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Chapter 4 ~ The Game

Sango and Kagome rushed to get to school, they were getting soaked cause it started to rain on their way. Kagome was wearing a blue tank top and a navy blue skirt, and had a blue bracelet on. Sango had a red t-shirt that says 'Touch Me, Miroku' on the front 'And Die' on the back... custom made, and some blue jeans. But of course their clothes were soaked.

"Kag, we're here." Sango grabbed the girls hand behind her and started to run to the school doors. "Come on hurry up... its starting to pour." She yelled.

"Okay... it's a good thing we left early isn't it" she smiled trying to lighten the mood. Once they got to the door Sango let go of Kagome and they made their way in.

Both girls sighed when they made it to their class room and then they took a seat, next to one another. After about ten minutes of waiting the teacher arrived. He was really short and scared of almost anything. Lala, Inuyasha, Miroku and some other kids always play little pranks on him. Kagome saves her pranks for Inuyasha. The teachers name is Mr. Myouga (* -hopes I spelt that right-)

Mr. Myouga stood in front of the class and cleared his throat "ahem, class! On account of the football game, there will be no homework in any of your classes. And good luck football players. The teachers have discussed it, and today will be a free-be. Meaning... you may do whatever you please, as long as you don't break a rule. You can talk amongst yourselves." With that Mr. Myouga took a seat... but someone had set a woppy cushion in his seat. *squeak* "Who did this?" no one replied, so he just figured someone from another class did it.

Just to let you know, Lala, Miroku, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Sango all have the same classes.

Lala walked over to Kagome and Sango "I hope I get that cushion back, was going to use it on Inuyasha later." Sighs in a disappointed way "Oh well, how are ya two?" she took a seat infront of Sango and Kagome.

"Im wet... and cold" Kagome answered and then pouts.

"Im okay, what bout you?" Sango said playing with her hair.

"Im okay. I set a prank up, for non-other then Inuyasha" smiling evilly, Lala pointed towards Inuyasha.

Kagome looked up in interest "Whatcha gonna do this time?" smiling wildly. She loved Lala's pranks on Inuyasha.

"You'll see at lunch" she said winking to the girl in front of her. Then sighed "How is it my boyfriend is one of Inuyasha's friends." She wasn't asking, just stating the obvious.

To Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, you never answered me... did you like the kiss with Kagome?" but all Miroku got was a 'feh'.

"Inuyasha, why do you hate her anyway?" Miroku was never told the exact reason.

"I just do! Why do you care?" Inuyasha crossed his arm across his chest, and gave Miroku a glare.

Miroku just sighed and shook his head.

Somewhere else in the room.

'That bitch Kagome, will never touch Inuyasha as long as I, Kikyo leader of Inuyasha fanclub, lives!" she whispered, and hit her fist on the desk.

La la la la ... Lets skip to lunch shall we!

Lala had set up her prank, now all they need to do was wait.

"Lala, can you please tell us what this prank is?" the group of girls asked, again.

-Sigh- "Fine! Okay, you all know my friend Jenny is helping out at the cafeteria today, right?" once everyone nodded "Well I got her to rig one of the trays... and make sure Inuyasha got it. The tray is meant to exploded ketchup on him, when he picks it up. It came to me in a dream" has dreamy look.

Everyone sweat drops.

"Um okay, do you think it'll work?" Rin asked. She was sitting next to her boyfriend, Sesshmaru. (* -ponders- did I spell that right... if I didn't my answer is and will remain: Bunnies, lots of evil pink bunnies.)

"Of course it will." Lala smiles wildly.

Just then Inuyasha and Miroku walk in and head for the lunch line.

Me- PAUSE! *story pauses* Okay just to let you know, Inuyasha is a jock, captian of the football team, basketball team, and swim team. And he races cars. Inuyasha has a fanclub, where Kikyo is the leader. But Inuyasha doesn't give squat about her ... why because I said so... so bow before my awesome power! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! RESUME STORY! *story starts up again*

"Hello Jenny, may I have todays special." Miroku winked, and Jenny gags.

Putting on a fake smile "Sure, and for you Inuyasha?" hands Miroku his tray, and picks up the 'special' tray carefully.

"Um, the same." Inuyasha looked at Miroku and smirked. He was flirting with another girl. "Thanks." He grabbed his plat and walked towards his table.

"Okay... it should go off any second." Lala whispered to the others. And on cue...


"SHIT!" Inuyasha starts to wipe the ketchup off, when he spots something in the corner of his eye. Kagome and her friends laughing, Lala is rolling on the floor laughing, while the others clutch their stomachs. So he walked up to them. "Which one of you bitches did this?!?!"

"That ...haha... was ... ha ha ha ... so funny!" Kagome said between laughs.

Inuyasha had enough. He picked Kagome up by her shirt collar and said harshly "Shut the fuck up, you bitch! I cant believe you'd pull such a prank... oh wait I can!" then he threw her down.

With a thud she landed on the floor. "Oww..." she rubbed her back, while warm tears made their way down her face.

"Inuyasha, you didn't have to be so harsh... she didn't even do anything." Lala said standing up and walking up to Inuyasha "I did!"

