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Sunlight poured into the room through the opened blinds of the window. The rays of light outlined the room clearly. Books were scattered all over the little room, along with packets of crisps and water bottles. A brown school bag sat by the door of the room, its flap open. A pair of gloves lay next to the bag, along with a rather thick book. The wooden desk that was facing the room door was covered from side to side with books, papers and paper clips.


The blue alarm clock on the bedside table awoke, trying to wake up the figure lying on the bed. The figure stirred.

"Nnnhh . . . go away," she mumbled, burying her face on her pillow and drawing the bed covers over her head.


The alarm clock, it seemed, wasn't giving up. The figure groaned in her sleep.


Raising her arm slightly, she groped around until she felt the corner of the bedside table. In one fluent movement she punched the alarm clock. It toppled dangerously, and fell over the edge of the table, landing on the floor with a crash. The ringing stopped.

Silence reigned once again. Unfortunately for the sleeper, the mere act of raising her arm to punch the alarm clock had driven some energy into her drowsy brain, which was slowly starting to wake up.

"That's the last time I set my alarm clock," she muttered, sitting up in bed. Yawning, she stretched her arms, unable to see the time. When her senses had partly woken, she saw the bright light entering the room. Her eyes widened as she looked out of the window, hoping she was imagining things. It turned out she wasn't - the sun was shining brightly up in the sky.

"ARGH! NOT AGAIN!" she yelled, jumping out of bed. Picking up her alarm clock from the ground, she saw that it was 6:49 a.m. She had overslept. AGAIN. Mentally berating herself, she ran towards the en suite bathroom, tripping over her pencil case on the way. Grabbing her towel and a change of clothes, she ran inside the bathroom.

Ten minutes later she was outside, dressed, and was trying to braid her long black hair quickly whilst miraculously packing her bag. Sorting through the mess in her room, she found everything she was looking for, and ran down the stairs. She was SO going to be late. Reaching the kitchen she saw that her mother and grandfather were already eating.

"Ohayo!" she called, cheerfully. "Kachan, Jiya, I'm really late. Have a nice day. Ja!" Turning on her heel, she ran out of the house.

"Misao! Wait!" called her mother, but it was no use. She was already gone.

"When are you going to teach her NOT to punch her alarm clock when it goes off?" asked Makimachi Rika's father, Okina. His daughter grinned.

"Whenever I stop punching my alarm clock when it goes off," she said, laughing. Her father shook his head. He should have known.


Misao ran down the road as fast as her legs would take her. She knew that it was no point stopping by any of her friends' houses, as they would be at school by now. Glancing at her wristwatch she saw that it was 7:15 a.m. If she didn't get to school before 7:30 a.m. she would be marked on the late register - something she really didn't want to happen as she had been late twice before. Plus, there was the problem of the school rule saying that if a student got late thrice in a term, they would receive a 'late' detention.

She reached the school gates, and was halfway up the stairs when the start of school bell rang. Groaning inwardly, she ran to her class and flung the door open. Sixteen heads turned to stare at her, amazed.

"Not bad Misao chan! Only 57 seconds late!" called a spiky haired boy, grinning at her. Their teacher laughed.

"He's right, you know," he said. "Tomorrow, I expect you to be on time. Got that?" he asked, cheerfully. Misao nodded. Walking towards the back of the class, she took her seat - next to the spiky haired boy. She started pulling her books out. The moment Takashi sensei turned his back to the class, the black haired boy leaned towards her.

"Athletics practice, today after school," he said, softly. "The Inter school tournament's coming up and they want us to be on TOP form." Misao sighed, shaking her head.

"We'd be on TOP form if the girls on the team didn't come just to stare at SOMEONE," she muttered.

"I know . . . I heard a rumour about a new Captain or something. If it's true, I wonder who it is," mused the boy.

"A new Captain? New Captain?! Who?"

"I told you, I don't know."

"Che. It's definitely not one of us - we're too young," said Misao. "Then who - you don't possibly think - it's . . . him?"

"Makimachi, Myoujin! Save your discussion for later!" snapped Takashi sensei, from the front of the class.

