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Magical Love
by Stargaziey

Helga gazed out her window to the world below on the dreary Monday morning. It had been raining all week and, more than likely, would rain out the baseball game planned for that evening.

"Stupid spring showers." Grumbled Helga as she went downstairs and put on her raincoat. "I'm leaving for school now, Miriam." She said. The sound of her mother's snores was her only reply and Helga sighed, leaving to catch the bus.

As Helga approached the bus stop, she listened to the sound of the thunder and watched the lightning. The day reminded her of the day she had met Arnold. It's amazing what can happen on such a dreary day. She thought, smiling to herself and relishing in her stolen moment. The thoughts of Arnold somewhat lifted her spirits and Helga greeted Phoebe with morning cheer as she approached the bus stop.

"Morning, Pheebs."

"Salutations, Helga." The two chatted with Nadine and Sheena as they waited for the bus. A few moments later, Arnold and Gerald approached the bus stop.

"Hey Football Head!" Shouted Helga. Arnold gave her a look and replied, "Hi Helga." Then turned to Gerald. "I wish that someday she'd stop calling me names." Herald gave him a lopsided grin, "The only thing that would stop that, Arnold-my-man, is magic."

"Okay everybody. I have a few 'special' announcements to make." Said Mr. Simmons to the class when they got to school that morning. "First, since it's raining, we'll be having indoor recess...again." All the students groaned. It was the sixth day in a row that they had indoor recess because of the rain.

"Next," Continued Mr. Simmons, "we'll be having a 'special' student teacher come in everyday after recess both this week and next week. Her name is Miss Brenna O'Leigh and I want all of you to be very nice to her when she comes in. She'll be working with all of you on the new 'special' project I have assigned for you." The class groaned in unison again. "It's a literature project. Each of you will pick a 'special' author of poetry or novels and try to write a poem or short story using their style of writing. Since Miss O'Leigh is an English Literature major in college, I thought she would be the best to help you on your 'special' projects." The class groaned the loudest this last time.

Arnold was talking to Gerald during the indoor recess. "Do you think it will stop raining before the baseball game tonight, Gerald?"

"The way it looks now, man, I'd be surprised if it stopped raining by Christmas." Gerald replied. The two of them were playing a game of checkers. Others around the room were doing similar things: playing games, reading and making the best of the dreary day.

After his turn, Arnold looked out the window and noticed someone standing right outside the fence of the school, like they were debating to come in. Arnold wouldn't have noticed so much, but what the person was wearing caught his eye: a royal purple cloak.

He couldn't tell who they were because the hood of the cloak was pulled over their head, but he got the feeling that he had never seen them before. When Gerald finished, Arnold took is turn and when he looked back to see the cloaked person, they were gone.

Helga sat at her desk reading a comic book. She had read the same one every day they had indoor recess and she wasn't paying much attention to the pages. She gazed out the window and watched the rain.

Helga noticed a movement near the entrance of the school. A person was standing out in the rain. Just standing there. "What an idiot," she said to herself, "they're just standing out in the rain." Still, she kept staring at the figure. It was the royal purple cloak that caught her eye. 'Humph! Why would they just be standing outside on a day like this?' Thought Helga, then turned back to her comic book, but she was still curious about the cloaked figure. But, when she turned to the window again, they were gone.

After recess the students took their seats and settled down after the long and quite boring recess. "Calm down now, students." Said Mr. Simmons; "I want to introduce all of you to our new 'special' student teacher, Miss Brenna O'Leigh."

He opened the door and there stood a lovely young woman. She had fair skin, emerald green eyes and long, flame red hair that was piled into a loose bun on the top of her head. She wore a white long-sleeve button down shirt and a midnight-blue skirt and jacket. On the jacket she wore a brooch with a crescent moon and a little star dangling from it. She was very beautiful and she had a cheery smile on her lips that never wavered as she stepped into the classroom of relentless stares.

"Good afternoon, students." She said. Silence. She did not falter, but simply continued. "As Mr. Simmons told you, me name is Brenna O'Leigh and I will help you with your literature projects." There was a slight Irish accent to her silvery voice.

"Okay class," Said Mr. Simmons, "when Miss O'Leigh is here, I am going to sit over in the corner and observe her 'special' teaching skills. She will be the 'special' teacher for the remainder of the day after recess for the next two weeks." Many of the students began to chatter about this and seemed quite happy with the arrangement. "Feel free to take over from here, Miss O'Leigh." Finished Mr. Simmons.

