All Hallows Eve: Casseticon Style by Spin

Disclaimer: As much as I'd like otherwise the characters in this fanfic are not mine but the property of Hasbro/Takara. I'm not making any money off of this, it's just for fun, so no hard feeling ay guys?


Introduction: What is Halloween?

As quick as lightning and more silent than a mouse he ducked around the corner, into a dark ally way. There he almost completely mergers into the nocturnal shadows, before the two humans approaching his location could possibly notice his presence.

"C'mon, Dad. I want to get my costume before they sell-out!" The small one wined, as it tugged on the others arm.

"I don't understand why your in such a rush to get there, when you don't even know what you want to go as." The larger one, 'Dad', responded with a sigh.

"YES, I DO!!!" The child almost yelled. "I want to go as a Space Alien... Or an Angle... Or maybe a skeleton... Or..."

Their watcher couldn't suppress a small smile, as the small human effectively dragged her Dad down towards the local shops and the voices trailed off, out of standard audio range. He saw no reason to increase in audio range to the more sensitive settings he normally used. There was no need, he had observed this type of behaviour from the humans for several weeks; the enthusiasm and irrepressible hint of mischief in the small ones voices, actions and general appearance reminded him of two of his own troublesome siblings.

The extent to the seemingly sudden obsession of human children wanting to disguise them selves as creatures from the deepest, darkest depths of their imagination had aroused his curiosity. With all the activities and fuss surrounding this event happening it wasn't hard to find out what was occurring.

This was the preparation for a festival, a (he had to admit) very interesting festival, known as 'All Hallows Eve', or more commonly 'Halloween'. An event celebrated in many different countries across this world, which would be occurring once again in only a couple more days. Where human children dress up as demonic creatures out of fiction, myth and legend, and demand cash, sweets and other such things from perfect strangers; by echoing a question spoken on Halloween night for possible hundreds of years: 'Trick or Treat?' It is effectively a blackmail demand - 'Give me something nice or you'll regret it!'

The shadow master chuckles to himself, at the thought of the Autobot's precious little fleshlings approving of being black-mailed on this one night of their year; when they disapprove of it with equal passion the rest of the year, as Megatron has found out on several occasions. But this they do, as this night is a celebration of all that is pure, untainted evil. During his research into this dark festival, he had uncovered several News broadcasts of the type of things these demented children have done, and most likely will do again, when they are refused or dissatisfied with their 'Treats'. These included several reports of homes being burnt to the ground and pets being tortured, physically mutilated or even killed; and yet the humans approve of this festival. Yes, these young squishies definitely reminded him of two of his more mischievous siblings (at least during this night of the year).

'Hmm... I think this is one Earth holiday Rumble and Frenzy would really enjoy; even if the other Decepticons don't.' His face plates curled slightly into what could be call a mischievous smile, with this thought.


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