Instantly he felt guilty. 'Damn now she's crying.' He bent down next to Kagome, "Sorry Kagome." Then he got back up and started walking back to his table. But he got hit in the head with something.

"I don't forgive you!" Kagome picked another handful of food up, and tossed it at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha shook his head, and scooped some yogurt and tossed it at Kagome, but it hit another kid as well.

The kid stood up and yelled "FOOD FIGHT!!!"

And well after awhile, both groups were covered in food. Miroku and Sango were having their own little fight. Kana just sat back, she managed to dodge all attacks.

"EAT PIE" Kagome threw a pie in Inuyasha's face. But got some yogurt in her hair in the process.

Wipes pie off face. Then tackles Kagome. "I hate pie."

(* -gasp- he... he... HATES PIE... BAKA -chases Inuyasha, with pie in hand- )

"Did I ask you if you liked pie... no I didn't!" shoves a pizza in his mouth.

Mutters something about stupid girls.

"Hee hee hee!" Lala runs to the kitchen. "Jenny, get me the bucket of creamed corn."

"Okay." Grabs bucket and hands it to Lala. "Inuyasha, right?" Lala nods and walks off.

"Oi, Inuyasha?" "Yea?" Inuyasha looks up, then get creamed corn all over him. Kagome points at him giggling.

"Oh, nothing" Lala runs off.

Kagome is in the middle of a giggle fit.

"Oh, you think this is funny?" wipes some off, and rubs it on Kagome.

"Eww! Baka!" starts to wipe creamed corn off.

"Oh hello Inuyasha, fancy meeting you her" Kikyo walks up batting her eyes.

"Yea whatever" wipes more creamed corn on Kagome, smiling like an idiot. But then looks up "do I know you?"

By now Kikyo was red with anger. "Hmph!" then she turned on her hills and walked off. 'Oh, you'll know me when I get that bitch Kagome out of the picture' smirks.


A bunch of aww man's were heard as kids put their trays up, and walked out of the cafeteria. Leaving the mess for the teachers and janitors.

"So ladies, coming to the game?" Miroku asked getting off the floor. Extending an arm, to help Sango up.

"Yea... I guess we will." Sango said getting up with help from Miroku.

Then they all left, and walked to the locker rooms to clean up.

Inside girls locker room:

"So that was fun. You and Inuyasha looked liked you had fun" Kana said with a wink.

Kagome choose to ignore her. "Did I get everything out of my hair?" she said brushing her hair.

"Yea Kag." All the other girls said.

Just then Lala ran in. "Class was canceled so the we can change and junk. So we can have total free time" she said giving Jenny a high-five.

The girl spent their time talking about the food fight. And same with the boys.

The Football Game

Two men at a small table started to talk, as the teams got ready.

"Ah, fine day for a game. Today our team, the Shikon's vs. the Bulls. This will prove to be very interesting." One man said, into a microphone.

"That it will! Shikon's captain, Inuyasha Akuto will be playing quarter back. Knowing that, must bring comfort to the team. Eh... Bob."

"Indeed Allen. Today we have a special guest, just for you Allen, Brian!" a guy with brown hair appears, arms tied and mouth gagged.

(* -looks innocent- um... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Allen is gay, and Brian is his crush. -snickers evilly- ^.^ And torture is fun! -high 5's Lala-)

"Oh thank you. But back to the game!" hugs Brian. Brian goes pale.


"God, will they just start the game" Sango said with a loud sigh.

"Why am I here again?" glares hole through Sango.

Sango started to laugh nervously. "Um... Lala made you not me... yea Lala." Backs away from Kagome.

"Whatever. Where is Lala and Rin?" looks around.

Kana finally speaks up, "They are down closer to the field, since both their boyfriends are playing" she smiled slightly.

"Oh" both Kagome and Sango said.

"They are starting."

On account of me, knowing barely anything about Football, I'll skip to the end of the game.

Bob and Allen-

"Wow, 30 to 23, that was a very great game. The Shikon's are on a winning streak."

"Yes they are, Bob. Did you see that beautiful touch down by Inuyasha? That was great. All players did awesome. Poor 28 from the Bull's team, got knocked out, when Sesshamaru hit him in the head. Well sorry folks but We have to go now." Packs stuff up, and carries Brian with him.

"Bye everyone, and drive safe." Leaves as well.

Back to Girls-

"That was great. Lets go see the boys" Sango said while walking towards Miroku and Inuyasha.

"Hey! Wait up!" both Kagome and Kana run to catch up.

"Great game you two!" Sango said patting them on the shoulder. Lala and Rin both left with their boyfriends.

"Yea, great touch down Inuyasha" Kana said.

Kagome just stood there looking at her nails. "yea... great game." She mumbled.

"Thanks, but we got to go shower." Inuyasha said and walked off.

"Yea, thanks." He waved bye and ran to the locker room.

Kagome sighed "why'd I have to come?" she asked still looking at her nails.

"Because we said so!" both girls yelled at Kagome.

"Okay, okay" waves hands in defeat. "Lets just go now."

So then they left.

