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Kagome just finished her dinner and settled down to go to sleep *Why did I even decide to go to bed? It's just now sundown.* she rolled over trying to get comfortable *Nope, that didn't work.* She rolled over into another position and sighed. *Screw it, I'm taking a bath.*

She quickly got up and gathered her bath things and headed to the nearest hot spring. After stumbling around in the dark for about 10 min she finally found it and started getting undressed. *I wonder where Kouga is now. I wonder if he's thinking about me.* She stepped into the warm water and closed her eyes. *This is just what I needed.* she thought and swam out and across the spring.

Kagome found a nice comfy spot at the base of a huge boulder and let the water calm her. She closed her eyes and began to think about him again. Silent tears started to form at the brims of her eyes but this time she let them fall. She started breathing in deeply trying to calm her tears, but it didn't help much.


Kouga picked up the pace when he caught her sent. *I'm coming Kagome.* he smiled to himself. He came to Kaede's village but her sent led away from it. At first he was confused about why she would have gone off, but then he remembered there was a spring near here and started smiling again when he thought of the reason she would be there.

Instead of running, he walked to the spring taking his time. He kept thinking about how he was going to approach and talk to her but he couldn't really think of anything that wouldn't either scare her first or make her angry.

When he got there he looked from behind a tall bush to see her off to the side of the spring relaxing. He smirked and could feel his erection growing. He crept around some more trees and bushes and climbed up to the top of the boulder she was leaning against. He looked down at her for a minute and was about to call down to her when a sudden sound reached his ears.

"She's crying." He said under his breath. He looked down at her with sad eyes. He wasn't sure about what to do right then.

"Oh, Kouga, please." Kagome moaned in-between sobs. "Please forgive me. I didn't do anything. I'm so sorry." She looked down and whispered, "I love you."

Even though it was barely there, Kouga caught what she said. He felt his heart break and soar at the same time. He felt horrible that he made her cry like this but he felt wonderful that she still loved and wanted him. It was nice to hear it from Inuyasha, but it was terrific to hear Kagome say it.

"Do you really mean it?" He said calmly. Kagome looked up suddenly to see Kouga looking down at her. She blushed and was about to yell at him for coming across her while she was naked. She looked up at him just about to give him a piece of her mind, but her mouth stopped before she could get anything out. She noticed that his eyes weren't full of lust at seeing her, but love.

She opened her mouth again and a single word came out, "Yes." He smiled the biggest grin he could manage down at her. He climbed down the side of the rock facing the water. But his claws slipped and he accidentally fell in right next to her. Kagome suppressed a laugh when his head popped out of the water.

Kouga smiled at her but then his gaze left her eyes. "Kagome, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left you like that. I feel so horrible knowing that I made you cry like that."

Kagome nodded at him, "Kouga don't be sorry, it was a mistake. I would have done the same thing, in fact, I did the same thing with Inuyasha, didn't I?" She started to giggle and Kouga lifted his eyes to look into hers.

"But still, I think I owe you more than just an apology." He gave her a sly grin and wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her neck. Kagome could feel herself getting excited and pushed away from him.

"Well.....if you really INSIST to, I won't stop you." She gave him her own devilish grin and captured his lips with hers. She wrapped her own arms around him and opened her mouth when she felt his tongue touch her lips. Then she left his mouth to drag her tongue across his jaw line and up to his ear. She nipped at it and ran her tongue over the tip of it and Kouga shuttered against her.

While she was preoccupied with his ears, Kouga wrapped her legs around him and carried her to the edge of the water. He stepped out with her and laid her down with a kiss. "Hold on." He whispered and stood back up. While he was staring at her naked form below him, Kouga started to strip off his armor. He watched as her eyes grew wide to see him and smiled down at her. He laid down on top of her and began to lick her neck.

"Oh....Kouga." Kagome ran her finger tips up and down his back at such a feather like way that Kouga started to growl deep in his throat. She began to kiss him again when his attention had diverted and made him roll over so that she was on top. She licked down his chest in-between his muscles and felt him tense.

Kouga was about to turn over so that he was on top again but she stopped him. She shook her head and smiled a sly grin at him, "No way, mate, tonight is my turn." Kouga was surprised to see her suddenly become so forceful. He grinned up at her.

"My little dominatrix."

Kagome smiled again. "You know it." She rose off of him and positioned herself above him. She looked back at him and when he smiled back at her she slowly slid herself down. She heard Kouga gasp and tense again. Kagome was surprised to find out that this time she barely hurt and what pain was there was gone in a couple of seconds. She could feel sensations rush over her and moaned. She started to move to her own accord and could feel Kouga thrust up into her.

Kouga couldn't believe how good this felt. He held onto her hips as she moved and while he thrust. He opened his eyes to see Kagome's closed with her mouth hanging open moaning his name over and over again. He started to thrust faster and closed his eyes again to give in to the pleasure that was over whelming him.

Kagome could feel her orgasm rising, "Kouga, I'm coming." She moaned and started to go faster when she heard him moan and nod. Within a minute she tensed as she felt it wash on her making her tremble. A split second later she felt Kouga's seed enter her and heard him moan her name.

After it faded she started breathing heavily and got off of him. Kouga moaned disappointedly when she got off but smiled at her when she laid against him with her back to him. He scooted closer and wrapped his arm around her waist so that they were lying in the spoon position. He smelled her hair and licked her neck. He chuckled when she trembled against him. He wrapped his arm around her more snugly and whispered, "So do you accept my apology?" Kagome turned to him and grinned.

"I think that that was more along the line of MY apology." She smiled at him and winked.

Kouga started to laugh. "I should make you apologize more often then." Then he kissed her on the forehead and rubbed his nose against her cheek. "I love you so much, Kagome."

Kagome nodded her head as she started to fall asleep. But before she did she quietly said, "I love you too, Kouga."

~*~*~*~*~THE END~*~*~*~*~

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