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He stole a quick glace as she bent over her bag to get her 'toothbrush' as she called it. He took in how her short skirt raised slightly as she leaned forward and her shirt tighten along her back. His eyes traveled up and down her slim legs and thighs. He was so close.....all he had to do was reach out about two more feet and......

"Miroku?" Kagome called from the side of her mouth. She turned her head and noticed his hand was out stretched. She saw him jerk his hand back and his eyes widen in surprise. She raised her eyebrow at him.


"Miroku, what were you doing?" She stood up and turned toward him putting her hands on her hips.

"Dear lady Kagome," he started, "there was a uh.....fly that I was trying to swat at that was pestering me." He looked up from the ground at her with big eyes full of innocence.

"I see....well, can you hand me my hair brush?" She turned back around as he picked it up the ground and handed it to her. He lowered his head slightly to get a better view of what she was wearing UNDER the skirt.

*Hmmmm* he thought with a grin on his face *What are those? Is that the sign for Love? Ahhh, yes, yes it is.* Miroku subconsciously licked his lips as he arched on of his brows. But this time Kagome saw him from between her legs and quick turned around with a clutched fist.

"HENTAI!!!" She gave him a good bonk on the head that left him sprawled out over the ground. After his vision cleared he looked up to see Inuyasha standing above him with a smirk on his features.

"You looked up her skirt again didn't you?! I've told you before that if you want to get a good look at her wait till she tries to tie her shoe."

"SIT!!" Inuyasha fell with a dull thud on top of Miroku who got the wind knocked out of him. After Inuyasha could move he got up from Miroku and gave him a hand to help him up. Miroku looked over to see that Kagome's face had taken on a deep shade of red it was almost purple. Also that her hands were clinched down at her sides like she was about ready to strike.

*She's so sexy when she's angry* he smiled to himself, but apparently Kagome took his smile to mean differently.

"Oh of course!!!" She threw her hands into the air as if she had just forgotten something, "When you guys aren't using me as a shard detector I'm your own personal SEX SLAVE!! How could I have FORGOTEN!?!" Her hands came back to her sides and she turned around with a quick turn on her heel. But when she took her first step to make a dramatic exit her foot caught on a tree root and she fell flat on her face causing her skirt to flip up onto her back. Inuyasha fell to the ground laughing and pounding on the ground with his fists while Miroku needed a towel to clean up all the drool that was falling on the forest floor.

Kagome quickly got up, sat Inuyasha, and tackled Miroku making him fall with her on top of him. He saw her hand lift to smack him but he quickly flipped her over, grabbed both of her hands and lifted them above her head. This new position startled Kagome and she just looked up at him with her eyes as big as saucers. He smiled down at her and shortened the gap between their faces to a few centimeters.

"Personally I would like it more if you were willing instead of a slave." He gave her a small kiss on the nose and Kagome's face turned a deep red again. This time from blushing.

"WHAT!?" cried Inuyasha with his head still in the ground. "Just because I can't SEE, Monk, doesn't mean I can't HEAR!!"

Kagome quickly recovered and slid her hands Mirokus grasp and pushed him off to the side. As she stood up her face was still a healthy color of red.

Miroku watched her from the ground as she walked over to where Inuyasha was standing up, *Damn it, Inuyasha!! I just about HAD her but you had to butt in!*

"Bitch, why did you 'sit' me?!" Inuyasha growled while rubbing his head. She just looked at him innocently. "And why did YOU say that Miroku!?" Miroku got off of the ground and after a second of 'adjusting' he turned around to face them.

"What did I say?"




"Inuyasha what are you talking about?"


"OK that's enough!!" Kagome stepped in-between them. *I had better before it goes past one-syllable words* she thought to herself. Miroku smiled at the fact that she was still slightly pink and that she couldn't quite meet his eyes.

*HA I'm IN!!* He grinned broadly at her and she started to blush again.


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