A one-shot fic. This is about Mai's real reason for being at Duelist Kingdom.

Oh, and by the way, I have not seen the Yugi-Pegasus duel and what happened next, so bear with me.

My Sister's Murderer
(So Now I'm Here)

So now I'm here.

Duelist Kingdom.

I've met many other duelists. Among them, Yugi Motou, the kid who beat Seto Kaiba, and his dork friend Joey Wheeler. I've talked to some, they're only here for the money or the fame, which is what I, myself, have to tell them.

I don't know if any of them even have an honorable cause for being on the island.

But if there ever was an honorable cause for me, it is now.


Fifteen years ago...

"Cynthia!" cried a young blonde girl. "Don't go!"

Her sister Cynthia turned. "Don't worry, Mai," she said, smiling. "Max will take care of me. And I'll come back to see you." Then she walked away with Max.

Maximillian Pegasus.


Five years later...

Maximillian Pegasus.

A message came from him. The blonde girl, a bit older now, read it. Over and over again, hoping it was just a trick.

Cynthia couldn't be dead.

But she was.

"I hate you, Maximillian Pegasus," Mai screamed when she was alone. "You killed Cynthia!"

I hate you.

You killed her.
My sister.


So now I'm here.

Pegasus' castle.

With Yugi, Joey and their 'cheerleaders' (they said so themselves) Téa, Ryou, and Tristan.

Just seeing your despicable face is too much for me.

And you're still the evil man I knew.

The way you humiliated Kaiba and stole his soul. Maybe that's what you did to Cynthia.

Maybe you also stole her soul.

Just like Satan himself.


Ever since Cynthia died, I have vowed to make your life a living hell.

I will bring you down.

But I must defeat Yugi first.


Cynthia, I have failed.

I should have known it was impossible to beat Yugi.

Even Joey couldn't beat him.

But I hope Yugi can take down Pegasus.

If he can't, must I kill him with my own hands?


Yugi has defeated Pegasus.

Broken him, just the way I had imagined. And then...

Ryou seemed to have gone mad in some way. He killed Pegasus.

It scared me, at first, but now I realize my revenge is complete.

And Pegasus will burn in hell forever.


So now I'm here.

In Domino City.

I'm going to start over, be friends with Yugi and his. Duel. Have fun.

Like a normal person.

But whatever happens, I won't forget you Cynthia. Or Pegasus.

I still hate you, Maximillian Pegasus.

Because you killed my sister.

*** *** *** ***

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