"Gomen, sensei," chorused Misao and the spiky haired boy, at the same time. The boy sitting on the other side of Misao laughed gently. Misao and the other boy glared at him.

"And what exactly are you laughing about, Sou chan?" asked Misao, glaring.

"Yeah, what are you laughing about, Tenken?" asked the spiky haired boy. The brown haired boy raised an eyebrow at them.

"Nothing," he said, simply.

"I don't be - " Misao was cut short when someone poked her in the back. It was Kamiya Kaoru - one of the few female friends she had.

"Misao, Yahiko! Sshh . . . the whole class can hear you!" hissed Kaoru from behind. Sure enough, Takashi sensei was glaring at them. Plastering a grin on her face, Misao looked at her sensei.

"I was just asking Sou chan if - if we had to give in our chemistry assignment today," she said. "And Yahiko chan - er - Yahiko wanted to know the same thing."

"Is that so?"

"Aa," said Yahiko, giving Misao a high five under the table.

"Some people," mumbled Takashi sensei to himself. Those two ALWAYS managed to get out of trouble with him. One of these days . . .


Conversation in the cafeteria during their morning break was very loud, as Kaoru managed to find out after a week or two at High School. It was very loud, if you were sitting at the same table as Makimachi Misao, Myoujin Yahiko, and Seta Soujirou - although the latter wasn't as loud as the other two. Today's conversation was about the school's Athletics team, which Yahiko, Soujirou and Misao were in.

"Mou . . . I really can't believe it!" growled Misao, staring at her plate.

"Believe what?" asked Kaoru, seated next to her.

"They're having a new athletics captain, and no one knows who the guy is," answered Soujirou, smiling. Kaoru blinked twice.

"Er - what's so unbelievable about that?" she asked, at last. Two heads turned furiously in her direction and two pairs of eyes - amber and cerulean glared at her. "Wh - what?" she asked, taken aback.

"What? Busu, a new captain is supposed to be known. People are supposed to know who the hell he is, and how damn good he is," said Yahiko. "People are not supposed to just take some person's word for it!"

"Don't call me busu!" said Kaoru.

"Kaoru chan, we're not even sure if this person - the new captain - is in school. From what Coach Seijiro was saying, people tend to think that he's a new student or something," explained Misao, reasonably.

"The girls are upset, of course, because the person whom they expected to become captain didn't get the badge," added Soujirou. Kaoru glanced questioningly at him.

"Who did they expect to become the captain?" she asked.

"Duh, Sano," said Misao. Kaoru's eyes widened. What?

"You're kidding right?" she asked. "Why would Sano become a captain? I mean, he's good in sports and all . . . but education wise - "

"Because, out of all the options the school has, he's the fastest and best senior athlete," said Yahiko.

"Not to mention the most good looking," added a voice from behind them. They spun around. Standing behind them, a smirk on his face, was a tall boy. He was rather good looking, with deep brown eyes and hair that stood up - er - interestingly on his head.

"Good looking? Nah," said Misao, shaking her head.

"What's wrong Sano?" asked Kaoru, seeing the expression on their older friend's face.

"What's wrong? I'll tell ya what's wrong - can I sit here?" asked Sagara Sanosuke, nodding at the seat opposite Misao's. They all nodded. He sat down. "See, I wasn't really expecting the captaincy or anything, but from what Coach Seijiro's just told me, I think the new Captain is transferring here from a different school."

"What? They can't - they can't do that!" spluttered Yahiko and Misao at the same time.

"I know they can't, ahou," said Sano. "But they don't think they can't, so what can we do?"

"That's unfair! They don't even know anything about the new guy - it is a guy right?" asked Misao. Sano shook his head.

"That's the thing. He's apparently one of the best high school athletes," he said. "And he's only got an year left - he's supposed to be in Year 3, which means he's probably 18." Kaoru shook her head. "And get this, they're not sure yet when he's gonna be here. Which means we have to go for regular - and more - practices imagining we're under the reign of a Captain who's not even there. He better come before the Inter School athletics tournament begins. I'll kill myself if we lose to Yukishiro's team again!"

"Heh, you won't be the only one," muttered Misao. No one said anything for a little while, until a shrill female voice yelled outside the cafeteria.


