Hobson's Choice

Pairing: 5th Doctor/Tegan Rating: R Content: AU, Drama/Angst, Romance, Mild Violence, sex Disclaimer: BBC owns Dr. Who, this is non-profit no copyright infringement intended fanfiction. Please don't hurt me great Beeb: Girls just wanna have fun.

This is my first 5th Doctor/Tegan attempt. If you read this, please o please give me feedback: if I'm mucking up their characters I'd like to fix it!

Hobson's choice (HOB-suhnz chois) noun

An apparently free choice with no acceptable alternative.

"Tegan, are you quite certain that you didn't do anything? Didn't press a single button?"

Tegan sighed. "Doctor, first off: NO. Second off: why can't you just admit that most of the time you have no control over the TARDIS?"

He sighed and shook his head. "Something's not right here," he murmured, hands absently running over the lapels of his cream colored coat.

She rolled her eyes. "Another great understatement brought to us by the Doctor."

"Really, Tegan, do you think you could manage to be quiet for just five minutes?" He asked, amusement and irritation vying for dominance in his tone.

She echoed his sigh, but said no more, instead watching as he checked and re-checked instrument gauges, peered at wires, and finally threw his hands up. "Obviously some sort of paradistemporal effect."

"O, yes," Tegan said archly. "Obviously. How could I have not seen that from the start."

He clicked his teeth together. "In other words, a local unbalance in the space/time continuum."

"And in other words, we're lost again."

"Not lost, Tegan: misplaced. Anyway, why must you always say "lost" as though it was a dirty word? We'd have missed out on a lot of adventures if it wasn't for these random trips."

"Yeah, lucky us," Tegan quipped. She fleetingly wished that she'd taken Nyssa up on her offer to spend some time on Elysia. Nothing had been the same since Adric's death. The TARDIS had seemed so full of energy when he was on board. Now it was dull, lifeless to her. If she'd gone with Nyssa perhaps it would've lifted her spirits. Nyssa certainly had a calming effect if nothing else. And Tegan was tired of turmoil to the point where she half wanted to go back to Earth. She hadn't quite made up her mind yet, though. There were several factors to consider.

The most important of those factors was currently gently smiling at her, rather like a parent would smile at a petulant child. "Tegan, Tegan," he said softly. "Does everything that comes out of your mouth have to start with a hefty dose of sarcasm?"

"Not everything," she admitted. "Just most things."

He nodded, as if that was what he'd expected her to say. "Well, you are who you are, I suppose," he murmured.

She frowned. "And that makes me what, in your book?"

His gaze was unreadable. "It makes you Tegan Jovanka, sarcasm incarnate. But you're also my friend, and as your friend I can accept the way you are. most of the time." He grinned widely with the last bit, and despite her current mood she laughed with him.

Their joviality was interrupted by the unmistakable sounds of the TARDIS dematerializing. "Well," the Doctor said briskly. "Shall we put on our Sunday best and have a nice stroll, Miss Tegan?"

She actually giggled. "I wouldn't mind seeing you in something other than that crickety outfit once in a while. Really, Doc, haven't you anything else you could wear?"

"I have plenty of other things I could wear!" He exclaimed. "But this. how can you dispute this, Tegan? It's simple, classic."

"If you're a fashion reject," she retorted.

He bit his lip. "Yes, well, perhaps some day I'll surprise you."

"I doubt it," she said bluntly.

"At any rate, shall we sit in here and argue about my fashion sense or go have a look outside?"

Tegan actually debated it for a few seconds. Then she sighed. "All right, outside it is, then."

"That's my brave heart," he said as he opened the door.