Their Crazy Love

By Cashelle-gone-Crazy

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Author's Note: Alright. I'm warning you here and now. This is a slash fic between Harry and Dumbledore. If you're not interested in either slash or Harry and Dumbledore do not read any farther.

Now that's out of the way I have a few other things to say. This is one wild fic that I am writing because there are no Harry/Dumbledore romance fics. Can you believe that? You can so tell that they're going to end up together.

Yes, that is a joke. I don't take this seriously…much. ;-) And I hope you don't either. This is just pure fun. Although, I have to warn you, there is a part or two in this chapter that can bring some bad mental images in your head. And I'm sorry for those but they had to be there. I was even cringing as I wrote them.

So without further ado, here is chapter one of Their Crazy Love

*     *     *

Chapter One

The Dream

            "Harry….go towards the light…" someone whispered.

            "Huh?" Harry had just been walking down the dark corridor when all of a sudden he was standing in a room that looked vaguely like Dumbledore's office. At the end farthest from the office door there was a bright white light shining.

            "Go towards the light!" screamed the voice. Startled out his confusion, Harry slowly walked towards the light. Five feet away he realized that the light was coming from behind a door.

            Curious as to what was making the light he grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and pushed open the door. His ears were immediately filled with the sound of what he guessed to be polka music. Looking around for the source he realized he was standing on the peak of a snowy mountain. Blue sky was all around him and to the north he could see a mountain range with equally white peaks stretching to the horizon. To the east lay a village half way down the mountain. Another mountain range continued west for about five miles. Harry could see that a valley of some sort lay after the range. Turning south he saw more mountains and the sea after them.

            Just then he noticed that the door he came through was gone. Great, he thought, now what am I going to do? Deciding he didn't want to make a long hike across the mountain ranges, Harry started climbing down the snow towards the village.

            Half an hour and a dangerous climb consisting of slipping and crying later, Harry reached the village. At first glance it looked deserted but then he heard the polka music again. Walking down the main road he pinpointed the hut that the sound was coming from. The hut was shabbier than the others and had beads hanging down in front of the doors. Sitting out in front was what looked like a cauldron filled with some sort of soup, a bicycle, and a bathtub with a chicken sitting inside reading a book.

            Harry did a double take. But looking again only showed a bathtub with a chicken pecking at his food.  Alright, he thought, I don't like this place anymore. All of a sudden he heard the loudest, most awful sound in the world.

            …someone was clipping their nails.

            Cringing and thinking that he needed out off here, Harry knocked on the door. The sound abruptly stopped. Harry knocked again. He could here a lot of scrambling coming from inside. It sounded like the occupant was trying to clean up in the record time of five seconds. Harry was about to knock again when the door suddenly burst open.

            "Ahhhhh!"  Harry screamed stumbling backwards. The man standing before him had on a green pair of lederhosen with flowers embroidered on the shoulder straps and had a green Peter Pan looking hat perched on his head (but no feather). His knobby legs looked odd against the rest of his muscular body, not to mention the perfect map of the London Underground. His long white beard trailed almost to floor and his long white hair matched it. The man looked down on Harry and smiled wide.

            "Pro-pro-professor Dumbledore?!" Harry stammered.

            "Ah, Harry. I have been expecting you but not this soon. Please come in," Dumbledore said motioning Harry inside. Still shocked to see his headmaster here and dressed like this Harry stood for a moment then walked inside.

            Looking from the outside you wouldn't expect it to be as nice as it was on the inside. An old coal stove that looked like it had just been polished sat in the far corner next to some oak counters that ran the rest of the wall. Next to the door stood a redwood coat and hat hanger that also looked like it had just been polished. In the middle of the room sat a blood red leather couch with pitch black leather arm chairs on either side. Harry noticed the accordion sitting on the couch. Dumbledore also noticed Harry looking at it.

            "Want to hear something?"

            "What?" Harry asked.

            "Do you want me to play something?"

            "Umm…I guess?" Harry answered skeptically.  Dumbledore sauntered over the couch and picked up the instrument. He motioned for Harry to sit on the couch which is just what Harry did. After messing around for a few minutes, Dumbledore hit his first note.

            "Ah-hem. Weeeeeeeee jumped aboard our longboats and sailed upon the seas and we slaughtered all who fought us and we did just as we pleased 'cuz we're crazy Viking warriors and we never beg for peace! The Vikes are march—I wish I were an ant! So I could chant! And if I could chant…"

            Dumbledore continued to sing while he began to hop around the room like he had hot a coal in his pants. Harry guessed it was supposed to be a dance of some sort and was quite intrigued by it. He became lost in watching the legs hopping around that he didn't even notice that Dumbledore had stopped all movement.

            "Something interesting?" Dumbledore asked with amusement, bringing Harry back to reality. Embarrassed Harry looked away, a flush rising in his cheeks.

            "It's ok Harry. You can look," Dumbledore breathed stepping a step closer to the couch. He came closer and closer. Harry just sat there staring at him. Soon Dumbledore was mere inches from Harry's face. Harry started to close the distance…


            "Harry! HARRY! Wake up!" Ron screamed.

            "Uh…what?!" Harry sat straight up. "What's going on?"

            "You fell asleep on your Potions homework," Hermione informed him.

            "Yeah…and you were mumbling about Dumbledore and something sexy," Ron noted eyeing Harry quizzically.

            "Ah-hahahaha! Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Me?! Mumbling about Dumbledore and sexy! Ha! That's good," Harry laughed standing abruptly so that he knocked over the ink bottles on the table. Ron and Hermione looked at him with startled looks.

            "Harry are you—"

            "Wow look at the time! I must be heading off to bed now! Got a big day tomorrow and all! Goodnight!" Harry practically screamed, his voice getting higher with each word. With this he ran across the common room and up the stairs into the boys dormitory. He needed to be alone to sort out the dream he was having. A million questions were running through his head. Why was he going to kiss Professor Dumbledore? Why was Dumbledore dressed like that? Why was he on a mountain? How come the couch felt like he was sitting on monkeys? Why was he having these dreams?!

             Harry reached his bed and changed into his pajamas. As he climbed into bed without any intention of sleeping, he pondered these questions. For this wasn't the first time he had dreamt about Professor Dumbledore.

            So far this year, he'd only seen Professor Dumbledore at meal times and he wouldn't even catch his eye. He knew he was busy with the Order and everything but he could still talk to Harry if he saw him around. This bothered Harry tremendously for Professor Dumbledore he felt was the only one that truly understood him. So his dreams had been plagued not only by the long dark corridor but also by the professor. And they always had one constant. In the end Harry would be about to kiss him when he would wake up.  Harry lay there for some time more pondering what it all meant and when Ron walked in, he pretended to be asleep so he would be asked any questions.

            As Harry drifted off to sleep, he couldn't help thinking that Professor Dumbledore had looked really good dancing like that.

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