That's How It Feels- Meeko Melodie

Description: My second fan fiction. This is a Ryo + Rika romance story. It's set about one year after the tamers defeat the D-Reaper, when Rika is 14 (Grade 9) and Ryo is 16 (Grade 12). Rika slowly noticed that she was falling for Ryo, but will she admit her feelings to him? Read and find out yourself.

Meeko: (Excited) Hi, everyone! I'm back and this is my second fan fiction I have written. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Ryo: (grinning) they sure will.

Meeko: What makes you think they'll like it, huh?

Ryo: The fact that I'm in this fiction.

Rika: (disgusted) Argh!!

Meeko: Ha-ha! I feel the same way, Rika. Hey, you want to read the disclaimer for me?

Rika: Sure. Meeko DO NOT owns Digimon or any characters in it, so just don't sue her.

Meeko: Thank you! Now let's get to the story, here's chapter 1.

Chapter 1: School Day

It was one year after the Digimon Tamers had defeated the D-Reaper. Rika Nonaka, Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, Jeri (don't know what her last name is :P), Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa had all started Grade 9 this year while Ryo Akiyama started Grade 12. Not much had changed among the tamers except Rika changed to the same public school as the other tamers and Ryo moved out of the West Shinjuku area to start his school year. The fact that Ryo was moving surprised the tamers.

~ Flashback~

"What? You're moving?!" Kazu, a brown hair, kind of tall guy and Kenta, a boy with glasses half shouted in disbelief.
"Calm down!" Ryo, a cute boy (sorry, I can't resist) with brown hair put in spikes and with sky-blue eyes, said. "It's not like I'm going to move to the other side of the earth. I'm just moving to the other side of the city."
"Phew," Kazu sighed in relief, "buddy, you just freaked us out for a minute there."
"Who said 'us'?" came a cold voice that was WAY too familiar.
"Who do you guys think it was," Rika said.
"Hey, you came," Ryo said in an almost exciting voice (ALMOST exciting).
"Duh! Of course I did," Rika snapped in an annoyed tone which was only saved for Ryo.
Ryo shrugged and smiled. This action immediately irritated Rika as she said, "I heard you're moving, Ryo. O man, and I was hoping you'll move to Iceland or something."
"Not a chance," Ryo said jokingly and smiled once again to her but when his sky-blue eyes met her violet ones, Rika could feel heat coming up to her cheeks.
"Jerk!" Rika said to Ryo as she escaped his eyes.

~End of Flashback~

Today was the first day of school in all over West Shinjuku. Outside West Shinjuku Public High (I don't know any high school name in Japan, sorry!), students were walking into the school in excited chatters.
For the tamers, they all agreed to wait outside the school entrance so they could find their classrooms together.
"Where's that goggle head?" Rika said, impatiently as usual," we're going to be late if he does not show up in five minutes."
"Don't worry," and as usual, Henry said calmly," he'll show up soon enough."
"He better," Rika muttered under her breath.
Suddenly---- "Hey, guys," Takato yelled.
"Will you hurry up already?" Kazu shouted desperately. When Takato finally reached the tamers, he panted and said, "Sorry, I.," But someone cut him off, "Cut the apology, Mr. Matsuki. We are running late," it was Rika, of course.
Kenta looked up at the clock and gasped, "Oh no, only 4 minutes!" The group ran as fast as their legs could carry them and managed to find their homerooms in time. (Meeko: It's a miracle!)
During history lesson when Rika and Henry were sitting together, the teacher drowned the class with the information of World War 2. The whole class seemed to be asleep except for a few who were occasionally jotting down a note or two. Rika was staring at the stack of papers on which she was supposed to write down the notes. She took out her pencil and wrote down on her page: Ryo Akiyama.
She stared at the words that she had written for a moment when she suddenly realized something and said," Shoot!"
"Shoot?" the teacher asked," Miss Nonaka, are you paying attention to the lesson at all?" The class sneered except for Henry, who just looked surprised.
"Oh.they'll pay for this," Rika thought angrily as the class still giggled.
"No," Rika mumbled.
"Excuse me?" the teacher said, coming closer.
"No, Miss, I didn't pay attention during the stupid lesson, all right?" Rika shouted hotly.
"Rika Nonaka!" the teacher was shocked, "this is no way to speak to me, you understand? Go stand in the hall way now." Rika stood up and in an unusual calm nature, she walked out the door.
"This is the first warning to you, Miss Nonaka. You go out and think about what you have done wrong," the teacher said sternly," the third, you'll pay a visit to the principal." Rika pretended she didn't hear the teacher's words and stood outside.
Rika instantly started to think, but not about her mistake.
"What am I doing?" Rika asked herself. "Why am I thinking about Ryo Akiyama in history class?" she asked herself again, "and why am I even crazy enough to write down his name?" She pondered on these questions until lunch time.