Miss O'Leigh smiled and stepped behind the desk to lay a book upon it.
"Students." She said, commanding their attention. "Before we begin, I'll just tell you a little bit about meself. I am originally from Daevon, Ireland and me family and I moved here when I was 12." She paused. "That explains my slight accent." She finished with a smile. "So, for the rest of today I'm going to explain some of the different types of writing styles in literature. I may suggest that you take some notes and then make your choice of style you're going to use."

The rest of the day the students paid great attention to their student teacher, that they didn't even realize when the rain had stopped and the skies cleared.

"I'm telling you, Gerald, something is going on around here." Arnold said to his best friend after school that day. They were both getting ready for the baseball game that night.

"What are you talking about, Arnold?"

"Haven't you noticed that there's been an awful lot of cats hanging around here?"

"Yeah, they're your grandma's pets." Gerald replied.

"What about the weather? It's been kinda...weird."

"It's springtime...weird weather happen in the spring." Gerald shrugged.

"What about that person in the purple cloak I saw standing in front of the school today?"

"Maybe they thought it was Halloween." Gerald joked. Arnold looked at Gerald, then said, "I mean it, Gerald. There's something going on around here and I'm gonna find out what." Gerald gave a concerned look to Arnold and asked, "Arnold, are you sure you saw some purple cloaked person standing outside the school today. I mean, it was raining pretty hard; you're eyes could have been playing tricks on you."

"That's just it, Gerald. It was raining. Really hard. But now there isn't a cloud in the sky. It's been raining all week and it wasn't supposed to stop for at least a few more days."

"I don't know about you, man. But I'm happy it stopped raining so we can have our game tonight." Arnold nodded in agreement. "After all," continued Gerald, "you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth."

But Arnold didn't hear him; he was looking out his window at the purple cloaked figure in front of the boarding house.

"Look Gerald! It's the person! The person in the cloak!" Before Gerald could look or respond, Arnold was running down the stairs to the front door. Soon after, Gerald was close behind. But, when they went outside there was nobody out there.

"Wh...where'd he go?" Asked Arnold. Gerald looked at Arnold and asked,
"Arnold, are you sure you're okay?"

"Look!" Arnold cried, not answering Gerald's question, mostly because, at this moment in time, he wasn't sure himself. At the end of the sidewalk, in a crack in the concrete where weeds were growing, a single red rose bud was growing among them.

"What the..." said Gerald, dumbfounded.

"It''s a rose bud." Said Arnold with awe.

"Maybe your grandma planted it." Suggested Gerald, trying to be somewhat rational. Arnold gave him a look to stop joking, then gently picked the delicate flower and took it inside.

Using one of his grandma's vases he put the rose bud in water and set it on his bedside table. Gerald couldn't take it anymore.

"Arnold, I know what you're thinking, cause I'm thinking it too, but it's impossible."

"How else could that flower have gotten there, Gerald? The person in the purple cloak must have put it there."

"But how?"

"I don't know...but I'm gonna find out."

Helga and Phoebe sat in Helga's room talking about the day's events, mainly the stroke of luck about the rain finally coming to a stop.

Helga was doing most of the talking, when she finally asked, "Hey, Pheebs, did you see that weird looking person at recess today?"

"What 'weird looking person,' Helga?"

"You know, they were wearing a purple cloak and watching the school, especially our class room."

"My apologies, Helga, but I'm afraid I haven't a clue who you're talking about." Helga jumped off her bed and walked to her window, saying as she did, "Aw, c'mon Pheebs, how could you have missed...HIM!"

In the next moment, Helga ran to her door and down the stairs, leaving Phoebe to stare blankly, then follow in her wake.

"Helga, wait!" Phoebe cried. Helga threw open the door and practically skipped the steps and jumped onto the sidewalk. "Criminey! He's gone." She whispered to herself, feeling very agitated. Phoebe caught up to Helga "Are you feeling well, Helga?" She asked. Helga turned to Phoebe.

"You didn't see him, Pheebs? They were wearing a purple cloak and..., What are you looking at Phoebe?"

Helga turned to where Phoebe's gaze had become transfixed and gasped. A single white rose bud was growing between the cracks of weeds. Helga went over and, for a reason she could not comprehend, gently picked it and took it inside.

In her room, Helga placed the rose bud in a small, green glass soda bottle she had kept because, when the sunlight hits it just right, it reminded her of Arnold's eyes.

"How do you assume it got there, Helga?" Phoebe asked her best friend.

"I don't know, Pheebs, but I'll bet that person in the cloak has something to do with it." Helga replied, never taking her gaze away from the rose bud.