Date: 3/22/03
Author: River
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Brad Crawford / Schuldig
Archived at: Bishounen Bondage

Five Stamps to Germany

He'd searched Crawford's office and only come up with three. Only seven more to go. Padding down the hall in his bare feet, he ignored Nagi's closed door and swaggered in anyway, flopping on the boy's bed to watch him writing kanji at his desk.

"I need to put a lock on that door." The boy mentioned quietly, his hand not pausing in its track across the paper.

"Do you have any stamps?" Schuldig prompted, fingering the ones already in his palm.

Nagi frowned at the strange request and looked up from his homework. "Why do you need stamps?"

"I want to send a letter to Crawford." The redhead shifted on the bed, then sat up into a lotus position, obviously fidgety.

"We're in Germany... he's in America. Why don't you just email him?"

"Because I want to send him a letter." Schuldig announced moodily. "So do you have any stamps?"

"An email would be fas-"

"Do you have any or not?" he interrupted the teenager.

Nagi arched a brow and eyed the little pile in Schuldig's hand. "How many do you need?"


"But it only takes five to-"

"I need ten."

The teen rolled his eyes. "Try the table in the hall."

A whir of red and Schuldig was gone. He hadn't even closed the door behind him.


Bradley Crawford carefully peeled the envelope open with a rather expensive silver letter-opener. He drew the contents out slowly and opened the letter, letting his gaze drift down the page. Unsurprisingly, it was in German. He had many of the same stacked beside him, not a one answered in return. Schuldig didn't seem to understand the concept of email. At first, as he read, he simply let the tension collect between his brows in a little knit of confusion. And then the edge of his lips collected in a quirk; the tiniest hint of a smile.

Dear Schuldig,

I've missed you. I'll bet you're being good for me too, taking care of Nagi and Farfarello all by yourself. I've enjoyed every one of your letters and read them every night before I go to sleep. It's so tedious being here in America and not in bed with you. You are so fucking hot. I want to run my tongue between your thighs until you scream. I want to tweak your nipples and thumb that pink cock and watch you come. I want to fuck you from behind until my glasses break. I want to play with that wild, beautiful hair and pet your head all day long with your head in my lap. I'll be back soon, I promise. Oh yeah, and I miss the others too.


Five stamps fell from the letter onto the American's hotel desk. He sighed and shook his head, then replaced the letter and set the stamps in place, scrawling neatly across the front, 'Return to Sender.'