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Chapter 1. Ron's Letter

"Hmm… 18th century Goblin Rebellions… how did they revolt?" Harry murmured to himself as he skimmed through All You Need To Know About Goblin Rebels. It was almost 3 in the morning and Harry still had to go 5 inches more to finish his History of Magic essay. Even though it was summer every student in the 7th year at Hogwarts was flooded with homework over the holidays to prepare them for NEWTS. "Oh, bloody book! Has everything, but what I need," Harry sighed and closed the book. He was going to have to finish his essay tomorrow it was too late. He took off his glasses and set them on the bedside table. Feeling too tired to change into his pajamas he fell onto the bed on his back and it was only a matter of seconds before he fell into a deep long sleep.

Bam Bam Bam!

"Get up, boy! You have been sleeping for hours, it is already past noon!" Harry could hear Aunt Petunia's screechy voice yelling through the door as she pounded her fists on the solid wood. Still half-asleep he lazily extended his arm out and felt around for his glasses. He shakily but them on and climbed out of bed still yawning and stretching.

"I w-w-will be d-d-down in a s-second, Aunt P-P-Petunia," He managed to get out as he changed his clothes.


Harry apparated into the kitchen, having passed his Apparation test and turning 17, he could be allowed to do magic away from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"DON'T DO THAT!" Uncle Vernon bellowed at Harry from across the table. Dudley just turned as pale as a sheet of paper and looked down at his breakfast. Doing magic in front of the Dursleys when he was really allowed to and watching their reactions was Harry's all- time- favorite. He just laughed as he levitated a slice of bread and cheese toward him on purpose watching their facial expressions.

"Oh, flying cheese! Wouldn't that be something (A/N For those of you how don't know I love cheese! Oh yeah Flying Cheese lives on!)?" Harry grinned and chuckled again as he looked all around at the table, buttering his bread thoroughly. Aunt Petunia was nervously looking out all the windows as if to see someone peeking through it watching all this. Uncle Vernon was turning a violent shade of purple as he fought to restrain himself. Dudley gulped several times before hyperventilating. Even for the 17 year old with a car this was much terrifying for him. "Well, that was an exquisite…breakfast is it? Or is it Lunch? Well that…erm…meal certainly hit the spot," Harry beamed at them all. "Well, I think I am going to take a nice walk today," he told the table at large. Harry waited for a response, but not surprisingly he didn't get one with that he got up, pulled on his shoes, and strolled out of the door into the hot summer day. He walked around Magnolia Crescent then decided to visit Mrs. Figg as he often did on summer days.

"Hello, Harry," she called from her garden as he leisurely walked up the driveway, "I will be there in a minute." With that said Mrs. Figg set down her hose and turned it off. Then hurriedly went to the door to open it and let Harry inside.

"Hi, Arabella. How are you on such a fine afternoon?" he said grinning broadly as he closed the door behind him.

"Oh, I am doing splendid, do sit down. Would you like some tea?" she asked sticking her head out the kitchen door. Harry nodded. "My, oh, my it seems just yesterday that I was watching over when you were just a young lad and look at you now all grown up completing your last year at Hogwarts. Toby, get off," She said scooting her brown tabby cat off the table. Harry smiled and nodded reminiscently. "Well did you hit yourself with one of those Cheering Charms because you look awfully content about something?" she added still bustling around the kitchen making tea.

"Oh er… you know, the usual springing magic upon the Dursleys. Their reactions are priceless, I must say. Getting revenge sure bloody well does feel sweet," Harry replied snickering as he thought about the Dursleys.

"Oh, my," Mrs. Figg laughed as she brought in the tea and biscuits into the living room setting them down on the glass table in front of Harry.

"Thank you, Arabella," Harry said politely taking a sip of his tea.

"You Welcome, dear," she replied. "So how is the school work going? Getting ready for those…. N.E.W.T.s do they call 'em?" she asked taking a biscuit from the tray and smiling at Harry pleasantly.

