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Chapter 7 - The Dream

*** Kagome's Dream ***

Kagome is laying in a grass field, looking up at the sky. Then there was a shadow over-casting her. She looked up then.

"Hello, lady Kagome... you haven't come to my demands. So I think I'll kill your mother, kukuku and you." Laughs evily.

Kagome looked up at the man, and gasped. "N... Naraku..." she stuttered.

"Ah, yes... so glad you remember me. But back to business, leave Inuyasha and come back to me and get your mother back. Or don't and lose your mom and your life. The decision is all yours, my love."

Spits in Naraku's face"I'll never come to you!" Kagome stands and face Naraku. Then a new arrival appears. Kikyo.

"Oh, tsk-tsk. I'll make sure you come back to Naraku, then I can have Inuyasha... Inu is so cute and..." ponders "stupid." Kikyo walks up next to Kagome and whispers in her ear. "And when you leave him, he'll me hurt and weak... it'll be so easy to rip apart his life." Laughs evily and then snaps her fingers. Naraku and Kikyo disappear.

'Inuyasha will never go to Kikyo, will he?' Kagome sits back down and starts to think on what to do. "I will not leave Inuyasha, I love him" she whispered the last part. With a sigh 'what to do!?!?!?!'

*** End Dream ***

Kagome woke from Sango's screaming. 'What the...'

"AHHHHH" Sango was jumping up and down like a lunatic. "OH MY GOD!!!!!"

"Sango quit yelling." Kagome said while pulling the covers over her head.

"Oh sorry, but that was so cute!" squeals like a little girl on Christmas.

"WHAT!?!?!" throws covers off. 'my head hurts' rubs temples.

"You said that you love Inuyasha in your sleep." Squeals again "that's so cute!" pulls her friend in a hug.

"That's nice but I don't-WHAT!?!?! No I didn't, I couldn't have, crap!" puts face in hands.

"Oh, but you did. Well changing subjects, cause you look like a tomato... what the plan on saving your mom?"

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