I Would Steal You Part IV

The moon shinned brightly and lit up the midnight sky. All was quiet this night except the thoughts that run through confused minds. Was there really such a things as "Star crossed lovers" The young man walking home alone probably would have answered "Maybe..maybe."
Seiya closed his bedroom door. His legs didn't seem to work so he stumbled to the bed. Stretching out on his back, he lay with his hands behind his head. Staring at the ceiling, eyes glazed over, from shock and disbelief. Reaching out he caressed the sheets of the unmade bed. So cold but so smooth. So different from the sheets he'd just left. Those were hot and crumbled from body friction. His...and Serena's.

The things he'd did with her, to her could have been conjured from a fantasy. Well tonight his fantasies had come to life. How bold the imageries were, still fresh in his mind. Closing his eyes he let them flood his brain. The first kiss, had been so sweet. Her lush lips soft against his. They had both been shy at first, but passion had a way of overcoming the lesser emotion. Their tongues soft but wet had fought for supremacy, though there was no loser in this battle. It was like a thousands fire works going off in his head at once. He had thought he was dreaming, until trailing his lips down her neck he had felt her pulse. Its strong erotic beat gave him confirmation that it was real, all real.

He had never felt so alive in his life. His body was an entity by it's self. His hands were everywhere at once greedy for the flesh it needed to live. He clinched his hands as a spam of pleasure shook his body even now. Her hands had touched him, and the feeling was pure pleasure. She had returned the favor and kissed his neck in return. Slowly at first then she grew embolden, running kisses up his neck to nibble on his ear. He forgot to breath, but his hands never stopped moving. One sliding to the soft breast that had started this all. He palmed its shape and whispered her name "Serena".

His mind had gone into shook when he'd slid off her shirt and gazed upon her breasts. So beautiful! The lacy bra only teased him, with the hints of milky skin peeking out at him. He ran a hand down her midriff, so slim, so smooth. While his mouth bestowed kisses at the top of her bra. He needed to taste her, to sample her breast to feel their silkiness against his skin. He reached for the front of the bra, where the hooks lay between the valley of her breasts.

They were prefect, just right. Licking his suddenly dry lips in anticipation, he lowered his mouth to a breast. Maybe he was in heaven was his first thought, was this nirvana? Not even the nectar of the gods could taste this sweet. He glanced at her face to see if she shared in his joy. The most feminine sounds of pleasure escaped her throat, as she watched with blue eyes dark with passion. He felt like a king, being able to give her such pleasure and like a king he took his fill of both breasts. Somewhere in between the suckling and kissing her hands tangled in his hair. Reluctantly he abandoned her tender breasts and met her eyes and then her lips in an explosive kiss. Turning with her, he hugged her tight to his body, shaping her to him. His arms so tight he was afraid he would crush her, but he couldn't surrender her, not now...not ever.

Coming out of his memories Seiya opened his eyes. Slowly his room came into focus. I couldn't let her go, but he had and now he was here alone. He let out a slow breath, trying to return his heart beat to normal. "I guess not even heaven lasts forever", he muttered to the walls. Anger began to fill him. He should still be with her now. He should be spooned up against Serena letting the afterglow of their love making wash over them. But he couldn't do that now..because of him.

Yes it was 'him' again, in the way. The bastard! Rage and jealousy smothered him, at the thought of 'him' touching her the way he had. Sharing what they'd done tonight. It wasn't possible that she still wanted him, not after this. Was this really all there would be between them, one night? His mind couldn't process that morbid thought. With his anger ebbing his doubts begin to set in. Was he just a replacement for 'him'. Was it even possible for him to take 'his' place? Shaking with an emotion he couldn't name he sat up in bed and covered his face.

Seiya was overwhelmed. Never had he been to such highs and came to such lows in one night in his life. He had been in heaven tonight, but strangely felt that he now knocked on hell's door. Had he just voluntarily subjected his self to a lifetime of pain? Were 'they' truly destined to be together? The real question is was he and Serena destined to be together? Did they have a future? Would he have to live the rest of his life watching from the shadows, wanting what he could not have?


Slipping out of her robe, Serena lowered herself into the steaming bath. It was hot but she really didn't feel it. She had felt hotter earlier tonight. She was trying to relax, to gather her self together. She felt broken in a million pieces. She wished she could disconnect from her physical self. Just float away. Away from the emotions that were ripping her apart. If only.

If only she didn't feel so torn. Was this really happening to her? She felt so cold so alone. How did she get to this place in her life? She always thought she knew the path she would take, but after tonight she wasn't sure. She felt so lost, like a lost sheep. Did that make Seiya the wolf in sheep's clothing? Shaking her head in denial, she refused to blame him. Seiya was Seiya. He was kind, caring, gentle..sexy.

