"Obligation and Duty"
Chapter 10.55.2

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The girl with long, brown hair turned. A playful twinkle danced dangerously in her green-orange eyes as she waited for the boy to catch up. Resting his hands on his knees, he doubled over to catch his breath.
"Eh? Couldn't let me leave, Paien"
"Peine forte et dure!" Paien exclaimed in his sarcastic way. It basically meant 'strong and hard punishment', but many kids at school twisted it around to mean something else. "Do you... really intend to leave me?" he gasped. Rei took the bait:
"Oh, darling, darling. I could never leave you! Quand même, I have to"
Over the course of three years-- actually less-- Paien and Rei had developed a "joking attraction" to one another. Meaning, they only acted like they were lovers if it were funny.
"Dame d'esprit"
"Homme moyen sensuel," Rei countered. He called her a woman of wit; she called him nonintellectual. Paien smiled; neither said anything for a moment. Finally, Paien gave her a hug and moved aside.
"À bientôt," he said and waved. Rei started for the van and repeated the goodbye. She took one last look at her home of 3 years and the van sped off.

Rei went over her papers for the third time to make sure they were all there. She was going to have to get used to being called 'Rei' again; Paien had given her the name 'Renée' at school and it kinda stuck. She checked her watch and stepped onto the train.
While she was mentally hoping that the airline company had sent her bags to the right address, she heard a very familiar voice. Turning to look around the packed train, she spotted the red-head she'd never forget.
"Shuichi!" she almost squealed. Instantly his head turned to the noise and his eyes widened when he saw who it was. Kuwabara leaned over to see over other people's heads and called, "Ehhh! Rei-chan"
Forcing her way through the crowded aisle, she stood by the two and grabbed on to steady herself.
"What are you doing back?" Kuwabara asked, still pleased to see her.
"My highschool lets seniors out early so they can get everything ready for uni," Rei smiled up at him.
"Ahh! You're going to uni"
She nodded, "Mmmhmm. I hear you're trying to get in one, too"
Kuwabara blushed a little, "Who told you"
"Shizuru," Rei winked. Shizuru had gotten her snail-mail address off of Ato and sent a few magazine clippings about some articles that Rei was mentioned in, and they had been corresponding ever since.
"So what are you doing today?" Kurama finally said something.
"I'm going home to see if Ato has burned the place down yet!" Rei had to laugh. She was so happy to be back home. Just then the train stopped.
"Oh, do you want to get a coffee with us?" Kuwabara asked. Rei shook her head, "Nah, I gotta get going. We'll have to catch up soon"
She got off the train and walked out of the station. Yes, she was very glad to be home.
When she got to the top of the steps to her shrine, she was almost in awe. The place looked better than when she had left it-- meaning Ato hadn't burned it down and actually did some good!
"REIIIIIIIII!" came a squeal as someone barreled through the doorway. It was Ato; wearing the same thing as the last time she saw her and not a day older.
"I thought you were alive..." Rei started slowly.
"WAS!" Ato mock-sobbed. "Alas, tis a vile fiend; that orange soda"
Rei walked up to the porch, "Don't tell me... another overdose"
"Aye. It had it's advantages, though. Everyone thinks the place is haunted again," Ato smiled wickedly.
Rei tried to get through the door, but her cases were too big. "Are you gonna help me?" she asked.
Ato shook her head, "Sorry. Can't. It's against my religion"
Rei rolled her eyes and shoved the case through the door.
"Oh yeah," Ato re-started. "Genkai called. Seems she knew you were coming today, so she asked for you to go to her place"
"Thanks," Rei said sarcastically. "Did she give a time"
"Nope, but she called a while ago. You should probably go now"
Rei gave Ato a look and asked, "Will you please take care of this, then"
With all the shoving and forcing of the bags, Rei had accidentally knocked one open, spilling the contents on the floor. Ato rolled her eyes, "Whatever. But I ain't touchin' the underwear"
"Wouldn't want you to," Rei said and closed the door.

When Rei got there, she found Yukina, Genkai and Phoenix Puu all living quite happily. It was good to see them all again, Rei mused happily. And Yukina was getting so cute that she just wanted to squeeze her!
"She has that effect," Genkai agreed while sipping her tea. "The others should be here in a minute"
Sure enough, as soon as Yukina opened the door to check, she said, "Ahh! Everyone"
They talked for a moment before Genkai got up and went to the door. They all came inside and sat down. Shizuru and Rei talked a little just to catch up while Keiko asked how Genkai was doing. They all quieted down when Genkai asked about Yusuke. No one really knew what he was doing in Demon World.
"Eh?" Rei whispered. Kurama leaned over and whispered, "I'll explain later"
They finally got off that subject when Botan and Koenma came, then Genkai told them the reason why she'd asked them all there. "I want to leave this house to you all in my will when I die"
They all thought she was joking. She went on to tell them that if the world were overrun with demons, this would be a place of rest. She wanted them to keep care of it. They were finally talked into agreeing, but no one wanted to think of their beloved sensei's death. She finally finished and let them all go.
Shizuru looked at her watch when all besides Koenma were outside the gate above the stairs. "Ah, it's time for us to go now"
"Okay. Yukina, can you come too?" Kuwabara instantly asked; he was acting like a little schoolboy. Yukina agreed, and they walked downt the steps. Kuwabara stopped, and Kurama stopped just to see what was wrong. Kuwabara mused for a moment before Botan called up, "Hey! Boys shouldn't be contemplating the sunset together"
The girls giggled and kept walking as Kuwabara barrelled down the steps calling for Yukina. They walked to the seashore; each lost in their own thoughts.
Keiko and Yukina went to play in the water while Shizuru, Kurama and Rei watched the sunset by a beached boat. Botan and Kuwabara went to join them and found some interesting sea creatures. They called Yukina back to see the things they caught. Keiko stood there for a moment before shouting, "Yusuke... YOU IDIOT"
"Yusuke! Don't be stupid anymore! Isn't three years enough? You stupid fool"
They all felt a little sorry for her until they heard the voice they all longed to hear.
"So that's what you think of me, huh"
Keiko turned slowly. There was Yusuke, standing there with the same bad-ass grin he always wore. He had a bag slung over his shoulder and raised his hand, "Hey. I'm back"
That was enough for Keiko. She started walking slowly and then picked up pace before screaming Yusuke and knocking them both to the sand with a huge hug. She slowly covered his mouth with hers when he said, "Hey, you trying to kill me, crazy girl"
Just then a huge wave came up and enveloped them both. Rei sighed and looked away. She stood up and brushed off her backside.
"Happy ending, hey?" she winked at Kurama and Shizuru. The wave washed back to sea, and Yusuke and Keiko rushed to follow it. They started a splash war, soon pulling Kuwabara and Botan into it. Yukina followed while Shizuru, Kurama and Rei watched the scene with delighted smiles. Shizuru lit another cigarette and shrugged.
"Yeah. Happy ending"
"Coulda been better," Kurama added, just to break the mood. The girls laughed at him and shook their heads.
"Forever Fornever, I guess," Rei Amerasu smiled and turned to walk towards home.

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