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This is a prologue to the Song Fic. For the purposes of this story everyone is 18. This is a totally made up story.  Some things will not be the same as the anime.  Go with the flow. Please enjoy


Sailor Moon was having a bad night.  Currently she was on her hands and knees behind a dumpster in an alley.  As usual she was fighting for her life.  As an energy blast from the demon came towards her she rolled to the left just in time to avoid being blown to bits like the dumpster.

Danm it! Was she the only Sailor Scout out tonight?  Barely having time to breathe hard, she got up and aimed an energy blast at her enemy.

            "Silver moon blasstt!" The white ball of energy zoomed towards the demon calling its self 'Lighting Strike'.  The demon was fast and the blast only grazed its left shoulder.  It slowed it down, but not enough to keep it from doing a back flip bringing it behind Sailor Moon.  It immediately attacked.

            "Lighting strike blaze!"  Sailor Moon had barely turned around when the silver zig zagging attack impaled her.

            "Ahhhhhh..!" she screamed as the attacked sent her slamming into the brick wall.  Her back arching forward from the impact her, her hair tangling around her heart shaped face.

            "I have you now Sailor Moon." Lighting Strike with a pleased but evil smile on her face cackled.  "Don't worry, I'm about to send you to the moon where you belong!"  That said she raised her hands for the final attack.

Sailor Moon looked up her blue wide eyes shimmering as bricks fell around her.  Great this is not the way I planned on finishing my night, she thought bitterly.

            "Good bye, pitiful Sailor Moon.  Lighting Strike Inferno!  Kill her!"  Serena put her hands into front of her to block the blast, when she felt a wind and found herself rolling ten feet to the side.

"Who the hell are you?" Lighting Strike angrily shouted.  Sailor Moon was wondering the same thing.  Brushing the hair out of her face she glanced up, as a soft but powerful voice spoke up.

"I am a bright star in the galaxy and I won't allow you to take away the shine of the moon.  It belongs right here on earth.  I am Sailor Star Fighter!"  Sailor Moon shakily got to her feet behind Sailor Star Fighter. She was glad to see someone else was out otherwise she would have been toast, literally.

"Well I really don't care who you are, you can share her fate!"

"I don't think so."  Star Fighter who was lighting fast ran towards the demon and gave her a kick to the stomach that hurled her backwards.  Landing on her butt she cursed Fighter.

"Damn you!"

"Same to you.  Serious Laser attack!!"  With that the star shaped energy pulsed across the air into its victim.

"Ahhhhhhhh", was all Lightening strike could get out, while the energy blast sent her fifteen feet back, almost to the mouth of the alley.  Fighter turned to look at Sailor Moon who was intently watching.

"Finish her Sailor Moon"

"Fighter you know that I won't ki-"

"Geez I know, just heal her, you know what I meant, now hurry."

"Ah right" Folding out her hand she withdrew a short staff out of her palm, as if by magic.  The staff had a crown on top, surrounded by pink and red jewels with a white one in the middle.  Holding it high above her head and directed at the demon, she cried out the words that could destroy but most of all heal.

"Silver Moon Crystal Healing Kiss!!!"  A brilliant pink wave of warm energy radiated out in the shape of a kiss.  Lighting Strike saw what was coming her way and cried out.

"Noooooooo", throwing up her hands to shield her.  But nothing could stop this healing power of love and compassion.  As it engulfed her, it suspended her in the air.  When the power was done cleansing her of the evil, she crumpled back to ground.

Now she was just a girl of about 15 who happened to have two lighting bolt hair sticks in her head.

            "Whew, am I glad that's over." Turning around she gave a tired small to Star Fighter.  "Thanks…again, I don't know what I would have done with out you."

            "No problem" Fighter said as he came back to where Sailor Moon was standing.  "You weren't doing that bad".  Sailor Moon looked down at her bloody hands and knees.  Her Eternal Moon yellow, red and black skirt was torn to pieces and her hair was a tangled mess.  Looking to her left at the big hole in the wall, created by her body and gave a heavy sigh.

            "Fighter, lets not kid ourselves, I was getting my ass whipped."  Fighter threw back her head and gave a throaty laugh.

            "I'm sure you would have figured something out moon face."

            "Well maybe…any way I'm glad I didn't have to find out."

            "Right, better safe then sorry.  Come one lets get out of here."  Sailor Moon looked at the figure still laid out on the ground.

            "Are you sure we should leave her there like that." Placing a hand on her shoulder Fighter eased her fears.

            "You are too sweet.  She'll be fine once she wakes up.  A little confused, but fine like all the rest."  Smiling Sailor Moon nodded her head.

            "You're right of course… it's been a long night, let's go.

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