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Childhood Simplicity

Why, oh why did Gryffindor always have to be partnered with Slytherin? And why did Harry, 9 times out of 10, have to be partners with Draco Malfoy? Of all people! It was torture! Not a day went by in which the two didn't argue about something and today was no different.
"No, you're supposed to put in the frog warts first, and then the lizard tongues!" shouted Harry angrily.
"No! It's the other way around, you moron!" yelled Draco in response.
"How dare you call me-" Harry stopped dead in mid-sentence as a chill swept over both boys. "Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, is there a problem here?" said their potions teacher coldly.
"No, sir." both boys said in unison.
"Good, then I suggest you finish you're potion now so that I won't have to see you while you finish it in detention." Snape said venomously before turning and making his way around the rest of the classroom.
"Nice going, Potter." Draco said mockingly.
"Oh, shut up already and add the rest of the ingredients." Harry replied.

"Ok, now, how long does it say to let it simmer for?" asked Harry, preparing to set the caldron over the flame. As Draco reached for his text book, his elbow accidentally hit the caldron, spilling it's contents all over Harry. Harry leapt from his seat with a scream of surprise. The whole class turned to look at him as he stared at his drenched robes.
Harry suddenly collapsed to his knees, grasping his sides desperately. He felt like he was being ripped apart from the inside and he soon found that he couldn't breath.
Everyone in the room watched in awe as Harry got smaller and smaller until there was nothing but a bundle of his robes left.
Snape rushed over, his robes billowing behind him. He scooped up the pile of robes carefully. "Follow me, Mr. Malfoy." he said, walking swiftly to the door with Draco nearly jogging to keep up. "The rest of you finish your potions." he said before exiting into the dungeon hallway.

They were soon standing outside the door to Dumbledore's office. Snape knocked lightly and the door opened on it's own.
"Oh, Serverus. I didn't expect to see you so soon today." said the elderly man, standing behind his desk. The potions master walked to where the man was standing and whispered something to him. He then handed the bundle of robes to Dumbledore. The elder wizard untangled a few bits of cloth and peered into the bundle. "Ah! I see. Thank you Serverus. You may go back to your class now." said Dumbledore with a smile.
Draco turned to follow his teacher out the door when he was stopped.

"Not you , Mr. Malfoy. Please, have a seat." said Dumbledore, once again taking his seat as well. "What's going on? What happened to Potter?" Draco asked, looking a bit concerned for the Boy Wonder, for once.
As if on cue, the bundle in Dumbledore's arms started to move. Both occupants of the room stared at the ball of robes. Dumbledore started to untangle the bundle and soon enought what looked to be a small boy with a head of ebony-black hair appeared. The robes fell away to reveal tiny shoulders and a back covered in flawless skin. The boy looked up at Dumbledore who smiled sweetly in return. The boy then turned his head to look at Draco. His eyes wer two pools of emerald, brimming with innocence. Draco felt as if those shimmering eyes could see straight into his very soul.
Draco then caught a glimpse of a lightning shaped scar through shining strands of black. The little boy looked back at Dumbledore while Draco stared at him with a slack jaw.
Was that little boy...Harry?
"Excuse me, mister, but who are you?" the boy asked his holder, a bit frightened by his new surroundings.
"My name is Dumbledore." he said, "What's your name?"
"H-Harry, Harry Potter."
"Well Harry, I'd like to welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."
"Where are Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon? And Dudley?"
Dumbledore hesitated for a second, trying to think of an answer. "Well, they went away for a bit. They left you here for us to take care of you while they are gone. But don't worry, they'll be back soon."
Harry thought about this for a second or two, his borws knitted and a small pout on his lips. "Ok, but...," he hesitated, a bit nervous, "if I don't want to go back with them...can I stay here?"
Dumbledore showed a look of surprise at the question. "Well, we'll just have to see, alright?"
Harry nodded with a small sigh.
"Now Mr. Malfoy, when you accidentally spilt that potion on Harry, this was the result. As you can see, it was a de-aging potion and the antidote takes 7 days to prepare. Therefore, until the end of this week, you will take care of Mr. Potter in his current state." Dumbledore paused at the look of sheer horror on Draco's face.
"Y-you can't be serious! How am i supposed to take care of a kid? I have school! And homework! And a social life!" Draco practically yelled, making Harry jump in Dumbledore's arms.
"You don't have a choice, Mr. Malfoy. I will arrange for you two to have a separate room to yourselves and I will request that Ms. Granger take notes for Harry. You won't be required to take him to class with you, of coarse, but you must take him to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you understand?"
Draco was in disbelief. He looked at Harry who was making small braids in the headmaster's long, silver beard. "A-are you really serious? I really have to do this? Can't I just take a week or two of detention instead?"
"No, this is your decided punishment."
Draco sighed and bowed his head in submission. "I understand."
Dumbledore's voice softened now as he spoke again. "Mr. Malfoy, I know that you and Mr. Potter are fierce rivals, the whole school knows that. The other professors and I believe that it would be in both of your best interests if you tryed to get along with eachother. It isn't impossible to rebuild bridges that you have already burned, Mr. Malfoy."
Draco looked up at Dumbledore, a final pleading look on his face.
"I'm sure it won't be as bad as you expect it to be." Dumbledore then snapped his fingers and a house elf appeared beside him. "Take Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter to the spare room on the third floor, please. And have Mr. Malfoy's things moved and make sure that there are spare clothes for Mr. Potter left in the wardrobe." Dumbledore then walked over to Draco and put Harry in his arms. Both boys looked at each other as Harry clenched Draco's robes in his tiny fists and leaned agains him. "I do hope that you two will learn to get along. Good luck, Mr. Malfoy." Dumbledore said with a smile. With that, he escorted the pair out the door.

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