Putting a wet hand to her forehead she let the hot water run down her face as her eyes drifted shut. Yes he was sexy. They way he'd looked at her was so sexy, not like a little girl but a woman. Tonight she had felt like a 'woman', wanted and cherished by a 'man'. His eyes, god his eyes, all he had to do is look at her with those eyes that wanted to consume her and her body heated up. Those hands..she shivered as if her bath was made of snow. Those hands that touched her body, the tongue that tasted her skin.
He'd blazed a trail of fire across her body. Though it was to late for shame Serena blushed anyway. When he'd suckled on her breast for the first time she'd felt bliss like none other. No one had ever made her feel so alive, so bold. She'd found her hands acting on their own accord, clinging to his hair, anything to keep the waves of ecstasy washing over her. He was greedy and she was in joy by the thought. Had anyone ever wanted her so much? But it wasn't enough she wanted more.or so she'd thought.
Excitement had filled her from head to toe, until the thought of bursting entered her mind. Feverish to feel him and touch him she reached for his shirt. Patience was a virtue that she lacked, so she hastily pulled it up, exposing his wash board stomach. Outlining each muscle with her fingertips she made him shiver. Had she really just made a man shiver from her touch? The thought made her bolder, so she ran her palms up his chest until she reached his flat nipples. Before she knew it, she leaned in and flicked her tongue across one then the other. The act was so sensual that she became lightheaded, but she refused to stop. Seiya emitted low groans of pleasure and the woman inside her rejoiced. Pulling her up he kissed each eyelid and whispered the words "Serena...my love" before taking her lips in a crushing kiss.

As their touches and kisses grew more frantic, a thought struggled at the back of her mind, trying to break through. Something about his words..but how could she think when all she could do is feel. Hands on her behind, kisses on her back, sensations that never ended. Words that heightened the touch. Hot breaths that stroked the flames. He was touching her stomach again, making it flutter. Something about his words she needed to remember? His hand toyed with the top of her shorts.

What had he said? She struggled to remember even as she kissed his neck. His hand slipped below the waistband, her stomach jumped. He'd said.."Serena ..my love" The words echoed in her head. I was his love..and my love was? His hand had reached the valley of her sex. She froze. "Seiya no." Her voice course from passion surprised them both

Looking into her eyes he saw them cooling rapidly. He sat back and the confusion in his eyes bit at her heart. As she scrambled for something to cover herself with she tried to explain. "Seiya, I'm sorry I.." were there any words that would do? How did you explain what you didn't understand? Emotions on overload, she bit her lip and turned from him hiding in a curtain of hair. She couldn't face that look in his eyes, the look of utter rejection. She listened to the sounds of him dressing as tears begin to run down her face, but she didn't make a sound. He stroked her hair briefly even though she didn't turn to him. Finally he whispered his last words to her., "dumpling..my love" and walked out the door. Those words again. My love...my love...was Darien?
(Seiya) Walking over to his window he gazed up at the moon and stars. They shared the sky but could they share more, a life together? Could he go on with out her if need be? Could he let what they'd shared slip out of his hands like sand? It all couldn't be lies could it? Was it just wishful thinking? No together they had made something all thier own.

Serena lay on her bed. Her robe tied tightly around her, still she was cold. How could she face 'him' or even him? This was all wrong, none of this should have happened. However, if given a choice would she give tonight up? How could she, it was so beautiful no matter how painful. It had changed her perceptive on so many things. Opened up a whole new world for her. A confusing world, but one she wouldn't turn from, one she couldn't turn from.

(Seiya) He wouldn't let her go so easily. Tonight he'd been shown hope were once none shined. He could still feel her warmth on his skin. Her scent lingered around him. She was a part of him now on every level. He couldn't and wouldn't ignore the love he had for her anymore. Yes right now she was gone..gone to another, but that could change. Staring at the moon, his voice rich with conviction he stated his vow. "I would steal you.Serena".

(Serena) Now he was gone, would they ever be..again? No answer came to her. She lay in deep thought when the phone began to ring. Was it possible, but he was gone wasn't he? Was it him? With a shaky hand she picked up the phone on the fifth ring. In the softest voice, afraid to even breathe, she answered.


"Dumpling..it's me." Silence.


The End(maybe)

Used to be a song fic, but adjusted for this site. Ok hoped you enjoyed. So sad. I wonder what happens to them. There is another story, a romance comedy/ that has everyone in it. If you want to know who was on the phone and what was said. Then read it. Go to my name and click to view my other stories. Thanks to everyone that reviewed. I had a wonderful time writing this!