The doctor sighed as she approached the examination room. She hated giving good people bad news. She opened the door to find her patient sitting in a chair absent mindingly swinging his foot as he read a book. He jumped slightly when the doctor cleared her throat to announce her presence.

"So, what's up Doc.?" The man smiled slightly at his own joke.
The doctor felt horrible because the news she had for him would probably kill his cheerful attitude.
"Well we have the test results back but I'm afraid...I'm afraid that the prognosis isn't very good."
The smile on the man's face, as predicted, faded into a frown. "What's wrong with me?"
"You have a lethal form of cancer. It spreads very rapidly and it rarely responds to any kind of treatment. Most diagnosed die within a year or so." She looked at her feet throughout the entire explanation. Her heart almost broke when she looked at the man's face. He gave her a small smile as he ran his hand through his hair.
"Well, it does explain a lot. So what am I s'pose to do now? Just wait around to die?"
The doctor couldn't help but note the bitterness that had seeped into the man's voice. "Well, like I said this type of cancer has no known cure. Really the only thing I can do for you is give you some pain killers to ease your pain during these next few months."
The man's face, if possible, fell even more. "Um.. I have a slight problem. You see, I really don't have that much money, and medications like that are bound to be really expensive."
The doctor sighed, "Don't you worry about that. I'll find a way to get them for you. All I want you to do know is enjoy what life you have left to live."
He gave her another small smile as they shook hands before he left. " Thanks, Mrs. Date, for everything."
"Anytime. I just wish I had better news to give you."
Right before he reached the door, he turned to face her. "Hey would you mind doing me one more favor?"
"Sure Ryo, anything."
"Don't tell the guys."

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