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Chapter 1- Fight


Kagome walked into her room and started up her computer, then set her backpack on her bed. 'Hmm. I wonder if anyone is on..' It wasn't really a question but she did think about it while she sat down in front of her monitor and signed in.

"Hey sis, mom's going to take me other to my friend's house tonight. And what's to know if you want her to get you her to grab you something to eat while she's out!?"

"Um. no I'm okay! Bye Souta!" Kagome was only partly paying attention to her brother, since she was looking for some one to talk to. 'yea, he's on!' she muttered under her breath. Souta already had left.

CherryBlossem38- Hey!

LoneWolf0- Yo

CherryBlossem38- Sup?

LoneWolf0- nothin' u?

CherryBlossem38- got in a fight at school.. besides that, nm

LoneWolf0- Wow, same here. a stupid girl attacked me

CherryBlossem38- lol

LoneWolf0- not funny. she's looks cute, but damn can she bite

CherryBlossem38- sorry, are u okay?

LoneWolf38- yea, girls are such bitches

CherryWolf38- HEY! I'm a girl! :P

LoneWolf0- .

CherryWolf38- grr.

LoneWolf0- Um. I g2g! bye

~*~*~*~ LoneWolf0 has logged off ~*~*~*~

Kagome signed off. Then with a 'hmhp' laid on her bed starring at the ceiling, and remembered what had happened earlier today.

** Flashback **

Kagome was walking with her best friend, Sango, who was talking about a certain pervert! When Kagome walked right into someone's warm muscular chest . that she didn't want to even see!

"Um, sorry Inuyasha!" Kagome backed away from him. And frowned, she knew he wouldn't care if she said sorry . after all they have hated each others guts since first grade. Kagome sighed.

"Watch it bitch!" he spat the last part as he looked at the girl he hated with every fiber in his body. And he shoved her slightly back more.

"Inuyasha, she said sorry, now leave her alone!" Sango tried to get in between them, but to no avail.

"Sango, its okay . he's to much of an brainless asshole to know what you said. With that she slapped him.

"You stupid WENCH!" was all he said (more like yelled) before he punched her in the stomach. That's when the fight started, Kagome had slight bruises, and her hair was messed up. And Inuyasha had a bite mark on his wrist and some bruises, and well . walked out holding his nuts. ***hee hee hee. don't flame me! I love Inuyasha!***

** End Flashback **

Kagome sighed once again, and drifted into unconsciousness.

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