Rose's Love

After dinner did I run
Sadness consuming me,
with the setting sun.

Away to the stern I ran
Will someone help me?
No one can.

Over the rail,
I would have jumped.
The moonlight shining.
Oh so pale.

Then you came,
How could I know,
I would never be the same.

In my life you came full-force.
But my marriage was on course.
"I love Cal." I said to you.
Not wanting to.

You came to dinner.
Of course there was my mother.
You shrugged her off, even though she thought you a sinner
Then I knew there could be no other.

Finally I felt no torment,
Having each other in that car.
At that moment,
I thought we would go far.

Then on deck we ran,
Just us two.
"When the ship docks, I'm getting off with you."

We saw the iceberg reaching to the skies,
Then I saw it, in Mr. Andrews eyes.
The terror ensued.
How could anyone survive?
I didn't even know if you were alive.

I raced the halls,
To and fro,
Not knowing which way to go.

Then I found you,
reunighted again.
The horror had already began.

To the stern we flew.
This was where I first met you.

You saved my life,
you gave up your own,
now I'm in strife.

The water so cold,
The voices getting quiet.
And so it would be told

When the lifeboat returned,
you would not stir.
My heart how it yearned.

"I'll never let go."
Were the last words I spoke to you.
You were gone beneath the waters, so blue.

You exist now only in my memory,
But you'll always be a part of me.

Until we are born anew,
Jack Dawson, I love you.