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Summary: Minerva McGonagall is happily married, her beautiful daughter is expecting her first child, and life just couldn't be better. But one day an unknown enemy forces her to join him, and suddenly she faces the brutal truth that whatever she is going to do, she would lose it all…

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Cold Moon

Minerva sat in front of Florean Fortescue's ice cream parlour enjoying a cool mint milkshake, shielding her eyes with her hands as she awaited the arrival of her daughter.

Having inherited many of her mother's characteristics, Aurelia McGonagall arrived punctually at the meeting place, kissing her mother on both cheeks, before she sat down and ordered a lemon milkshake. Minerva smiled wistfully; she had never understood how both her husband and her daughter could like anything sweet with lemon flavour.

"Where's father?" The beautiful young woman asked.

Minerva sighed, before she answered: "Important Order business. He wants me to kiss you from him."

Aurelia looked slightly disappointed, before she smiled again: "It's a pity; I have great news for you, both of you."

Minerva looked curiously at her grown up daughter: "Great news? Let's hear them!"

Aurelia's face shone, as she answered: "You're going to be grandmother!"

Minerva nearly chocked on her milkshake: "Pardon?"

"Grandparents, mum, I am three months pregnant, Bill and I are going to have a baby." She sobered slightly, when she caught the look on her mother's face: "Oh mum, please tell me you're happy for me."

Minerva's face suddenly lit up and she hugged her daughter tightly: "Of course, honey, those are such wonderful news! I just can't believe it, I thought you'd finish your auror training first, though."

Aurelia smiled: "I can still do that after I had the baby. Besides, I wanted to be a mother much more than I wanted to become an auror."

Albus' genes, Minerva thought smiling gently. He and his daughter always put the family first. "Does Bill know?"

The young woman nodded eagerly: "Yes, of course he was thrilled. I mean we're married for a year now. It's all going pretty fast, but he's already planning the nursery." Both women laughed out loud.

"Boy or girl?" Minerva inquired next. The longer she thought about having a grandchild, the more exited she became.

"Well…. A girl!"

Minerva clasped her daughter's hand firmly: "That's wonderful, darling!"

Aurelia nodded, and there was a twinkling in her clear blue eyes that reminded Minerva so much of her fathers': "Listen mum, I have to go. There are a lot of things I have to take care of. I'll try to stop by at Hogwarts sometime next week, ok?"

Minerva got up and hugged her daughter: "Of course. I have to go as well, I promised Severus to get something for him from Nocturne Alley."

Aurelia's eyes darkened: "Be careful, will you?"

Minerva laughed softly: "Of course, you too…. both of you." With that she hugged her daughter again.

Minerva strode down Diagon Alley with a soft smile playing on her lips. She was going to be a grandmother. It seemed like yesterday that Minerva had told Albus of her pregnancy, and yet that had been over thirty years ago.

She entered Nocturne Alley and instantly the temperature dropped a few degrees, sending a chill down Minerva's spine. No sunshine reached this dark place.

Minerva loathed this part of wizard London, yet she had promised Severus to get some gillyweed for him. Nocturne Alley was deserted and Minerva felt slightly uncomfortable. She held her head high, knowing that she was a powerful witch, and that no one would dare attack her.

She had almost reached the shop she had to go to, when she heard steps behind her. She willed herself to take deep breaths: Since when was she paranoid?

Strong hands suddenly grasped her, one covered her mouth, while the other one was draped over her waist, pressing her against a huge body. Minerva cursed herself, why hadn't she taken out her wand?

But it was too late now. She struggled against her attacker, but soon realized she didn't stand a chance. The man who held her had to be at least twice as strong as she was.

"If I were you," He snarled, "I'd save my strength." Realizing he was right she stopped to wrestle against him, only to realize that that was her second fatal mistake that day.  She felt a short stitch, and knew he had administered her some sort of potion.

Sure enough she felt her vision blurry, and then complete blackness consumed her…  


When she woke again, she felt like she had the worst hangover ever. Her head felt like someone was sitting on top of it, and she felt slightly nauseated.