~ Lunch Time ~

"Rika!" Henry shouted in the cafeteria as he saw Rika walking over to a table to sit by herself. But Rika seemed to be thinking deeply about something for she couldn't hear him. Henry grabbed his lunch and walked towards Rika.
"Is this seat taken?" Henry asked. Rika appeared to be deaf and was staring at her food.
"Earth to Rika," Henry said a little louder, waving his hand in front of her face and that startled Rika.
"Huh?" Rika said, looking around and found herself looking at Henry, "oh, hi Henry."
"Hey to you," Henry said, as he took a bite of his sandwich.
"You got something in your mind?" Henry asked.
"How do you know?" Rika said in amazement. It looked as if the only person who can understand her feelings was Henry.
"Because of you did during history class today," Henry explained," it's pretty obvious."
"Oh.," Rika said in embarrassment.
"What happened?" Henry asked, getting back to the topic.
"It's nothing," Rika replied with a careless shrug. Henry looked her closely with anxiety.
"Really, it's nothing to worry about," Rika replied once more.
"If you're sure," Henry said, still believing Rika was hiding something. Both of them continued to eat their lunch in silence until.
"Henry! Rika!" a loud voice suddenly cut through the peaceful silence between the pair. Rika groaned as she heard Kazu's annoying voice.
"What are you two doing here, alone?" Kazu questioned, as the rest of the tamers closely followed and he was emphasizing the last word.
"What do you think genius?" Rika said in a sarcastic tone of hers as she continued," Hmm.let's see. What would someone do in a cafeteria?" Kazu ignored Rika's sarcastic remark as he said teasingly," Ryo is going to be jealous."
At the word 'Ryo', Rika cheeks started to glow the tiniest pink and she snapped," Who cares about Ryo anyway."
"But Ryo cares about you," Kenta added. Now Rika's cheeks were even rosier and she said, "Anyone mention Ryo's name again, they'll be history!" Rika sounded so deadly that even Kazu and Kenta shut their big mouths. Rika left the table in silence as Henry was thinking: Now I know what's going on.

~ After School ~

Students filed out from the school ground when the bell rang at 3:30. Rika was walking home by herself. As she was walking on the sidewalk, she was asking the same question again and again.
"Why did I have this weird feeling inside me whenever someone mentions Ryo?" She had never felt this way before towards Ryo or any other boys in this case. The first time Rika met Ryo was on a Card Game Tournament where Ryo beat Rika. The second time they met was in the Digital World last year. At that time, Rika was being rude to him but later, when they were fighting against the D-Reaper, they became good partners and since then, she felt weird around him. But she didn't know why. It was a peculiar feeling.

~ On the other side of the town~
Ryo walked out of his school, saying goodbye to his friends. He walked through the deserted streets which leaded to his apartment. On his first day of school, he already had to read three books in two months. After all, Ryo was in his final year in high school and he had expected the homework load. He sat down on the sofa in his stuffy hot apartment and looked at a stack of blue and green Digimon Game Cards. He had decided not to participate in the future tournaments but he still play with them sometimes. Now Ryo was staring at the cards, thinking about- Rika. Ryo had always thought of Rika as his competitor in the past, good partner and friend now. But somehow, Ryo had a feeling that Rika wasn't thinking the same way as he did.
Sighing loudly to himself, he reached for the television control and clicked it on. He decided to read his novels later.

Meeko: Ok, I know it's long and boring and everything. But please, please bear with me. It'll get better in the later parts.

Ryo: (cheerfully) It's ok, they'll love it.

Rika: (rudely) How do you know, smart guy?

Meeko: (interrupted) Please don't say because you're in it.

Ryo: (disappointed) Fine, be that way!

Meeko: (sigh) Please send comments to Thank you!

Ryo: You're welcome.

Meeko: Shut up! (Chasing Ryo around while Rika is laughing her head off.) ^____^