"Mattaku . . . she just won't leave me alone," he muttered, standing up.

"She?" asked Soujirou.

"Megumi," answered Kaoru, her eyes glinting. Misao chortled. Takani Megumi was considered by some people to be a complete snob. True, she acted like one - most of the time, but she wasn't. Once you got to know her, she was a nice person . . . despite her - er - ways. There was a sort of rivalry/hidden feelings issue that was going on between Megumi and Sano, but neither of them would admit the part about the 'hidden feelings'.

"What are you laughing about, Weasel?" snapped Sano, as Misao chortled.

"Stop calling me Weasel, rooster head."

"Stop calling me rooster head, weasel."


"Alright, alright, I'm coming," mumbled Sano, walking away. Kaoru sighed as he walked away, followed by stares from the girls in the cafeteria. Poor Sano . . . he should have got the badge. Soujirou pushed his tray of food away from him.

"Misao chan, Kaoru san, you had better finish. The bell's gonna ring soon," he said, seeing their untouched break. The moment he finished his sentence, the bell rang. Groaning, Kaoru and Misao pushed their own trays away from them and stood up. This was going to be a long day.


People rushed out of their classrooms as the end of school bell rang at 1:35 p.m., eager to get home and forget about schoolwork for a few hours. Yahiko yawned aloud as he, Misao, Soujirou and Kaoru made their way out of their classroom. They had been given a ton of homework by Takashi sensei.

"Well . . . I guess I'll go home now," said Kaoru, as they walked out of the school building. She generally stayed until her friends finished their athletics practice, but, thinking of the pile of homework she had to do at home, she thought it would be better if she went home straight away.

"Lucky you . . ." grumbled Yahiko.

"Well, you can do the same thing. Just drop out of the athletics team," said Kaoru, knowing his answer.

"I won't even waste my breath on answering that," said Yahiko. Saying bye, Kaoru ran out of the school gates, heading home. Misao, Soujirou and Yahiko headed towards the changing rooms at the edge of the school grounds. After changing into shorts and a t-shirt, they headed towards the racecourse.

"Hmm . . . Coach doesn't look very happy," mused Soujirou, as they caught sight of their coach. He was walking up and down the racecourse, scowling.

"Yo, Seijiro sensei! Something wrong?" yelled Misao as they neared him. His head snapped up.

"Something wrong? Yes! Our Captain will be arriving next week - not tomorrow, as we had thought!" snapped Seijiro sensei, a man who should be somewhere in his forties, but didn't look it at all. He was rather big made, and had a long ponytail of black hair.

"Who's the captain?" asked Yahiko.

"And I wanted to introduce him to the team very soon so that - huh? Oh, Saito Hajime," said their coach. The three children looked at each other. Saito Hajime? Who was he?

"Sensei . . . is he good?" asked Soujirou, suddenly. Seijiro nodded.

"Well, he's not as good as me . . . and if you ask me, I would have put Himura in his place - but the school decided to - "

"Sensei?" The coach looked up, his eyes staring at someone standing behind the three children. His eyes widened slightly.

"If it isn't my stupid pupil . . ." he said, calmly, all traces of anger gone. Everyone turned around. A rather short boy stood behind him, a wide smile on his face. Two things stood out about him; his bright orange-red hair which fell up to his shoulders, and the strange cross-shaped scar on his cheek.

"Long time no see, sensei," he said, smiling and bowing down slightly. Seijiro sensei stared at him.

"Kenshin!" exclaimed Misao, her eyes widening. Himura Kenshin - now a third year, had been on the athletics team two years ago, and had been their school's fastest athlete. He had taken his second year of high school off, after meeting with an accident and injuring his right leg badly, making it unable for him to walk for a little while. The athletics team and the school had mourned his absence, for he was loved by all. He was always cheerful, unless he got really mad (which hardly ever happened) and - he was just plain sweet.

"Long time no see, Misao," said Kenshin, smiling at her as she hugged him.

"You're back! This year's athletics team's gonna be the BEST!" she said, happily.

"Oro? How come?" asked Kenshin, hugging her back.

"Because we have our fastest athlete back!" said Misao. "Well - maybe second fastest . . ."

