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He sniffed the air again to make sure his mind wasn't tricking him. Yep, it was her. He could smell the faint, pleasing smell that only came from his mate, Kagome. Suddenly he had the urge to run up wind to find her. *It will take a while.* He thought. *The smell is just barely there.* But he broke into a fast sprint using the shards in his legs.


Kagome could hardly believe what she was seeing. She knew she shouldn't have come after Inuyasha when he had heard rumors about a young miko roaming near by. Now she regretted it, horribly. She fought back tears as she saw them together, kissing passionately. Their hands roaming each others body.

"Kikyo," whispered Inuyasha, "I don't ever want to leave you again."

"Do you love me more than her?" Kikyo asked.

After a moments hesitation he replied, "Yes."

*NO!!* Kagome thought. She pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, when it hurt she ran off away from the couple trying, and failing, to not cry.

Inuyasha looked up from Kikyo to see what the sound was coming from the bushes. He growled and sniffed the air, and he realized what was watching them. He dropped Kikyo to the ground and started to run after Kagome.


He turned around to see Kikyo laying on the ground with a mixture of fear and sadness in her eyes. Then he looked off to the direction Kagome had run. Then he looked back to Kikyo. He couldn't turn away from her. He promised he would take care of her. He went back to her and started to stroke her hair and whispered things in her ear.


Kagome ran as fast as she could from them. Tears blinding her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She nearly tripped several times on tree roots. But she didn't care; she just kept running, trying to block the images of what she had just seen out of her head. She ran till her legs hurt, then started to walk. *I thought he loved ME!! Maybe I AM just his shard detector.* She then spilled more hot tears at the thought of that possible answer. All of a sudden she ran into something hard. She stumbled backward and looked up, the tears streaming down her cheeks

"I thought I smelled you, Kagome." It was Kouga.

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