Ginny's Response to Smiley


Hermione sat at one of the Gryffindor common room's many tables. She stared down at the piece of parchment, enchanted by her own wand, wondering where she'd made her mistake. She squinted at it, half heartedly hoping that the force of her gaze might force the Happy Face Love Quiz to reveal why it didn't work the first time. She sighed and lifted her sugar quill to her lips. The taste of sugar helped perk her.

It was late. The common room was mostly deserted. Hermione could feel fatigue tugging down on her eyelids. Still, she refused to give up. If nothing else, it was the frustration boiling around inside her. It should have worked. Her Happy Face Love Quiz should have worked. She knew she had done everything right.

"Maybe it just didn't work on Harry," she whispered to herself, wondering if that could actually be a possibility. It seemed more likely that she was trying to force it to work. After all, only a fool would try the same thing again expecting different results. Something snapped into place. Harry wasn't the average kid, the scar on his forehead made that painfully obvious. Maybe his unusual circumstances threw off her Love Quiz.

That could make some sense, she thought, a little flame of hope sprouting. He's gone through a lot with a lot of powerful magic. Blood magic was involved. Those things could easily throw off her spell.

Hermione had pumped a lot of her free time into the quiz. The quiz wasn't just one spell, but more than a dozen, all interconnected. Theoretically the quiz should be able to remember previous results and use those to correlate more accurate responses in the future.

With an almost feral grin Hermione cast her eyes about in a search for another test subject. Ideally she'd be able to find someone who she knew had feelings for another but didn't necessarily realize it herself. Sighing Hermione kept looking. The common room was mostly empty; Hermione ultimately realized that she would have to settle on whomever she could find.

Off to one corner, a slight smile on her face, Ginny sat alone at a table with a notebook laid out. She scratched in some more words into her book.

Hermione stood up and wandered over to Ginny's table. Hermione stood before the table, waiting for Ginny to glance up and ask her to sit, or at least react in some way. Instead Ginny just kept writing, her quill's tip sliding along the pages leaving it's verbal trail. Ginny still wore a slight grin, almost like she new a secret or she was sharing some private joke with herself. Of course, it was possible Hermione thought, that she didn't realize she was smiling, especially considering the title at the top of the page. Hermione read the title on Ginny's notebook, it read "The Many Ways I'll Suffer as Consequences of a Terrible Future."

"Cheery subject," Hermione noted. Ginny jumped, her hair flying around her head as she looked up faster than a cricket jumping. "Divination?" Hermione asked, trying to keep from smiling at the storm of crimson that was beginning to cloud Ginny's features.

"Uh, yeah, it's Divination. Trelawny wanted us to write about our futures and I decided to follow Ron's advice. She only seems to be happy when we'll suffer."

"So what were you so happy about." Hermione threw a glance down at the paper, "I somehow doubt you were smiling over how you were going to get your heart broken."

"What?" Ginny furrowed her brows. "I wasn't smiling, was I?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes, you were."

"I can't think of why I would be. I mean, you're right, look at this stuff. It's not exactly fun."

"How much more do you have to do?"

"Not much," Ginny answered, stifling a yawn. "This isn't due for a few days anyway, I just wanted to get as much of my homework done as possible. I'm kind of looking forward to Hogsmeade this weekend."

"Mind helping me with something then?" Hermione asked, a hopeful smile on her face.


"Please, it might even be kind of fun."

"Okay. Sure. What is it?"

"It's a quiz."

This time trying to stifle a laugh Ginny noted with a raised eyebrow, "Uh, Hermione, I know you're really into school and stuff, I think everyone in the school knows, but a quiz really isn't much fun."

"It's a love quiz."

"Oh." Ginny could feel herself start to blush again. "That's a little different."

"It's just a quiz I wrote and enchanted for charms. It's supposed to be able to tell you if you're in love, or interested in someone and if you are, then, if it's working it'll be able to tell you with whom you're in love." Hermione coughed, "I haven't really been able to get the second part to work yet. I tried it on Harry and I ended up with some weird stuff. Anyway, I really want to get it working properly."

"You want me to take it?" Ginny asked, somehow hoping that she misread Hermione's obvious intentions.


"All right."

Hermione went back to her table, grabbed the quiz and went back to Ginny's table. "It's easy, and none of the questions are terribly complicated. The magic should do most of the work."

"Okay." Hermione placed the piece of parchment in front of Ginny, she drew her wand and spoke the words, "Meta Amore." As the piece of parchment began to glow, Hermione declared, "Well, I'm going to sleep, good night," and started toward the girls' dormitories.

"What?" Ginny called back.

"Do you mind, it's just that I have a Potions test tomorrow."

Ginny nodded, "I know the feeling all too well, I'll see you tomorrow. I can give you the quiz back tomorrow at breakfast."

"Okay, good night."

Ginny watched the parchment glow. Little sparkles sprouted up along the page. At first they looked like they were just random dots but as the seconds stretched, those little sparkling points started to move around on the parchment. After a few heartbeats Ginny recognized a circle, then two points. Other points formed a half circle under the two aligned dots. A smile was being formed under the two eyes.

When the face was completely formed, it's points of light for eyes locked onto her, a few more seconds passed and the points of light came off the page. They started to float up, the Happy Face looking at her, and then with a flash of light the Happy Face became a yellow happy face, fully colored, no longer simply points of light.


"Uh, hi."

"You seem nervous. Are you?" The Smiley Face's voice seemed nice enough, and it certainly looked friendly.

Ginny swallowed, only then realizing that she couldn't see its brain, "A little. Probably not enough." She forced her voice to stay calm. Somehow the idea of being quizzed in matters of the heart by a floating face made her more than a little nervous. She didn't like the feeling and fought it down, remembering that she had her wand and that she was being silly, and probably more than a little paranoid.

"A little."

"No reason to be," its smile grew out to its cheeks. "It would be helpful if you say the first answers that come to your mind. They're less censored then. Are you ready to begin?"

"I am."

"What, my deer, is your favorite color?"

"Green, the emerald shade."

"Favorite day of the week?"


"Most painful memory?"

It did seem to be innocent enough. Besides, what could a grinning piece of paper do with this kind of information. Ginny, just to be safe, glanced around the common room to make sure there weren't any other students up. She could easily imagine Collin huddled in a corner, unnoticed, up late doing homework.

"Third year, my brother suggested that this boy that I had a crush on take me to the Yule Ball. I couldn't go because someone else had already asked me and I'd accepted. I don't think I'd ever regretted a decision as much as I did that one. Considering my past, that's saying a lot I guess."

"Do you still have feelings for this boy?"

Ginny paused. "Please try not to hesitate," said the quiz.


"Are you sure?" Its eyes went into flat lines like it was squinting at her.

"I am."

"Do you think you're in love with someone now?"

"No, I'm definitely not in love with anyone now."

"Favorite type of weather?"

"The rain, I love the rain. Storms are really kind of beautiful, with the thunder and lightning."

"The next part is a little bit more complicated. Think of a word that is connected with love, true love, the most passionate sensations that can boil around inside someone."

"Scary. Just scary." Ginny paused, "I felt feelings like that, maybe not love, but they were still really strong and it got me hurt quite often."



"That word rhymes with the name of the person with whom you're in love."

"No it doesn't!" Without waiting for a response, Ginny grabbed the parchment, rolled it up and went to up to bed. When she got to her dormitory she grabbed a paper clip off one of her roommates nightstand and clipped the quiz.

"Hermione still has a lot of work to do on you," Ginny said, shoving the rolled up parchment into her satchel for the next day of classes.

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