Caught In The Middle

Chapter Three

One thing Chihiro was not looking forward too was school. The days had already gone by so fast Chihiro could barely believe it. And this Haku guy... he was barely there. Something was up that was for sure.

"Well I dont care! No Way would I care about such a-Oh Hi Mama!" Chihiro gave a nervous laugh before earning a 'what are you up to' look mothers were famous for. Chihiro just scurried her out of the room saying she needed to get dressed.

"What to do though..." Chihiro thought, as she walked over to her mirror, looking at the outfit she chose, examing it. "I have to walk to school with... Him... How horrible!" Because both Yuuko and Akio needed to work, they had to walk to school, so they could make it to work on time.

"Why cant they just be late..." Chihiro moaned, picking up her bag and walked out the door. Haku was leaning agaisn't the the wall, looking at his nails as if they were the most intresting thing in the world.

"Sorry I needed to-" Chihiro was going to give him a excuse to why she was so late in getting down stairs, but he seemed to have a differn't line on mind.

"Dont talk to me." He whispered, opening up the door for himself only, shutting it as soon as Chihiro reached the bottom. Leaving her... Ah... in the wise words of Euqinom, Fucking pissed.

The walk to school was uneventful for Chihiro. Nothing happened really. It took about twenty minutes to get to school, but at least they were finnally there.

"Kohaku? Where's the office?" Chihiro asked, poking him on the shoulder before he could slip away in the crowd.

"Its Haku, and its down to your left." He replied coldly, disappearing before Chihiro could say another word, or even mutter a thanks. 'What a bastard.' she thought... her langauge was really getting bad these days.

Chihiro skipped up the office, singing a song inside her head as she passed the people in the halls. Most were wearing very undecent clothes, and the men looked like gangsters for sure. This school was so bad it didn't even have uniforms. Poor...

"Uh... Im a new student here..."

Chihiro began, as she walked up to the secetary's desk.

"Sen right? Well, your class will be 10-A. Lunch is around 12:30, and the gym is down the hall." She replied.

'I just cant escape that name!' Chihiro thought. 'Oh well, at least it is part of my name afterall...' She took her papers and exited the office, walking down the hallway. People were staring at her... Those boys... Chihiro didn't even want to know what they were thinking.

"10-D, 10-C, 10-B... Oh here it is, 10-A!" Chihiro opened up the door to the classroom, walking over to a seat in the back. No one was here yet, but 10-A is the smartest of the classes... WAIT A MINUTE... Chihiro was in C class at her other school... Oh... This was going to be bad...

After a few minutes of constant worry, the students finnally arrived. Most looked like good kids compared to the rest, but the class... Oddly small. Only about Fifteen kids. Surely a normal classroom has at least twenty-five. Uh-oh...

"Okay, today class..." The teacher began, going on and on about mathimatical equasions... material Chihiro had learned in Seventh grade. At least she would pass surely. She wouldent even need to do homework, but what else would there to do to pass time.

"Oh yes! I forgot, please welcome Sen to the 10-A, Classroom." Everyone turned int Chihiro's direction, muttering a kind hello, or a nice to meet you.

"Its Chi- Oh never mind." She muttered, taking out her pencil and notebook as she began to doodle. The whole day was uneventful really, all until second to the last period. Gym. Chihiro was finishing up getting dressed, being the last one out of the dressing room. She had a hard time getting her locker to work right in the changing rooms, but she finnally got it open.

"Nani? Im like... ten minutes late!" Chihiro twitched her eye as she took a glace at the clock. Being late for a class is never good, no matter where you live. Chihiro grabbed her backpack and hurried out. The entrance to the hallway was on the outside, the school was built weirdly.

"Hmmnm..." Chihiro mumbled, opening up the door to the outside, breathing in the fresh air. She'd skip class if she didn't have Lei and them coming soon. What a pity.

"Hey cutie... you must be knew. Not all the whores are as good looking as you." Chihiro turned, to come face to face with a tall man around 20... he must of failed a few times...

"Errg... I got to get to class..." She answered, walking past them, heading for the door. But before she could turn the knob, she felt her shoulder being grabbed, then herself spinning around to face the man once more.

"I think I could have some fun with you. Might not be a d cup, but you surly have a nice body on you woman... How about you come with me and we can sneak in a closet?" The man began to play around with Chihiro's hair which was held up in a ponytail, flicking the fallen strands of hair that weren't held by the hair band.

"Listen, I dont know you, and I dont-" She was stopped by a hand covered over her mouth.

"Now you listen to me Woman. Were going to have fun, and your not going to tell anyone..." He grabbed her wrist, making sure she couldent get away or scream.

