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Chapter 7

"Kagome, you will come back sooner than last time wont you? We were so worried."

Kagome smiled and hugged her mother tightly. Her mother was close to tears. 'I can't believe how understanding she is.' "Yes mama, it's going to be fine now. I'm traveling with others who more understand now. You won't need to worry, Sesshoumaru's practically invincible!" she giggled when her mother gave her a deadpan look.

"Invincible huh? Well be careful and check in at least once a month please." She smile quietly at her mother and hugged her tighter. Pushing back slightly she nodded. "I promise okay. I gotta go though, he's probably worried. I love you though okay?"

Her mother smiled serenely. Kagome had grown up so much in the last three years. She hardly acted her age. "I love you too sweetheart. Bring this Sesshoumaru with you next time though; I'd like to meet him." A slightly horrified look appeared on her daughter face at that. "Umm sure mom, maybe…"

Now that was a scary thought. Sesshoumaru in present Tokyo. Quick everyone hide your first born. Kagome giggled at her internal thoughts. Actually he was nothing like everyone seemed to think. Sure if you pissed him off you'd be sure to face you death…Umm okay maybe not.

After some more hugs and saying goodbye to her grandfather and brother she made her way back to the well. Staring down at the blackness that lead to the past she paused. There was a time not to long ago she was going back to the man of her dreams.

Beautiful ambers eyes that held so many emotions and strength. Reality sucked. She still couldn't believe he turned on her like that. It went against everything they had ever gone through and how much she knew he cared. I mean love did do strange things to a person and if Kikyo was the catalyst in this she knew there were bound to be consequences. But still.

Biting her lip she shook her head. 'Doesnt make sense, maybe I should investigate.' With a sigh she threw her backpack higher on her shoulder and stepped onto the lip of the well. 'Back to the past!' And she jumped.

"So you're telling this Sesshoumaru, that beyond the wells portal, where the miko's from, is five hundred years in the future." Shippou nodded quickly; obviously proud he was taking this so well.

An almost bored complacent look adored his face as he looked at the sky. "Yea, I've always wanted to go and see, because I mean there's sooo many cool things that come from there. But the well would only ever let Inuyasha through. It sucks." Shippou rambled.

Sesshoumaru turned a look of distaste down at the young kitsune. "You must do better to censor your words, if you intend to travel with this Sesshoumaru. Words such as 'cool' and 'sucks' are not permitted in high court." Shippou's eyes widened at his words, but redirected quickly at the sound of a giggle coming from the wells depths.

The lord stood then and walked towards the well, his hand reaching in its depths and coming out with a refreshed miko. Raven hair swirled around her and grey eyes twinkled merrily as she stepped out of the well with Sesshoumaru's hand assisting her. Shippou's eyes took on a look of awe as he watched her smile at the youkai lord easily and how striking they were together. 'Now that's something.'

"Really you're already disciplining my kit Sesshoumaru? I'll have you know it's not really his fault, I kind of say those words all the time around him. There from my time, you know?"

"This Sesshoumaru is now aware of your travel, and is definitively curious now. You must explain at a later time. But for now the vocabulary is only acceptable away from those of court, they have nothing to talk about other than the actions of others, and I wish to not give those fools more to gossip over."

"Sure sure I'll behave and Shippou will too."

Their banter was also something to admire. Shippou continued to watch their relationship from the sidelines. He was all business and strength and she seemed to temper him. 'Wow, when did this happen. I though Sesshoumaru was ruthless and cold.' But he could see the more relaxed lines of the lord's body language and the trust in his surrogate mothers posture.

"Shippou, you ready to go?" Kagome asked startling out of his thoughts.


'This Sesshoumaru hates scrolls.' He glared at the offending stacks on his desk and had to remind himself that he had not done them in a week. Procrastination was not something he normally did, but for the life of him he hated scrolls.

They had returned home earlier this evening and he reminded the miko of her deal. Though she gave a sulking look, she nodded and headed off to the seamstress. He'd still have to locate the seamstress afterwards to retrieve the clothing, and then most like burn them. No more scantily clad mikos in this fortress.

A soft knock of the screen alerted him to the fact the miko in question had come to his office. "Enter."

The door slid quietly along the track and he looked up from the masses of scrolls and for the first time in his life lost his breath. She was a vision of cream and black. Her kimono hung over her frame perfectly, long wavy raven hair swirling around her frame like a halo. His seamstress had dressed her in his houses colors. She wore what looked like a replica of his own clothing. Quite bold of her, but he could not fault her as the miko looked extraordinary.

"Sesshoumaru, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment. Something has been bothering me."

He stopped his whirling inspection and nodded for her to take a seat. 'The scant clothing might have been better than this, surely will have officers staring at her now.' And then her words hit him. "Bothering you? What is troubling you miko?" The thought of something irking the woman in front of was displeasing. 'Since when does this Sesshoumaru care?'

"It's the whole thing with Inuyasha. Something doesn't seem right about the situation. You know?" She quietly nibbled her lip looking troubled. His brow furrowed. Something irritated him from inside and he couldn't quite stop the slight jab he took next.

"Do you miss your precious hanyou miko?" Her head snapped up and she stared at him for a moment before a dark look passed over her face. "Of course I miss him, he's been my best friend for three years. That's what I was wanting to talk to you about, something about the situation just doesn't seem right?"

A feeling was bubbling inside that he had never experienced. "He tried to kill you and suddenly your worried about him? What changed so suddenly?" He ground out. She had loved the hanyou to long and it was obviously affecting her judgment.

Suddenly she stood. "Never mind, I guess I thought maybe you might know something or would be willing to talk to me about it. I can't believe….ugh never mind!" and with that she left with the sound of the kimono billowing after her.

After she left he pondered the situation. What was that. 'This Sesshoumaru has never had an issue being a diplomat.' As thoughts continue to circle my brain, he came to a startling conclusion.

'This Sesshoumaru is jealous of the half breeds relationship with the miko.'