"Oh, yeah I suppose my homework is coming on fine… No wonder they call them Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests… How much we have to study for those! It's insane, I tell yah," Harry said smiling grimly.

"Well, we all have to go through it. So what are you planning to do when you come out of Hogwarts?"

"Hmm, well I had Outstanding on practically all my O.W.L.S. except a few others including Divination," Harry smiled sheepishly after saying this. "So, it just depends on the N.E.W.T.S. I really am working on becoming an Auror, but you need top grades for that," he finished.

"Well, I think that'd suit you splendidly!" Mrs. Figg exclaimed. They talked for sometime longer and finally after about an hour or so, Harry got up, said his thanks, and left. He took his time walking back to the Little Winging, Surrey. Smiling at all the passers-by finally getting to the familiar house of Number 4 Privet Drive. The door was ajar so Harry just walked through it. He pulled off his shoes and went up to his room to finish his homework. While he was getting out his essay, Harry heard a noise.

Tap, Tap, Tap

Harry sharply turned around to face the noise's culprit finding Pigwidgeon outside the window, ecstatic as ever delivering another letter. Quickly, Harry opened the to let the little ball of feathers zoom happily in. Harry managed to take off the letter tied to the owl's leg as it flew all around the room. He ripped it open and read.

Dear Harry,

How are you doing? I hope you liked my birthday present of assorted candy and that book, Rare Tribal Defenses for the Dark Arts. I am sorry I didn't invite you over earlier it's just that I have been really busy with all this school homework. What are they playing at? N.E.W.T.s aren't until the end of this year! I am sure you are swamped with homework, too. Ok, listen Hermione is planning to come over on Wednesday, you can drop by then, too. You told me you passed the Apparition Test, right? Well anyway, owl me with your reply. Hoping to see you then,

Ron Weasley

Harry grinned to himself as he took a fresh piece of parchment out to write his reply. He was going to have to hold off a bit on his History of Magic essay. Harry didn't have to get the Dursleys' permission, as he was already an adult.

Dear Ron,

I am doing fine here. Mostly out of the fact that I get to use magic away from Hogwarts. Yes, Fortunately I did pass my apparition test so, I think it'd be ok to if I showed up at your house Wednesday around noon. Well see you then. Sincerely,

Harry Potter

He pulled the owl down and tied the letter to its tiny leg. Without a backwards glance Pigwidgeon flew off into the evening sky. Since it was already almost time for dinner, Harry told himself he would work on the rest of his homework after dinner.

"Well, you know my friend Ron? He just sent me a letter saying I should come over to his house on Wednesday. So I will stay there for the rest of the summer just to let you all know and… oh yes, I will be apparating there so you needn't worry about transportation." Harry told Uncle Vernon as he sat down for dinner. He only nodded in reply and continued on his roast.

It didn't take Wednesday long to come. Harry went around his bedroom throwing clothes into his trunk and getting out all his parchment and school supplies stowing them away in his trunk too. It wasn't long before he cleaned out his whole room. Harry thought to himself 'Oh my, this is my last summer at Number Four Privet Drive I won't have to live here ever again. Sirius gave me his house in his will, and…Oh, Sirius…I miss you...' It pained Harry still to think about his godfather. He felt a burning feeling in the inner corners of his eyes and no sooner were fat tears swelling up and pouring down his face. 'Harry, pull yourself together you are going to Ron's in about 5 minutes…Sirius…Sirius would've wanted you to be happy…oh, I know that… it's just…I never thought…anything would happen…Oh, I miss him so much…I never had a family…Sirius why did you have to leave me?' Harry buried his face in his hands as he cried himself hoarse. He knew very well Sirius didn't "leave him" on purpose; in fact Sirius lost his life to ensure Harry's safety. If anything, it showed how much Sirius loved and cared about Harry. After wiping the tears away and washing his face he decided to leave to Ron's. Harry took a hold of his trunk, broom, and Hedwig's cage, and…


He was in the Weasleys' kitchen.

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