Complete darkness surrounded her, for what she was grateful, because she knew light would only add to the headache. She tried to move, but realized that she was shackled.

"Well, you're awake, good." The same snarling voice.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Minerva asked into the darkness. She couldn't see who spoke to her, and it frightened her slightly.

"Now now, my dear professor, we don't want to rush things, do we?"

Minerva's hopes sunk. So, she wasn't a random hostage, her abduction had been planned all along. "Listen," she said with as much strength as she could muster, "people will start looking for me. You'd be better off bringing me back to London now."

She heard a short, evil laugh: "That's why we're going to make this brief, we don't want your husband to worry about you, do we?"

Minerva froze, her marriage to Albus was a secret, how could her attacker know about it?

"I brought you here, because I have some sort of proposal for you."

Minerva sneered: "Oh and you think I'd take it, after what you did to me."

Again there was the short superior laugh: "Of course you will. My boss thinks you'd be quite helpful with his work. It would be handy to have the wife of his greatest enemy as a spy. You'd work for him on secret missions, doing whatever my boss tells you to do. You'd get a great deal of money for it."

Minerva told herself to stay calm: "And what if I don't do it?"

"Well in that case we can't guarantee for the safety of your lovely daughter… and your grandchild of course."

Minerva's eyes widened in horror. She felt like someone had just punched her into the pit of her stomach. How did he know that? Had he been following her around?

"Well, I think it's settled then. You'll hear from my boss."

Minerva was too shocked to speak, she felt someone moving behind her, then a short stitch again, and then nothing.


 Minerva groaned, when she woke again. That potion would be capable of taking a grown elephant out. She slowly opened her eyes and realized that she lay on soft, wet grass and was surrounded by trees.

She sat up carefully, but not without the world around her spinning dangerously. She felt sick. Minerva steadied herself on a tree, when she got up. It was dark already, she had lost track of time.

She realized that she knew where she was. This was a small forest, close to Hogwarts, from where she could see the lights of Hogsmeade and the silhouette of the castle.

Slowly the witch began walking towards the castle, stopping every five meters to catch her breath, and steady herself. She had never felt so miserable before.

She fully concentrated on walking, banning the events of the last hours from her mind. Albus was probably already anxiously waiting for her, she had told him she'd be back by four o'clock. She usually called when her appointments held her back from coming on time. What was she going to tell him? That she had been feeling ill, which wasn't a complete lie, after all?

Minerva quietly entered Hogwarts. It was the last week of the summer holidays and there were no students yet, but the teachers were already back to do the final preparations for the new school year. She hadn't gone far, when someone came hurrying towards her. She was more than relieved to see it was her husband.

Albus Dumbledore had been waiting for his wife for the past five hours. First he thought she and his daughter had been so caught up in their conversation they forgot the time. But after two hours he had grown restless and called his daughter in Oxford. When she had told him that she and Minerva had separated around two o'clock, with Minerva wanting to get something from Nocturne Alley, Albus had grown worried. It wasn't like Minerva to keep him waiting without calling. He had been barely able to stop himself from calling the ministry and declare his deputy headmistress missing.

He had told himself to wait another twelve hours before he took further steps, but when she hadn't been back by nine o'clock, he had decided to go and search for her.

When he had entered the hall, he had seen her right away, walking towards him. He instantly knew something was wrong, and the closer he got, the more shocked he was.

She was ghastly pale, and seemed to be in pain. He saw her stagger on her feet, and reached her just in time to stop her from falling.

"Minerva!" He was deeply worried. His usually so strong wife looked shockingly weak, as he held her.

She looked up at him, trying to smile softly: "It looks worse than it is."

Albus lifted her up into his arms. She laid an arm around his neck and leaned her head against his chest.

Nearly headless Nick; who patrolled the floor, was sent to get Madame Pomfrey, while Dumbledore carried his wife to his room.

He gently laid her on his bed, sitting down besides her he took her hand: "What happened?"


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