Locker Room-

Inuyasha and Miroku were only wearing a towel, and standing in front of their lockers. (* must not drool, must not drool... SCREW IT ALL -drools-)

"Did you see Kouga's face when you made that touchdown instead of him. That was priceless." Miroku laughed while slipping his pants on.

"Yea. What his problem anyway. Stupid wolf." Inuyasha already had put his pants on.


"Don't know. He likes Kagome though." He looked at his friend to see ant reaction, but his face stayed emotionless.

"Feh. Why would I care. Its not like I like her. So, are you and Sango ever going to hook up? I know you like her." Slips shirt on. (* -more crying-)

Miroku just blushed, while putting his shirt on. Changing subject, "Are you going to Kana's party?"

"Yea. Its tomorrow right?" raises eye brow.

"Yea. Well I see you at school." Miroku said while walking out.

Inuyasha's House-

Inuyasha sat down and signed into AIM. And clicked on 'CherryBlossem38'.

LoneWolf0- Hey babe!

CherryBlossem38- oi! Long time no see, ne. so... sup?

LoneWolf0- nm, just got back from a football game.

CherryBlossem38- *gasp* me too!

LoneWolf0- kewl.

CherryBlossem38- yea. *sigh* I still have creamed corn in my hair!

LoneWolf0- how'd u get it there?

CherryBlossem38- food fight.

LoneWolf0- -ponders- we had one too... maybe we go to the same school.

CherryBlossem38- what school do ya go to?

LoneWolf0- Shikon High

CherryBlossem38- WOW! Me too! *smiles wildly*

LoneWolf0- cool, maybe we'll meet. Damn, I g2g!

CherryBlossem30- bye ^.^

LoneWolf0- later

LoneWolf0 has logged off

'Tomorrow I'll ask her, her name.' Inuyasha thought while laying on his bed. Soon he fell asleep.

*** Inuyasha's Dream ***

He was sitting at lunch when he heard a faint scream. No one else heard it, but his ears picked it up. So he ran out and headed towards the scream. There on the floor was a girl, her face was covered by her raven black hair. She was dripping blood.

"INUYASHA!" she jumped up and pulled him in an embrace. He was shocked, but found his arms slowly wrap around her waist.

"What happened?" he asked calmly.

"She sent something after me. It tried to kill me. Thank you Inuyasha, for helping me." the girl slowly leaned up and kissed him. Her hair was now out of her face.

He deepened the kiss. But pulled away, he was shocked to see who the girl was. Kagome. "Kagome?" she nodded "Who sent something after you?"

"That girl, silly" she pointed to a girl, but Inuyasha saw nothing.

"What did she send after you?" he started shaking her.

"Inuyasha your hurting me." she said quietly. "She sent that demon after me." She ponted to another thing, but Inuyasha still couldn't see it. "Inuyasha..." she slowly leaned closer to him, then kissed him again, then went limp.

"Kagome! KAGOME!" he started to shake her, tears falling on her lifeless face.

*** End Dream ***

Inuyasha jolted up "Kagome?!?!" he sat there thinking about the dream but fell asleep yet again.

Kagome's House-

Sango was sleeping in her sleeping bag. And Kagome was sleeping on her bed.

*** Kagome's Dream ***

Kagome was in the girls washroom, washing her hands. She looked into the mirror and behind her was a demon like thing. Before she could scream, the demon covered her mouth.

"Poor, poor Kagome." A girl walked up to her, but her face was fuzzy "You take something that doesn't belong to you, I take something from you." Whispers in Kagome's ear, "your life." Then the snapped her fingers and walked out.

The monster started scratching, punching, choking her. Finally it threw her on the ground. "HELP!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH" then it went black. She soon woke up to someone running up to her.

"Kagome!" he pulled her in an embrace. Then kissed her.

She slowly deepened the kiss, but pulled away.

"What happened?" Kagome was covered with cuts, bruises, and blood.

"She sent something after me. It tried to kill me. Thank you for helping me."

"Who sent what after you?" he shook her.

She winced in pain "Your hurting me." he stopped "she did, silly" points to girl.

His face soon came into view. She whispered, "Inuyasha"

"What did she send after you?"

"That thing, she wants me out of the picture." She said while pointing at the demon.

"Inuyasha" she leaned in again and kissed him. He deepened it, but soon she found herself go limp.

*** End Dream ***

"AHHHHHHH" 'what the... who was that girl? Why did I kiss Inuyasha? Sango can sleep through anything... no fair.' She pouted, then fell back to sleep.

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Lala: *snickers evilly* sure

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Kangi: Kikyo, why are you so mean to Kagome? Its not her fault she's better then her!

Kikyo: Why you little bitch!

Kangi: Tsk-Tsk... not nice to make fun of yourself. Next question is for Bastard B. Are you preppy or gay?

Brian: No you stupid bitch!

Kangi & Lala: Well sorry all but we want to do this before, they get on our nerves... *pushes a big red button*


Kangi: Well, sorry, we couldn't kill them slowly *pouts* but I gotta go. To bad they'll be back. They're real life Kenny's! Bye.

To Be Continued...

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