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            Jean and Scott sat hand in hand on the edge of the dock at the lake on the property of the Xavier Institute. Scott admired her as she lifted up her chin and closed her eyes to take in the scent of the lake. Her skin glowed a pale blue in the moonlight. Scott's adoring gaze was broken by her graceful voice.

            "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

            "Yeah, it is." he said, looking down at her slender fingers, tangled with is own. When he looked up, Jean's bright green eyes were on his face. The corners of her lips turned up in a quiet smile. The cool, late spring breeze gently tousled her fiery red hair.

            "It's so quiet." she said.

            "It's perfect" he whispered back. He raised his hand to her cheek and she closed her eyes at the feeling of his warm, protective hand. She touched the part of his neck where it met his shoulder. She opened her eyes to smooth out a wrinkle in his dark blue sweater. He gently began to move closer to her, and she shut her eyes in anticipation. She eagerly awaited this moment that they'd both been longing for practically since they'd met, but seemed real only since he'd been abandoned in the desert in Mexico and she'd found him scared, alone, blind, and tired. She was the only person who was ever able to really make him feel safe.

            Suddenly, a rustle came from the bushes behind them. Scott quickly opened his eyes and turned away.

            "Kurt!" he shouted, "Is there no privacy?!"

            "Scott!" Jean announced quickly, "It's not Kurt." She closed her eyes, furrowed her brow and touched her forehead. "It's not Kitty either."

            "Who is it?"

            "I don't know; something's blocking my telepathy." The two stood up and moved slowly to try and run. Jean took two steps back as a shadowy figure appeared behind her.

            "Jean!" Scott shouted trying to warn her. She spins around to see a purple, glowing fist. The rest of her assailant is covered by a hooded robe. Reacting quickly, Jean used her telekinesis to lift her opponent into the air. Scott squats at attention, ready to lift his red shades to uncase his optic blast.

            "Scott, wait!" she turned and waved her hand at him to back off, but the floating attacker launches the purple aura.

            "Jean!" Scott shouted. He couldn't blast it since she was standing directly in his way. Her reaction comes too slowly as it hits her in the back of the head. She is knocked unconscious and the intruder falls to the ground.

            "Ouch!" a very feminine voice lets out from behind the shadows. Scott is thrown aback at the softness of the attacker, when he ears a voice right next to ear.

            "Listen to my voice, Cyclops," a sudden rush of pain rises up from the base of his neck. "Listen to Vertigo." The bottom of his stomach drops to nowhere. The scenery in front of him begins to spin, faster and faster until it all turns black. He slumps to the ground. "The boy's a light weight" The girl says with pride.

            "Funny, Vertigo." The first, hooded attacker said.

            "No, really, you see how fast he went down?" The girl had long blond hair with stripes of green in it. She wore a tank top with swirly blue and green stripes and a short white skirt.

            "It was probably because he saw your face." Her voice had a distinct English accent.

            "Shut up, Psylocke." Vertigo snapped back.

            "Where is Slab?" The still masked Psylocke asked.

            "Hmmmm… I dunno," Vertigo looked around, "Slab!" she called out.

            Psylocke smacked her in the arm, "Shut up! We don't know if any other X-Goons are around. We're not that far from the house you know. And it sounded like they were expecting someone."

            Suddenly the bushes they had been hiding in began to rustle. The two girls slowly moved into attack position. Then out of the bushes rises a giant, muscular, bald man.

            "Slab here." The man said. The two girls relaxed.

            "It's about time." Vertigo hissed, "We can't exactly carry these two by ourselves." The big man moved in and slung Jean and Scott over each shoulder. The two girls barley came up to his chest. The three began to walk away. Psylocke looked back at Scott's face. His sun glasses began to fall off. "Leave 'em." Vertigo insisted. They came up to some brush hiding a small plane.

            "But what if--" Psylocke began.

            "If you're so worried, give him a psionic knife to the neck to make sure he stays out till we get him back to the doc." Vertigo asserted. Psylocke grumbled as her hand glowed purple again. She pushed it into the back of his Scott's neck. He grumbled but quickly went silent. Slab and Vertigo kept walking, but Psylocke turned back to get grab his glasses. She put them in a pocket in her robe then ran back to catch up.

*          *          *


In a cloud of black sulphurous smoke, the fuzzy blue Kurt appears in the middle of Rogue and Kitty's room. Rogue began coughing.

"Kurt!" Kitty exclaimed.

"Sorry." He shrugged his shoulders.

            "Kurt, Ah was tryin to get some sleep!" Rogue bursted.

            "Yeah, Kurt, Rogue, like, totally isn't feeling good."

            "Oh no," a concerned expression warms over his face, "mein sister, I didn't know you weren't feeling well. Vhat can I do to help?"

            "You can get out, er yer gonna get to know all about sibling rivalry." Rogue retorted.

            "Jeez mahn, I vas just trying to help," Kurt whined in his German accent. "Hey, Kitty, I think I just saw Scott and Jean sneak off to the lake!"

            "Oh man, we are so there!" Kitty giggled giddily as Kurt put his three fingered hands on her shoulders.


            "Ah thought they'd never leave." Rogue grumbled to herself as she turned off the light on the dresser and jumped into bed.

*          *          *         


Kitty and Kurt teleported into the bushes behind the dock, slowly becoming a hiding place for the whole world.

            "Like, where are they?" Kitty said as she poked her head out of the brush.

            "I know I saw zem come out here." Kurt replied as he reached his prehensile tail up to a low branch and swung himself into the open and began to walk down the dock.

            "Oh my gosh! Kurt, look!!" Kitty yelled as she pointed to Logan lying on the ground. He was grumbling as he managed to raise himself to his hands and knees.

            "Logan, are you alvight?" Kurt said as he ported to Logan's side.

            "Ugh… Elf?" he moaned.

            "What happened?" Kitty screeched.

            "Not so loud, half-pint. I got a splitting headache." The two kids helped the burly man to his feet.

            "Whoa," Kitty said, "Like, who could knock you out for that long?"

            "Ya, is Sabretooth here or somezing?" Kurt anxiously looked around for any sign of the lion/man.

            "No, it was a samurai. She attacked me from behind while I was doing my nightly watch on the grounds."

            "A samurai? Aren't you trained as a ninja?" Kitty interjected.

            "Ya, couldn't you take him down?" Kurt said.

            "My head still hurts Elf, and no, she was trained… well. Then she hit me in the back of the head with something and I was out."

            "What about your healing factor?" Kurt inquired.

            "I don't know what she hit me with." Logan continued to moan each time he spoke.

            "Um… hey, guys…" Kitty interrupted, "where are Scott and Jean?"

            "Scott and Jean?" Logan asked back. He then began to sniff the air and followed his nose the edge of the dock. "Their scent is cold. She took 'em, and she wasn't alone." He followed the trace of the abductors then he stopped when Kurt interrupted him.

            "Ve should get back to ze professor." he said.

            "You two go ahead," Logan said, "I'm gonna see if I can sniff out any more clues." With that message from his superior, Kurt put a hand on Kitty's shoulder.


Logan nursed his throbbing head as he followed the assailants' tracks up to where the plane had been hidden. Then he walked back up to the mansion.