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The original story...

Author's note:
Hi all! I promised to write you a summary of the original story after I've finished An Elves' Child, so here it is!! I haven't mentioned everything in detail about the story, but it's enough for you to recognize the elements that I've used for my story ^-^.


Summary of 'Hasse Simonsdochter' by Thea Beckman:

Hasse Simonsdochter was a girl who lived in Kampen (The Netherlands) around 1480. Her father was a poor reed cutter. Hasse, her sisters and her brother had to help to earn enough money for living. But Hasse didn't want that; she couldn't bear living and staying within 4 walls, so she ran away from home very often to enter the reed-lands.
At home, she was treated very badly because her parents thought she was a changeling. Because of her rebellious behavior, raven black hair and strange eye color, people thought she was a changeling of the elves.
She got beaten very often by her father and got very little to eat.
Hasse learned how to hunt herself and the older she became, the longer she stayed away from home (sometimes even a couple of days). One day when she ran away from home again, she was found out by some cattle-drivers who wanted to rape her.
Coincidentally, Jan van Schaffelaar, a mercenary of noble origin, passed by and killed the man who positioned himself on top of Hasse. The other two cattle-drivers ran away.
Jan escorted Hasse back to her house. Later Hasse found out that Jan was captured and sentenced to death because of murdering the cattle-driver. She felt very guilty because it was because of her that he was going to be decapitated. Because Jan was the only person who treated Hasse like a normal human being she decided to go to the place of the execution. And before he was going to be executed, she shouted to plead for his life. Which meant for her to marry him in order to save him. Jan didn't decline it and married Hasse.

Jan took her to another city called Zutphen and they enjoyed each other's company for a couple of days. Then Jan had to leave with a group of soldiers; they had to fight somewhere else. He promised Hasse to return after a couple of months and gives her the key of a small hut where she could spend the summer without him.
Hasse didn't want to be kept inside a house and goes to the forest to spend the summer there. Which caused her to miss the news that the army of Jan had suffered great losses.

As Hasse returns to the city after a couple of months, she heard the news about Jan being dead and decided to return to Kampen on her own. Meanwhile, Jan returned with a few men (who remained of his army) to Zutphen. He found out that Hasse was missing and decided to look for her. He recalled the birthplace of Hasse and goes to Kampen to search for her. And fortunately he found her again.
Then Jan received another mission of his Lord. The mission was to keep control of a group of farmers in a place called Barneveld. They went there and lived there with a group of 13 soldiers and 2 women.
Now and then Jan and his men would go out their house and show the farmers who the leader was. Hasse would dress herself like a man and join the show off trip.
After a period, they imprisoned a master bell-founder and his servants for debt. One of the servants was Gerrit van Wou. The mercenaries demanded money from Kampen if they wanted their bell-founder back.
Gerrit found out that Hasse was in fact a girl and fell in love with her. He got into an argument with Hasse when he criticized her relations with the mercenaries. Hasse didn't tell this to Jan and Gerrit thanked her for that.
Later on, Gerrit, the master bell-founder and the other servants were set free again after the mercenaries got their money.

First child of Hasse was born and the farmers became gradually angrier with the mercenaries for dictating them. They rebelled against the mercenaries. The farmers drove them into a church and demanded Jan and Hasse to surrender themselves. (they believed Hasse to be a witch, since she is cross-dressing and sometimes almost too nice to be true) Then Jan talked to Hasse; he told Hasse to take care of herself and their child and that he had buried a treasure somewhere near a tree. He kissed her and jumped off of the highest tower of the church; sacrificing himself for Hasse and their daughter. Hasse escaped from the tower by disguising herself as a man.

Hasse dug up the treasure and lived on under a pseudonym and changed herself into a gipsy in order to hide herself from people who knew her (to be a witch).

Gerrit, who became a master bell-founder himself searched everywhere for Hasse, for he knew about Jan's death and he was still in love with her. When he found her, he asked her to marry him because he wanted to take care of her and her daughter. Hasse said that she would think about it and that made the end of the story.
At the end of the book, there were a couple of sentences forming the epilogue of the story, saying:
"Almost 5 decades later, a historian found a little note in some archives of Kampen, saying: Hasse, master bell-founder Gerrit's housewife."


And? What do you think? Recognized some parts of the story?
Well for the ones who are confused by the use of characters in An Elves' Child, let me lighten you up:

Hasse Simonsdochter: Kagome
Jan van Schaffelaar: Sesshoumaru
Gerrit van Wou: Inuyasha

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