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Shira: The mother of Kagome, very caring and loves to help people.

Ron: The father of Kagome, very well known because of his hunting skill. Finds his pride very important and loves his wife very much.


Italic: thoughts
-- --: locations
"...": spoken words
~*~*~*~*~: time gap
*...* : noises


-by Kittymui-


The things you should know first before reading this story:
This story takes place in the Feudal Age, where the land is divided in four counties and each ruled by a king.
The countries are called: the Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Lands.

The problem is that right now, the four countries are at war with each other in order to gain more land and power. Because of the lack of armies, the rulers are forced to hire mercenaries to do the conquering for them. This story only concentrates on the war between the Eastern and Western Lands.
Mercenaries are youkai, the rulers and soldiers of each countries are humans, so in short, humans are using the help of youkai in order to gain more power.
Not that youkai like to be submissive, but they don't hate the idea of earning lots of money by killing fellow youkai and humans. In this period of war, money actually means power.

I hope I have made things clear enough for you to understand, if not I will edit the chapters or explain things in the next chapters ^-^


This story starts in a small town called Pali that lies at the border between the Eastern and Western Lands.

It all began when a baby girl was born in the small town. Her parents were happy and welcomed her with open arms into the real world.

They gave the baby girl a name that's worthy of bearing their family name Higurashi. Her name was Kagome.

The Higurashi's were well known among the inhabitants of Pali, since they help other townspeople a lot. The whole town was happy to hear about their first-born child.

[AN: Kagome is not from the future, she's from the Feudal Age.]

But the joy and happiness around the birth soon perished as Kagome's hair started to grow on her bald little head.

~*~*~*~ 2 months have passed since the birth ~*~*~*

It was a clear day and the marketplace at the center of Pali were filled with stalls. It was crowded but very pleasant and enjoyable. Women were talking about their latest purchases and unemployed men were boasting about their adventures during hunts.

Two townswomen in particular, were talking about the latest gossip in town. They were standing at the grocery stall, which was less crowded so they could talk without raising their voices. One of them was quite lean and tall compared to the other, who was chubby and short. Both women were above the age of 40.
The tall one had a crooked nose and a mole on her chin. She was dressed like an average housewife: a white headscarf on her head, covering the upper part of her straight light-brown hair; a white apron tied around her waist, over a simple mud-green dress with a U-shaped neckline.
The chubby one also had white headscarf on her head, covering most of her short and curled dark brown hair. She wore a simple beige dress with a trapezoid-shaped neckline, with also a white apron tied around her waist over it.

"Hey, you know about the first born baby girl of the Higurashi's?" the tall one asked.

'Yes...why?" the chubby one replied.

"I saw her yesterday in the arms of the mother."

"Yeah, so...?"

"The baby girl has black raven hair!"

The other widened her eyes. "Oh my...you're kidding right?"

"No! I saw it with my own eyes!"

"B-but the Higurashi's...their hair color are both gold!"

"Yeah, I know."

"Is that a bad omen?"

"I don't think so, but rumor say it might have been the forest elves."

"But that's just a fairytale to scare the children!!"

"Well...do you have any other explanation? Nobody of this town, not even in the nearby villages has raven black hair."

Being the two infamous gossip ladies, they've deliberately raised their voices to let nearby walking townspeople hear the conversation, in particular, townswomen.
And soon, every townswomen at the marketplace gathered at the grocery stall and the conversation soon became a discussion. Even the woman behind the counter became curious and eavesdropped the discussion. They've automatically formed a small doughnut shaped crowd in front of the stall.

"Then, what about the mother? What is she going to do about that?" a young townswoman suddenly asked who stood in the most inner circle. This one had long straight and blond hair and wore a white dress embedded with blue flowers. She was obviously from the higher class.

"Have you never heard about the fairytale?" a woman asked who stood next to her. She looked quite aged with her gray hair tied in a knot and her bent back. She had to look up to the young woman as she asked her.

"N-Not really, I've never been told the whole story." the young woman replied embarrassed. People of higher classes didn't need to be told such old woman fairytales.

"Well, it goes like this..." the aged woman explained.

"Forest elves are known to be human eating black haired creatures that live in the forest. The elves' mothers know when human mothers are about to give birth. And as soon as they give birth, they will swap the human baby with one of their own, in order to steal a human baby, since they love the flesh of a newborn.
And in order to make those elves give back the human baby, the parents should torture the elves' child as much as possible. Because like every mother, elves also can't bear it when their children get hurt and they'd probably give the human back."

"So...the mother is going to torture her until she gets her own baby back?" the young one asked.

"Yeah...probably." the chubby one replied.

"But that's too harsh...what if it's really hers?"

The discussion ended as the sun started to set and all the women headed back home.


As the clock rang 8, the only one tavern of Pali was filled with exhausted townsmen who came together to drink and chat about their day. If you looked at Pali from above, the tavern would be the only house that still had lights burning at this time of the day.
There were men sitting on benches at the low square tables near the windows and there were others standing around high round tables in the middle of the tavern. The tavern also had a wide rectangular counter near the wall with the bartender standing on one side and townsmen standing on the other side with their drinks on the counter. A huge cabinet was hanging on the wall behind the bartender, filled with all kinds of liquors of different colors.

