What It Takes

A Hana Yori Dango Fanfiction

By Azurite [azurite_moon@yahoo.com]



Why hello! Welcome to my FIRST ever HYD fanfic. I hope it's to your

liking... I've found a few gems scattered here and there in the HYD

world, and, like any obsessive, drooling fan, here I am adding my

own mental mayhem to the mess. ^_^

I must thank Lelu and Jen Wand, because I idolize them enough as it

is, but finding out they wrote FANTASTIC HYD fics just made my... well,

year. =D Yes ladies, you have yet another fangirl. ^_^ *waves banner*


Spoilerwise... ah, come on, who hasn't read up to 33!? ^^; *smirk* I'm

getting my translations here and there, but it looks like Viz will be a

long time coming when it comes to the actual manga. Guess I'll be

buying the original...

Lastly, I have *3* count 'em, *3* more HYD fics up my sleeves.

(Actually, I'm wearing a tanktop now, so... o_O) You'll see them

even-shua-lee. Tee hee.

Ugh, finding one continual source of translations is difficult. Isn't

there one site that has 1-present textlations of the manga? I'm

getting lost... o_O




*emphasis* and MORE EMPHASIS





A strange tingling.

And then... a bright light.

Accompanied by the most indescribable pain...

What, I ask you, is the most precious thing in this world?

Is it experience-- the knowledge of having gone through something,

of having done something and survived whatever obstacles had been

placed in your path? Is it the familiarity of undertaking a project

or a process, that strange thought inside you that tells says, "You

can do this, you will not fail!"

Or maybe... maybe it's the memories? For what are experiences without

your memories of having done them, having accomplished or failed

something? Memories are what we hold most dear to our heart, are they

not? When lost... there is a feeling of emptiness inside, unlike

anything else. Memories lost are hard -perhaps even impossible?- to


Both these things are immaterial. Experiences and memories can not

be bought at a store, ordered in a catalog, or shipped overseas.

Each person's experiences or memories differ from someone else's.

Experiences and memories... they are like the wind, like the air.

Always present, though they cannot be seen or captured-- only felt.

But maybe... just maybe, these things aren't what is most important,

the most precious, in this world. I believe it's something just as

intangible as these though, just as surrounding as the air, with

the same power and force as the wind, but still... unable to be

captured or held in the palm of your hand.

Maybe then... what is most important in this world... is love?


"Makino!" Voices chorused all at once, hardly in harmony, ringing,

ringing... the name was familiar to her, hazy though, and she was

unable to place it as she slipped to the floor.

The floor? No, cool, wet grass.

These sensations were fleeting, slipping... running away from her...

and then there was darkness, and Tsukushi Makino allowed herself

to be drawn in.

Rui was the first one to reach Tsukushi's crumpled form, lifting her

as gently as he possibly could-- one had to be careful in these

kinds of situations, when people were... when people had gotten...

"I-I didn't mean to-- not her! Not her!" An angry voice stuttered,

almost whispering incoherently. The dirty-faced man shot an angry

glare at Tsukasa Domoyouji, standing stock still between the man,

who was restrained between two of his friends, Akira Mimasaka and

Soujirou Nishikado, and his fallen girlfriend.

'Yes... my... my...'

Thoughts were all a jumble inside Tsukasa's head, images, sounds,

and sensations all whirling through his mind at a blinding speed.

Most were hard to grasp, impossible to understand or realize...

but he knew one thing above all-- the girl now lying bloodied

in Rui's arms...

'She is the most important person to me...'


The scenery now was vastly different from what it had been an hour ago.

Two hours ago, even.

Before, the F4 and others --Sakurako and Shigure, namely-- had been

gathered in the Domoyouji mansion gardens, having a sort of party

to celebrate Tsukasa's decision to return to Eitoku Academy.

Tsukushi Makino had no idea that such a party had been going on

when she arrived at the Domoyouji mansion-- but she was quickly

ushered in by the maids and shown to the gardens.

Sakurako and Shigure looked positively thrilled that she had

joined them-- something which startled Tsukushi even more. She

had only returned to the Domoyouji mansion because she intended

to return what 'rightfully belonged to him.'

At least, that's what she thought in her mind.

She'd gathered up Tsukasa's stuffed rabbit, the baseball, and what

had once been her own most precious possession -her Saturn necklace-

and put it all in a plain paper bag.

She would give them back to him. He could do with the items what he

willed, and Tsukushi resolved that she would get over her heartbreak,

and move on.

'From the beginning, I've said "I'm a weed! No matter how many times

you try to get rid of me, I'll always be back! I'm strong!" And...

and I am. I will be.'

