All Hallows Eve: Casseticon Style by Spin

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Chapter 3: Trick or treating: The Constructicons' door

After two days of his siblings being quite and secretive about their activities, the big day is finally hear it's October 31st. He stealthily follows them down the corridor, keeping to the shadows and out of sight of the two humanoid cassettes, as they head towards the quarters of the other Decepticons, both fully 'disguised' in their costumes.

Frenzy, for his disguise, has sprayed himself entirely red, and attached a long red cable to his rear with a sharp red spike welded on to the end. Upon his head he has stuck a pair of homemade wire horns; finally a triangular piece of metal dons his chin to complete the look, all also sprayed red.

'I hope he thought to use paint and adhesive that will dissolves in some form of solvent, otherwise Soundwave may just have kittens over that mess.' Pausing he mentally chuckles at the thought. 'A few more feline tapes might be a useful development, I could teach them how to effectively prowl the base unseen, how to hunt and avoid Autobot patrols.' In his mind an image appears of half a dozen dark coloured Cybertronian felines being lead by himself in to an Autobot strong hold under the cover of night. Though when he over hears one of his brothers giggling a head of him the image quickly dissolves into one of six brightly coloured kittens scatted around their shared quarters, walls and computer terminals scratched though to the wiring, Rumble and Frenzy chasing after them while Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, squawking, are flapping near the ceiling to avoid being pounced upon, all of them covered in paint splotches, glue, glitter and a variety of other unknown substance that always seem to appear around his humanoid brothers. 'On second thoughts... better not let Soundwave catch that stray though, I'd never get a moment of peace.'

Rumble wears an equally homemade costume, though without the bodily manipulations, consisting of a dustsheet, died black, draped over and secured around him in a manor with makes it resemble a cloak and cowl, effectively hiding his metallic form. In his hand is a long black staff, towering about 3 feet above him with a sharp round blade bound to the top.

'At least he'll be easy to clean up afterwards'

Excitedly the costumed tapes approach the large metal doors of the Constucticons' private workshop, and announce their arrival.

>Bang! Bang!

Their observer, crouched low to the ground, increases the sensitivity of his audios to hear the exchange about to take place just down the corridor from his current location.

"Scrounge! Tell who ever it is to go away, we're BUSY!"

"Hu? Oh, sure thing Scrapper. I'll tell them right now… uh, but what if it's Megatron?"

"Megatron wouldn't KNOCK!! Now would he?"

"Good point, Scrapper, I never thought of that"

"Some times I'm convinced that mech' has neural processor damage"

"Knock it off Hook, we've got work to do! And where's Long Haul with those components?"

"Probably disrupting the detectors in someone's audio receptors, with his incessant complaints about his alternative-mode being that of a 'dump-truck'."

Whoosh The large metal doors open, revealing the two small 'disguised' Casseticons.

"Trick or Treat?!"

"What on Cybertron…?" Shock transforms to amusement as the youngest Construction processes the scene in front of him. "Hay, Hook! Scrapper! You might want to take a gander at this. Hehe."

"Why? Who is it Scavenger? Another victim of Skywarp's excruciatingly troublesome sense of humour?"

"Um…? I'm not sure." Snicker Scavenger's optic band flashes with glee, still staring at the humanoid Casseticons.

"Great Primus! What happened to you two?" Shock was clear on both of the elder Constructicons features.

"We're 'tick 'r treatin''."

"You're what?" Curiosity flashed across Scavenger's visor.

"Wait a minute!" Hook interrupted, disgust clearly displaying its self upon his face. "You mean you actually did that to yourselves?"

"Yep!" The brothers cheerfully answer in unison.

"And I thought Skywarp was demented." Scrapper mutters, shaking his head.

"What's 'tick or treating'?!" Scavenger now demands, slightly putout at being ignored.

"It's a human thing…"

"Yer. Ya get dressed up in costumes, then go around knocking on doors and getting' free goodies."

"What?!" The leader of the Constructicons starts to look angry and insulted, as well as shocked. "You don't actually expect us to…"

"Actually Scrapper I think I've got something in my collection that might 'enhance' their costumes a bit." Scavenger quickly dashes back in to the workshop, excitedly calling over his shoulder "I'll be right back." While Hook and Scraper exchange bewildered looks.

For several minutes, the sound of shifting boxes intermixes with mutters of 'Now where is it', 'I know I put it around here somewhere' and 'Oh so that's where I put those'; while Casseticons and Constructicons look on in confusion.

"What's he doin' in there? Remodellin' the base?" Frenzy finally asks.

"No, he's rummaging through his collection of stuff."

"Oh. Ok." Exchanging a puzzled look with his brother, Rumble decides to get a better explanation.

"Hmm..? What do ya mean by 'stuff', what's he collect?"

"Just about anything."

"Hu? How big is his collection?"

"Too big." Was Hook's firm assertion.

"Found them!" A happy-go-lucky Scavenger dashes back to the door nearly colliding with his teammates as he skids to a stop. In his hands is a standard storage box, which he quickly lays down in front of the two Casseticons.

"What's this stuff?"

"Oh its various novelty holiday items the humans threw away for some reason." While his teammates exchange knowing and tiered looks, Scavenger digs out an oversized red plastic trident and hands it to the would be devil in front of him, then goes back to digging in the box for something else.

"Neat, it's actually the right size."

"And some company for the 'Grim-reaper'." Scavenger chirrups while he places a plastic spider on Rumble's shoulder and tied a rubber bat to the top of his staff.

"Alright, looks like this holiday will be fun after all." Frenzy cheers.

"Thanks guys, see ya round." With that the two tapes dash down the corridor towards the next Decepticon to be called upon.

"Have fun." Scavenger calls to the two small mechs before taking his box back in to the workshop.

"We will." They shout in return, before disappearing around the corner, leaving Hook and Scrapper to ponder the interaction between the tapes and their youngest member.

"He shouldn't be encouraging them, Scrapper." Hook finally broke the silence.

"No he shouldn't, but it go rid of some of that junk of his." And with that they both follow their teammate back into their workshop.

'Hmm... That went better that I would have expected for their first choice of call.' Watching as the remaining Constructicons return to their workshop before sneaking off, unseen, after his delighted brothers as they hunt down their next target, bolstered by their first success.


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