Two men, who stood at the counter, took several glances once in a while at a young man that sat by the window.
They both had dark brown hair and it was obvious that they were brothers since they looked alike. Both of them had brown eyes and a tan body color. The only differences were the clothes that they were wearing. The elder brother was dressed in a navy blue shirt and trunks. And the younger one was dressed in a black shirt and trousers.

The one that sat near the window had short blond hair, slightly curled, and sky blue eyes. He wore a dark blue shirt and black trousers.

After a while, the brothers mumbled something to each other and approached him.

"Hey Ron! I've heard about your elves' daughter!" the elder brother said with a smirk.

Ron quickly looked up with an irritated expression. "What are you talking about?"

"My wife told me that she saw your raven black-haired daughter." he replied.

"So? What's that about Kagome being an elf?" Ron narrowed his eyes.

"Well, since you and your wife both have golden colored hair, rumors said that your daughter might have been swapped by the forest elves." he explained.

Ron's eyes flared with anger.

"If it's not the elves, your wife might have slept__" the younger one continued but before he could finish, he was already punched in the face.

He lost his balance and fell backwards to the floor. As he collapsed, he hit a round table that stood behind him, causing it to flip over and fall on the floor.


The whole tavern suddenly became silent. And everybody's gazes shifted from the man on the floor to the man who hit him.

"Don't you EVER dare to insult my wife!!" Ron roared and walked towards the exit.

"Y-you bastard! You cannot deny it!! The whole town is talking about it and it will haunt you and you wife unless you do something about it!!" the man shouted as he crawled back on his feet with his hand covering his bleeding nose.

Ron didn't say anything else and left the tavern. He had always wanted to deny the idea that Kagome might be an elf, but now that everybody thinks that way, Ron had no choice but to take action.

-- At Higurashi's --

The house of the Higurashi's was quite big compared to others. You could see that it was a house owned by people of the higher classes. It had 2 floors, unlike the houses of people from lower classes, which only have a ground floor. Most of the furniture was made of wood and even the floor was made of wood. The kitchen and living room are located on the ground floor and the second floor consisted of Shira and Ron's bedroom, Kagome's bedroom and a bathroom.

Kagome's room wasn't any different than any other average baby rooms. Except for the brown floor made of wood, the walls are painted pastel blue and a white stationary cradle stood in the middle of the room. For the rest, there were toys for babies and cushions all over the floor.

[AN: It's not necessary to describe how other rooms look like because it's not important.]

Shira was playing blocks with Kagome in Kagome's bedroom while sitting on the floor until Ron bashed into the room.

Shira was a beautiful mother. She had beautiful blond hair that were slightly curled at the end and bottomless sky blue eyes that you could just stare at for hours. She was dressed in a beautiful blue yukata embedded with yellow flowers.

"Shira! Get away from the monster!!" Ron shouted.

"W-what? B-but anata..." Shira stuttered, shocked to hear those words from her husband.

"Haven't you heard the rumor?! Kagome's an elf!!" he yelled.

"T-they're just rumors..." Shira picked Kagome up in her arms and stood up. "Y-You cannot expect me to throw her away or torture her!?" she cried and hugged Kagome closer. Kagome didn't know what was happening and started to play with Shira's silky blond hair.

Ron's eyes flared of anger. "Shira! Look at her!! Look at us!!!" he shouted as he grabbed Kagome out of her arms. Kagome winced at his loud voice and started to cry.

"We both have golden hair color and sky blue eyes!! And Kagome has raven BLACK hair and dark blue eyes!!"

"But I've never left her alone, how could the elves have swapped our baby?!" Shira yelled as she reached out for Kagome.

"Are you sure?" Ron asked suspiciously.

Shira suddenly stopped reaching. "I...there was one time...I left her alone in her cradle for a short moment...when she was only a week old." she said hesitated.

"Enough time to swap the babies, right?" he looked at his wife.

Shira averted her gaze. "B-but..."

"No but's! If we'll have to torture her in order to get our baby back, then so be it!" he growled and tightened his grip on Kagome.

Kagome started to cry even louder.

"NO!!" Shira cried as she fell on her knees in front of Ron, who stopped tightening his grip and looked at her.

"Onegai...that's too cruel!!" she begged as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Ron hated to see his wife cry but he hated the black-haired monster in his arms even more. "If you don't do it, I will." he muttered.

Shira looked up at him with even more tears in her eyes.

"But I will not torture her too strictly for your sake." he said with a cold voice and put the crying Kagome on the floor.

Shira slowly reached out for Kagome and hugged her close while she continued to sob.

Ron sighed and turned around to leave the room.

Shira watched her husband leave the room. After that, she held Kagome close to her and leaned her head on Kagome's tiny shoulder. "Gomen Kagome, please forgive me...I can't do anything against it..." she softly whispered.

Kagome stopped crying as soon as she was in the arms of her mother again. It was as if she understood what Shira said and she hugged her mother back.

[AN: It is strange that people in Japan can have blond hair (besides getting them painted hahaha), but I just wanted to emphasize how strange it is for Kagome to have black hair, it IS an AU fic... and there are a LOT of OOC-ness (Out Of Character) so... ^-^]

Anata: Familiar way of saying 'you', often used by married couples, in this context it means 'dearest' or 'love'
Onegai: I beg you

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