Chihiro was terrified. What could she do? This man was way bigger then her, and would he really go as far as raping her? That... just cant be right.

All she could think..."OW! You little bitch" The man let her hand covering her mouth retreat when it came in contact with her teeth. The next thing that took place was Chihiro's loud barnowl scream. Someone, no matter how awful this town is,would help her... right?

"Leave her alone Jin..." Chihiro turned to come face to face with Haku. What...was he doing here... Wait he knew this guy! Chihiro would of started to ask questions, if not in this situation.

"Oh why should I? I mean..." He looked down at her, making Chihiro stick out her toung and cross her arms so her breasts were covered. "She is pretty fine..." He mumbled, shocking Chihiro, even though she knew thats what he was going to say.

"Too bad for you though..." Haku began, Jin turned, only to come feel a fist to his face. Haku quickly grabbed Chihiro's wrist and ran over to the fence. He was only helping her so he wouldent get in trouble, nothing more... Right? He told himself, quickly nodding off the thought.

"Go home. You'll only get in more trouble if you stay any longer today." He told her."You remember the way back to the house right?" Chihiro nodded, walking outside to the freedom.

"Thankyou..." She whispered. Haku just ignored her and walked back toward Jin...

"I cant... believe Haku did that for me..." Chihiro thought, brushing her hair as she sat in her room waiting for everyone to come home. Her mom and Akio should be home about 4, and Haku back at 2:30.

Chihiro sighed. "I guess Haku isn't as bad as I thought he was..." She thought, putting down her brush. She was thirsty. "There should soda be in the fridge." She told herself as she stood up and walked down the steps into the kitchen.

Chihiro's attention to the world awoke when she heard the front door open and footsteps walking up the steps. "This house is so quiet you can hear a pin drop..." Chihiro thought. She knew it must be Haku, as everytime he came home he never went anywhere else except upstairs. Chihiro never even saw him eat.

She sighed as she grabbed the soda from the fridge. Even though after what had happened today, she stil tried to forget, but thats all her mind was thinking about. That and...

"Im Not thinking about him!" Chihiro yelled at herself in her mind. Lately it seemed that a little voice seemed to argue with every thing she said. 'Do this, do that. No Chihiro, its 22, not five.' Everything from math to him...

"He may of saved me from the person, but that doesn't mean he did it for me. He's only being nice because im supposed to be his stepsister soon." She thought, walking into the living room as she turned on the tv to Life with Dad.

"I thought it ended months ago?" Chihiro knocked off the thought as the episode started. Poor Satoshi... he has to deal with so much... His mother, his father... Not to mention the real drama of the show. The dad was getting remarried, and the four daughters try to do everything to stop them.

Chihiro sighed. This show was intresting, but it was hard to pay attention. Her mind was still plagued with today's events... and this show was not helping with the fact that her mom was getting remarried...

She clicked the remote and the tv turned off. She was hungry anyway. She stood up and walked over to the kitchen, looking around for something to eat. She found some instant ramen and decided that would be good for the moment.

Footsteps were heard walking down the stairs as Chihiro began to cook the noodles. It was followed by the sound of a door opening and shutting. "Haku must be going somewhere..." Chihiro wanted to know where though. Everyday day he would leave a little while after he got home. She was curious...

She walked over to the window. It was slightly open and she could hear them, not very well, but she could. Maybe now she could hear where that boy was going. What did he do everyday?

"Haku, Sasari has some Urokai, and me and Jinenji were going down to get some." Chihiro's ears perked up at the Urokai mentioning. Wasn't that a new drug in Japan?

"Hmmnm... I dont have any money. I spent it on the last order and getting some trash off my back." Haku replied.

"No worries. Sasari does trades."

"Trades? What kind of trades?" Haku asked, a little intrest showing in his voice.

"She'll give you some kind of job for you to do. Like get something for her." He replied. Haku agreed and they were off.

Chihiro on the other hand was a little shocked. What kind of person was Haku? Taking drugs, doing jobs for bad people... he was just a bad as she thought! "I am never trusting someone like that again!" She told herself, jumping up as soon as her noodles started to boil.

"Im such a idoit. I should of known."

Well? Sorry it took so long, but I just didn't know what to right. And it still is way to short for my taste. Anyway, I've just been so... I dont know... tired? I haven't even updated my site lately. Just roleplaying a bit, talking a bit on Aura, and a few other things. Im just so... Yeah. Tired I guess. And School started a few days ago. I have a horrid PE teacher, and I have to take Intro To Algebra. World History/Geography is okay, and so is Choir. Aside from that, every class I hate. But hey, at least I have one friend in every class. I dont have my friends Cindy, Jasmine, Ruben, and others in my classes though. And Zoey has a second lunch... *tear* Im so alone!