likely bills by the look of it. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Kohaku. I don't want those friends of yours in this house. I don't like how your not coming home days in a row, or when you come back you have bruises. It worries me." He explained. "But... what worries me most is how you're going to act toward Yuuko or her daughter. They are moving in tomorrow, and I don't want you to cause any trouble for them... Or..." Akio took a look into the hallway to lay eyes upon the two men, who looked like they were up to know good. "Let any of those kind of people in this house... you hear me?"

The two stayed silent for a moment until Kohaku broke the barrier. "It's Haku father. And I don't care about your girlfriend or that girl." He stood up. "Now leave me alone please." He walked out, leaving his father in a fury. Damn! His son could be a real bastard!

"What was that about Haku?" asked one of the men as Haku closed the door behind him and they made their way in the hallway. "Nothing really. My father is just engaged, and his fiance and daughter are coming to live here from now on. To tell you the truth, I don't care." Haku knew that it might not be all to smart telling them that. People around here weren't all that nice, and any new women or girl that came, would end up being harassed at one time or another. But then again... he didn't care.

"Lets go. Were supposed to meet Doshi downtown. You know if were late he wont sell us any Urokai." Haku and the men were off, and the time only drew nearer to when Yuuko and Chihiro would move in.

I hoped you liked the story so far. I know Chihiro and Haku havent meant, but they will in the next chapter... Alright... Im not lying to you, it aient pretty, but heck, this is a drama story. They'll find love soon! So no worries! We all know Mo-chan has to make you suffer first, before she gives you what she wants. Also, Haku is you know... not all that nice to the people in the bath house, so I make him a meanie in this! But he cares... this is a romance! (Hey im foolish girl alright! It aient a good story without some sort of romance for me.)