Liesl's Sixteenth Year

Autors Notes: This is TSOM from Liesl's POV.  I did try to explain what happened a little before Maria came.  Please e-mail me with suggestions on how it could be improved and I will change it. Enjoy.

Chapter One: A Wonderful Life

September 20, 1933

            Today is my twelfth birthday.  My mother gave me this journal and told me that I should write down all my thoughts in it.  She said her journal was like her best friend.  I wonder however how can a piece of paper be your best friend?  I much rather just talk to my father or mother about my thoughts, but oh well I guess I will try to write in here.  My name is Liesl and I live in a beautiful town called Salzburg in Austria.  I have a wonderful family.  My father and mother are the best parents I could wish for.  Father is so wonderful.  I adore him.  I also have five brothers and sisters: Fredrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta and Marta.  They are all very dear to me and we are all very close.  Mother is also expecting another baby in about two weeks.  I am very excited.  I got many little gifts for my birthday.  Father and mother both gave me a beautiful silver cross.  I love it.  It was such a wonderful birthday! 

September 27, 1933

            This afternoon our family went on a picnic.  Father did not want mother to come because she is very pregnant now, but she insisted.  Mother does not like to hike, but she does love to be with us.  She usually sits on the hill and knits clothes for us.  We usually always go up to a wonderful mountain that is hidden in the Alps.  We have never seen anyone ever even close to it so we dubbed it the "von Trapp Mountain."  Today though it was strange.  We spent the day up there singing.  Oh it is so delightful to sing with my family.  Mother and Father are teaching me how to play the guitar.  I find it difficult, but I am trying.  I love listening to Mother and Father sing.  I have never heard two prettier voices together.  They sound like angels.  Surely there is no other person on this Earth that can sing as well as my Mother.  After a while it began to get dark so we packed and went down the mountain.  Something very strange happened.  A young girl who looked about 17 was walking up the mountain.  We were all stunned because we had never seen anyone go up this mountain.  She had short blond hair and her eyes glistened in the dark.  She was singing a beautiful song.  For a moment I thought she must be an angel.  From the looks on my family's faces I could tell they were stunned too.  Why would some young girl walk into the hills at night?  She could get lost.  The girl spotted us and looked as stunned as we were to see someone up on the mountain.  She stopped and looked at us then ran to the top of the hill.  We turned to leave and could hear her beautiful singing in the background.  Who is this mysterious woman?  I was dying to know because I had never heard someone sing like that.  I asked Father if he had ever seen her before.  He told me he had never seen her.  Hmm…wonder who she is.

October 3, 1933

            Well the baby came today.  She is a girl!  I am so excited!  I have a new little sister named Gretl.  She is so beautiful.  Father and mother are so happy and proud.  Marta doesn't quite know what to think of her.  She is adorable we are so happy.  You know sometimes I think everything is just too perfect for us.  God has blessed us with so much.  We have a wonderful house overlooking a lake and our family is so close.  Father and Mother love each other and us children dearly.

October 26, 1933

            Oh my I can't write now.  I am very sick so are my other sisters and brothers.  I will write when I feel better.

November 12, 1933

            Well thank goodness that is over.  My brothers and sisters all caught scarlet fever.  It was terrible.  That is everyone except Brigitta and Gretl.  They didn't catch it so they had to go and live in the maid and governess house so they would not catch it from us.  Mother tried desperately to take care of us.  I feel bad mine was the worst of all the children.  They fought if off, but I was very ill.  The doctor told them there was nothing he could do we would have to just pray.  I wasn't supposed to hear this, but I did.  Father and Mother were both crying.  Mother came and sat by my side and prayed.  She told me Father had gone to church to pray.  I was very scared.  I didn't want to die.  Luckily, after three days of worrying, I began to get better.  Our prayers were answered.  I can't thank the Lord enough.  We all appear to be better.  The only problem is Brigitta had a hard time living away from Mother for so long.  She clings to Mother and will not let her go now.  Louisa was also frightened.  Brigitta got over it eventually, but Louisa was worse.  She was so scared; she even slept in Mother's room for a while.  Luckily we are almost back to normal now.  Everyone is happy again!

November 25, 1933

            One month until Christmas!  I can't wait!  Mother seems tired, but is already preparing Christmas songs for us to sing.

November 30, 1933

            Oh I can't write something terrible has happened.