After a week or more of Tsukasa's denial that he even *knew* her,

Tsukushi knew her heart couldn't take it anymore. She'd wanted to

tell him-- more than anything, more than life-- how much she loved

him, how much she needed him, but...

'Our own immaturity got in the way, and now... now he's free of me.

Free of all the annoyances, hassles, and burdens I brought to his


In the midst of this thought, Tsukushi could recall Tsukasa -the

Tsukasa from *before*- telling her that she wasn't a burden,

not a hassle at all-- he *loved* her, didn't she know that by now?

But the memory only brought more pain.

He didn't remember her now, didn't even seem to care for her or

have a slight interest in her. It wasn't as if they could start over...

"Maybe if you show him these things, he'll remember you!"


The girl had been trying to cheer Tsukushi up, only moments before

she left the dango shop to head to the Domoyouji mansion. Both of them

knew her efforts were futile-- if no matter of arguing, re-enactments,

or pestering from the F3 and friends would snap Domoyouji out of his

amnesia, then a few trinkets would hardly do the trick.

She'd wanted to believe in him -'believe in *us*'- until the last

moment, but...

And so she'd gone to return the trinkets to him. Maybe a sliver of hope

buried deep within her hoped that of the bunch, maybe something would

jar his memory.

But instead, Tsukasa Domoyouji didn't seem to recognize the

significance of any of them items-- at least, not between the two

of them. Rather, he saw the stuffed rabbit doll as what had once been

a treasured item of his... while everything else was 'odd junk.'

Heartbreak... again.

In anger, frustration, and acute loneliness, Tsukushi had stormed out

of the mansion, hurling the baseball at Tsukasa as she went. She

didn't even see the baseball clunk him on the end and send him

sprawling into a bush.

Tsukushi Makino didn't care who saw her-- didn't care what they said

about her, or what they thought about her. She'd spent so long

trying to be strong, trying to do her best, trying to react well

under all the pressure... from every corner of her life...

She'd paid no mind when darkness fell, and she stumbled through

bushes in the darkened park. She'd found the bench, across from

the lake where she'd cried out so many of her fears, worries,

and hopes.

She'd cried out that she loved Tsukasa more than anything, and it

hurt to see him tell her, with such cold and unfeeling eyes that

he never wanted to see her again.

Vision blurred by salty, stinging tears, she was unaware when

shadows stole past her-- only barely registering as Rui's voice

called out to her-- "Makino!"

Everything she felt was fractured, broken... once-complex feelings

now broken sensations, lasting only for a split second...

And then, looking up behind a veil of tears, she saw him-- the

expression on his face unlike anything she'd seen recently...

And she got up, stumbling on wobbling legs, towards Tsukasa,

time seeming to freeze as she moved towards him--


Out of the corner of her eye, a shadow, a form, a figure.

Light, glinting off a metallic surface.

Suddenly, time caught up to everyone at once, and it wasn't

a shadow anymore, it was a person-- the rough, worn face of

the man that had stabbed Tsukasa before.

He hadn't been caught, and now, he'd found Tsukasa again,

and this time, Tsukasa wouldn't live.

It didn't matter that Tsukasa himself had nothing to do

with the man's company going bankrupt. It didn't matter

that Tsukasa had no memory of Tsukushi, the one person

who could be captured, forcing Tsukasa to do whatever

someone wished. No one saw that anymore, no one


Until Tsukushi twisted, just before she was in Tsukasa's

arms, throwing herself in the line of fire.

More accurately, in the path of the glinting blade.

Sharp metal met tender flesh, tore open a small part

of Tsukushi's blouse... and white turned to crimson.

Dry became wet, and the life and light in Tsukushi

Makino's eyes faded.

Now, she was in the OR at the nearest hospital. Rui

was speaking to a doctor, while Tsukasa sat in a

chair in the waiting area, head in his hands.

Too much...

Too much had happened, too much confusion. It was

hard to understand.

There was still a red swelling on his head where

the baseball had hit him... it stung a little, but

Tsukasa didn't pay any attention to the pain.

Blurs, swirls, masses of memory came back to him--

all at once.

It wasn't Umi who he'd forgotten at all.

It was her.

She'd been there for him since the beginning,

something in her eyes telling him that she was

something more-- more than how the F4 were 'friends,'

more than how Umi was a 'companion,' more than

anything else, more than *anyone* else...

But now...

He glanced up at the glowing red 'Operation in Progress'


It had been on for the past hour, and hadn't so much as flickered


Tsukushi Makino's life was on the line, and it was all. His. Fault.


I so detested the original version of this... so I revised it, as per

the first part *points up* that I came up with last night. Obviously,

this lends to becoming a nulti-part fic... _; Oh dear, what am I

getting myself into?

Well, I hope you enjoyed. Do tell me what you think. =)