"Yeah," agreed Yahiko, patting Kenshin on the back. "Soujiro's become a hell of a lot faster than everyone here." Kenshin glanced at the brown haired boy standing behind Yahiko, the usual smile on his face. Four years ago, when he was 14 and they were 12, Soujirou had been a fast runner, but not someone that stood out exceptionally. He had discovered, however, that Soujirou had a talent in athletics and had suggested that he join the school athletics team to hone his talents.

Under the training of Shishio Makoto, the deceased coach, Soujirou had improved a lot, so much that he was given the name 'Tenken' or Heaven Sword after the rurouni who lived in Japan during the Meiji Era. Tenken was the second best swordsman in Japan; his speed being something that NO ONE could match, except for the Hitokiri Battousai.

"I'm glad to here that, Soujirou," he said, smiling at the younger boy. "I always knew you had a special talent." Soujirou turned red.

"Ari - arigato, Kenshin," he said. Their coach sighed. True, Soujirou was the fastest athlete they had, but his stupid pupil didn't need to go and tell him that! Luckily the boy didn't have an ego at all, so the new information wouldn't effect him.

"Once you've finished reminiscing, I'd like to start our practice," he said, aloud. Nodding, they followed him to the center of the racecourse where the rest of the team were already standing.

"About ti - KENSHIN!" yelled Sano, seeing his best friend walking behind the coach. Seijiro rolled his eyes. Great. Kenshin grinned at Sano and walked up to him holding out his hand. The two exchanged high fives.

"How have you been Sano?" asked Kenshin.

"Brilliant. And you?"

"As good as I can be," answered Kenshin, quietly. Hiko Seijiro frowned at his pupils' change of voice. Something was wrong.

"Kenshin! Minna, it's Kenshin!" cried everyone, laughing. After a full five minutes of exchanging greetings, Seijiro sensei cleared his throat loudly.

"Right. That's enough for now," he said, sternly. "Announcement no. 1: Our new Captain will be arriving in a week's time. Announcement no.2: We have a new vice captain - Himura Kenshin."


"Why couldn't he have been made the captain?"

"Yeah! He's good enough!" Kenshin turned red.

"Oro - I'm not that good . . ." he said, scratching his head. Yahiko grinned.

"Modest, as always," he said.


"ANNOUNCEMENT NO.3: From today onwards, we have practices for two and a half-hours after school, everyday," yelled Seijiro sensei, glaring at Kenshin who merely grinned at him. "AND I won't listen to ANY complaints. We're here to win, and if you can't handle the training, don't bother staying. Now, get into groups of four and take your places. Makimachi, Myoujin, Seta and Sagara take the 4 into 100 meter race, Sawakita, Yoshihiro, Kamei and Arizuka take the 2 into 100 one. Oka, Ikanji, Hessha, and Taoka take the 100-meter race. Now."

"HAI." Everyone hurried off to where they were told to go. Kenshin stood by his sensei's side, smiling.

"Everyone's changed . . . yet they're still the same as well," he said. Seijiro sensei ignored him. He didn't have the time to pay him any attention. Not when Misao and Sanosuke had just started beating each other up.

"SAGARA! MAKIMACHI!" he yelled, furiously. They both turned towards him at once.

"Gomen!" they yelled, turning back to what they were supposed to be doing.

"Oro . . . " muttered Kenshin, scratching his head. People actually listened to Seijiro sensei?

"IKANJI! FASTER! RUN LIKE THAT AT THE TOURNAMENT YOU'LL NEVER FINISH IN A DAY!" yelled Hiko Seijiro. "And yes, Kenshin, people actually listen to me."

"Oro?! How did you know -?" Kenshin didn't need to finish his sentence. He had known Hiko Seijiro ever since he was nine years old, when his parents died in a plane crash. Hiko Seijiro had become a sort of second father to him, though he would never admit it. Of course his sensei would know what he was thinking - especially since he had never listened to him when he was small.

"Stupid pupil," muttered Seijiro sensei, rolling his eyes. "THAT'S RIGHT, SOUJIROU! KEEP IT UP!"

Kenshin smiled as he looked around the racecourse. It felt good to be back . . . where he belonged.


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