That's How It Feels- Meeko Melodie

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Chapter 3: The Christmas Party

Day after day, Rika gave herself excuses not to phone Ryo. But as the time dragged on, she felt more uneasy. Finally on day in November, she decided to send him a letter:

Hey, it's me, Rika. Look, I have to tell you this on a letter because I don't think I can say this on the phone. The thing I want to tell you is that I . . . I like you. I don't know what in the world make me say this but this is true.

Rika sent the letter. She didn't' know if Ryo had received it yet or what he would think about the letter. This is driving her crazy. For the next few weeks, she was so nervous that she didn't even go meet the tamers on weekends, in case Ryo was there.
Henry understood Rika's situation and he asked during one lunch time," you told him yet?"
"Yeah," Rika replied, but she kept quiet about the rest of it, so Henry didn't ask her again.

~ December ~

It was the beginning of December. All over West Shinjuku, streets, buildings and houses were covered by clean, white snow. On day after school, when Rika was about to leave the school, Jeri ran to her excitedly and asked, "Hey Rika! There's a Christmas dance on the twenty fourth down in the community centre, want to come?"
Rika hesitated; she had never went to dances, not even the school ones. But she decided to risk this one and answered, "Sure, I'll come. Who else is coming?"
"Uh . . . let's see," Jeri was thinking, "Henry, Suzie (Henry's little sister), Takato, Kazu, Kenta, Ryo and myself." As soon as Rika heard 'Ryo', she asked nervously, "Ryo's coming too?"
"Err . . ." Jeri said uneasily, "yea, he's coming. Seeing Rika's uneasiness, she asked kindly, "Are you ok with it?"
"Yea, yea," Rika answered with confidence.
"That's great," Jeri said and waved goodbye as she walked the other way. Rika continued to walk back home, once again deep in thought.

~ Friday, December 24th 4:00 pm ~

"Hmm . . ." Rika opened up her closet and was uncertain on what she should wear in the dance. She looked through her closet for about fifteen minutes and finally decided on something. She put on a sky-blue turtle neck sweater and a navy blue skirt. This was the first time she had ever worn a skirt, not counting her old school uniform. On six o'clock, Rika's mom drove Rika to the community centre and dropped her down. She walked up the stairs and reached the oak doors. Music was roaring on the other side of the doors. Rika breathed in deeply and opened them.
Inside the huge ball room, a large Christmas tree was standing in one corner, with the glass ornaments being hanged on the branches. Blue, silver, green and red streamers were dangling from the ceiling. The dark room was enlightened with different colored light bulbs, which were slung on the sides of the walls. Snacks and drinks were set on tables along side the walls.
Rika had a difficult time finding her friends but she finally spotted them in a corner. She walked towards them.
"Hey!" Rika greeted them, then she noticed Takato and Jeri were missing. "Where are Takato and Jeri?" Rika asked. Kazu and Kenta snickered and Rika found it so annoying that she snapped," What?"
"Look over there," Kazu stopped laughing and pointed towards the dance floor. Rika looked over and saw Takato and Jeri dancing there. Standing with the group, she at last noticed Ryo and blushed lightly at the sight of him. Ryo saw Rika looking at himself, so he said," Hey Rika! I thought you hate dances."
"I do hate dances," Rika replied, again with sarcasm, "But I can come if I want to."
"Of course," Ryo said and looked away. He seemed to be awkward towards Rika. For the rest of the party, Kazu and Kenta had actually managed to find partners to dance with. Henry was dancing with a long- haired girl whom they have never seen before and Suzie, Henry's little sister went somewhere to play with her friends. All through the night, Rika was sitting on one of the chairs and it was the same for Ryo.
A slow song came; it was "That's How It Feels". Rika stared at the stone hard floor when a voice asked," May I have this dance?" Rika was surprised that someone had actually asked her. She looked up and found herself staring into a pair of sky blue eyes. Rika nodded and Ryo took her to the dance floor, they started to dance to the beat of music.

(# represents the lyrics ( )

# It's such a crazy ride You feel it deep inside It seems like I could touch the sky (the sky) Just being close to her She heals me she's my cure From all the pain out in the world #

Ryo and Rika dance in silence when Ryo suddenly said, "Rika, don't waste your time on something that will never happened. It'll be much happier for you if you let go." Rika looked up in to Ryo's blue eyes quizzically. She didn't really understand.

# That's how it feels when you know you've finally found her #

"Just give up, it'll be better for you if you do," Ryo explained.

# Can't wait until you're back around her #

"What . . . what do you mean?" Rika asked.

# It's like waking up from a dream that turns out to be real #

"Is it really that hard to understand the words 'give up'?" Ryo asked.
"Ok, so I do get what you mean," Rika said in a defeated voice," but I want you to say it out loud."

# It's all become so clear to see #

"You already know what I'm trying to say," Ryo said.
"But I want you to say it to me, don't you understand?" Rika demanded tears were rolling in her eyes, blurring her sight.

# It's like driving way to fast #

"We'll never be together," Ryo said quietly. As these words came out from his mouth, tears in Rika's eyes slowly rolled down her cheeks but she didn't bother to brush them away. Ryo, who was still holding on to Rika's hands, glanced at her and was hurt at the sight of Rika crying.
He had never seen her cry, a tough girl like Rika, and he felt so sorry but he had told her the truth. The truths always stab one's heart.

# It's like laying on the beach Where the ocean air smell so sweet #

"I'm sorry," Ryo said gently, "you can hate me all you want."
"Ha . . ." Rika laughed with mockery, "you know I wouldn't hate you." Tears were still rolling down from Rika's violet eyes.

# It's like waking up from a dream that turns out to be real #

"I can understand how you feel," Ryo said softly.
"Yea . . .? How? "Rika asked, sarcasm was still in her voice.
"I've been turned down by a girl before," Ryo said, still painful from his memory. Rika was speechless, but it was from the anger, which was starting to rise inside her but she tried to control herself. The song ended and another one started. Rika let go of Ryo's hands quickly and ran out of the room, with Ryo closely behind her.
"Rika!" Ryo shouted on the snow covered street. Rika continued to run but slipped on the ground. Ryo rushed to her and tried to help her up but Rika stood on her own.
"Get away from me," Rika told him in a deadly voice. She walked on, shivering on the way and tears gliding down her cold cheeks.
Ryo just stared after Rika on the road under the yellow street lights . . .

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